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Wood, Hallway Console With Coat Hanger From Tonin Casa

The hallway is the first impression that visitors will have of a home, and Wood hallway console is specially designed for homeowners that think about decorating this area in a special way. Usually hallways were empty spaces that do not look very inviting for guests, but that fact started to change when the idea of decorating hallways first showed up. After all, why decorate every space of your home, but leave empty the space that builds a first impression? Read More

An Exclusive Work Of Art: The Pixel Cabinet From Boca Do Lobo

The stunning Pixel Cabinet from Portuguese furniture manufacturer Boca Do Lobo is a product that steals your heart from first view. Made from…get ready: 1088 wooden triangles that are hand finished, the Pixel cabinet is an effort to honor the union between design and craftsmanship.
The luxurious piece combines exceptional materials to give the cabinet a unique, luxurious design: silver leaf, gold leaf, 10 different types of wood leaf and lacquering. Read More

Barber TV Storage – A Clever Piece From Matiere Grise

Imagined by Luc Jozancy for Matiere Grise, Barber is a TV storage unit clever and functional. Barber makes it possible to hide all devices and cables of connected objects in simple and functional small shelves mounted on wheels, so functional and easy to manipulate.
Specially designed for the indoors, the Barber TV storage unit is available in twenty nine colors with the possibility to pick different colors for each of the components of the product. One can experiment new combinations and custom-made palettes. Read More

DIY: Original Handmade Furniture Handles From Table Spoons

Finding new ways of re-using old stuff is extremely entertaining. And it’s especially interesting when it comes to home décor. Why not start from small, yet sweet interior details – furniture handles, for example? Your kitchen cabinets can be upgraded to an absolutely new level of aesthetics thanks to our today’s DIY idea! Read More

Joy From Snaidero: Modern Minimalism At Its Functional Best!

A dream kitchen means different things for different folk. For some it is the image of a warm, inviting Mediterranean kitchen at its vibrant best. For others it is a refined and minimal kitchen that does away with the excesses and offers precisely what you need. If the latter tickles your fancy, then you are bound to instantly fall in love Joy – a stylish and sophisticated kitchen from Snaidero that is all about embracing minimalism with practicality. Just like any other masterfully crafted composition from this Italian Kitchen maker, Joy brings to you the very best in state-of the-art kitchen design, spatial solutions and organizational efficiency. But Joy does all this with an unassuming ease! Read More

How To Design A Balcony In Catalan Style From A To Z

Spain… It has so many beautiful things in store to inspire multiple tourists. And one of them is sweet and cozy balconies of Catalonia. The weekend is approaching and if you have a strong desire for creativity, why not turn your balcony into a cozy nook and a small of piece of Barcelona, no matter where you live? Read More

The Hand Made Harlow Lighting Collection From Gabriel Scott

The Harlow lighting collection by Gabriel Scott evokes a geometric and sculptural aspect throughout its various configurations. After their first collaboration together, the Canadian brothers-in-law have launched a new endeavor in design together. Launched in 2012, the line of contemporary lighting by Gabriel Scott is full of chic and modern lighting fixtures.
contemporary hanging pendant Read More

The Amazing Design Of The Grulle Glass Armchair From Stabord

Not only is the Grulle glass armchair in synthetic pony fur, beautiful and unique, but it is also incredibly comfortable! The Stabord design is a perfect fusion of form and function, this is a piece of furniture you will cherish for years to come. The Grulle armchair is a sophisticated and disruptive armchair, ready to be your hotel lobby signature or a great icebreaker for when you have your friends at home. Read More

Four New Office-Savvy Product Collections From British Brand Modus

Established in 2000, Modus is a 21st century British brand that diligently balances good design with manufacturing prowess. Working with a roster of internationally acclaimed designers, Modus has created a covetable collection of furniture pieces for a range of environments. From its base in picturesque South Somerset (in south-west England), Modus produces its winsome range of thoughtful and creative sofas, chairs, stools, benches, tables and storage solutions. Crafted with integrity, works by Modus are aesthetic and functional, and embrace tradition, quality and longevity. Read More

Nordic Inspiration: Ull&Eik Dining Sofa Collection From Thorsonn

Thorsonn introduces the Ull&Eik dining sofa collection, a cozy and contemporary space to eat, talk, read or just relax. The Ull&Eik dining sofa is a smart comfortable piece of furniture that can be the perfect accessory for homes where a lot of storage is needed.
Thorsonn is a company created as a collaboration between a husband and wife team, Halvor Thorsen and Jennifer Valone Thorsen, based in Oslo Norway. Read More