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The Adler II Extensible Dining Table From Draenert

The Adler II from Draenert is a non-extensible or extensible dining table offered in more sizes. The table is constructed in either natural stone, solid or veneered wood and its shape is either boat-shaped, rectangular, tapering organic or oval.  The most eye-catching is obviously the stone top one, and the one we’ll insist on in this article. Read More

How To Grow Plants From Seed: Guide On Seedlings (Part 3)

Congratulations! Following the instructions from the previous posts we have sowed the carefully prepared seeds into proper containers and soil mixtures. What we need now is to take proper care about our seedlings, giving them the most favorable conditions for growth – timing, light and temperature… Read More

The Hampton Display Cabinet From Rossato

Hampton display cabinet creates an essential geometry with a perfect balance between full and empty. Designed by Hangar Design Group for Rossato the highly customizable Hampton cabinet helps you show off your home’s treasures in style. Part of a collection intended both for private homes and top luxury hotels thanks to Rossato’s many years of experience in the contract design industry. Read More

The Jonathan Concrete Bench From Bellitalia

Regardless of what ideas come to your mind when you think about concrete benches, the Jonathan concrete bench won’t make you feel blue anymore.
The raw and innovative design from Bellitalia was intended to offer a constant aesthetic appeal to your home garden or business park, as well as making an exceptionally comfortable seating place for your family, guests or for waiting people. Read More

Valet Mirror From The Chinese Brand Stellar Works

Valet mirror from the Chinese brand Stellar Works, does exactly what the name says: takes your shoes and your purse and puts them away.
American designer and architect David Rockwell has created an outstanding collection of furniture for Stellar Works. He is merging expressive materials, craftsmanship and elements of surprise to activate transitional spaces in residential and hospitality environments. Read More

MESH Office Storage Collection From Piure

Slim aluminum profiles, colored or chromed, perforated sheets and colored glass: MESH office storage collection creates a color and light mix and a friendly atmosphere. To get the best work from your employees and create a happy environment, it is important to use the space you have to its optimum.
Definitely, keeping an orderly office is imperative and the best way to achieve this is to add some office storage systems. Read More

La Literal Bunk Beds From Sellex, Not Intended For Children

La Literal bunk beds from Sellex are a great way to maximize space and many love them. It is ideal for small apartments but also for spaces like colleges, hostels, teen rooms, guest rooms and also represent a space saving idea for your cottage. If you are thinking to choose loft or bunk beds, its important to reflect over the amount of space you have. These Spanish furniture manufacturers can save you a lot of space, because you’ll have basically two beds taking up one area if deciding to use their ideas. Read More

Maximize Spaces With The Estambul Vertical Folding Bed From Lagrama

Make a difference in your kid’s bedroom with the Estambul, light-looking vertical folding bed. Estambul is part of the Blink’s childrens furniture collection from Lagrama.
Lagrama is a manufacturer of kids’ furnishings established in Spain in 1982. The company’s designs are based on a constant research meant to find the maximum comfort for children in their living spaces. Lagrama offers practical, ground-breaking and high quality products. Read More

Design Simplicity: Relaxing Prefab That Takes You Away From Urban Rush

When it comes to relaxing retreats in a remote location that allow you to escape the constant hustle and bustle of city life, it is prefabricated homes that come to your rescue. Far more affordable than regular housing options and easier to build, prefabs reduce both construction cost and time significantly. This Retreat in José Ignacio was crafted by MAPA offers an idyllic refuge for its denizens as it sits on a countryside-beach lot in Uruguay. Bringing together the charm of open fields and a beautiful lagoon with the breezy freshness of the sea, the small prefab is all about functionality ahead of form. Read More

Eco-Tableware From Sugar Cane

The idea to use sugar cane as a raw material for producing single-use dinnerware belongs to American scientists. And this is not in the least surprising – plastic wastes amount to about 80% of all wastes produced by humankind, and disposable plates and cups represent their significant portion. Considering that plastic wastes take hundreds of years to degrade, the USA, being a country of fast food, is especially concerned about this problem. Read More