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The Outdoor, Indoor QTZ Concrete Edition From Ivanka Concrete

The QTZ concrete edition was first introduced as a prototype during Milan design week 2016 at Spazio Rossana Orlandi, but after, Hungarian manufacturing company IVANKA introduces the QTZ concrete edition for the US market during the Design Miami 2016 expo.The collection is the result of a collaboration between the Hungarian company Ivanka, with their urban element division and the Argentinian born Australian designer, Alexander Lotersztain. Originally launched during Milan design week in 2015 as a limited edition made from stainless steel has now been re-interpreted in QTZ Concrete. Read More

The Modern Ela Leather Chaise Longue From Giorgetti

The Ela leather chaise longue designed by Chi Wing Lo for Giorgetti is a luxurious lounger with base in polished solid maple.
The carefully chosen combination of materials are one of the distinctive and harmonious features of the Ela chaise longue. The seat and pillow is covered in leather or in saddle leather and is sitting on a metal frame that connects it to the wooden structure below. Its fluid shape and material combinations contrast enhance the sophistication of the design and make it look like a sculptural object at a first glance, but its comfort becomes immediately apparent upon use.
georgetti leather chaise longue Read More

The Amazing Jackie Floating Lounger From Mr Blue Sky

Relax in comfort with this amazing innovative design, the Jackie floating lounger. When the Belgian company Mr Blue Sky first came with the idea of a floating lounger it came as an answer to a clear market demand.
But it wasn’t and easy idea to bring to life! After falling and getting up several times and after testing several designs and production processes, Mr Blue Sky finally launched his first floating luxury lounger in September 2015. Being the first floating mattress ever created, Jackie embraces the vision of relaxation in or around poolside in a luxurious fashion. Read More

The Graphy Soft Seat Collection From Gan, Inspired By Beanbag Chairs

Bury yourself in the Graphy soft seat and experience the ultimate ultimate comfort as imaginated by Gan’s designer, Kensaku Oshiro.
The Graphy soft seat collection is a multi functional and useful addition to any home or college dorm. This bean bag inspired lounger has all the comfort you are looking for after a long party or a hard day, offering all the features and excitement of a traditional bean bag combined with handy features that set it apart from the original. Read More

The Two In One Luxury Tuxedo Cabinet From Rossato

The Tuxedo Cabinet from Rossato is an exclusive piece of furniture designed for anyone who wants to decorate the interior of their home using an original, stylish and unique piece.
With its highly innovative design, open at the top and closed on the bottom area, the Tuxedo Cabinet is an extremely elegant object with a dual purpose: can be used as a display cabinet, but also transformed into a writing desk when needed. This two in one luxury piece of furniture is the first step to creating an inspirational interior. Read More

The Best Modern Designs From The 2017 One Room Challenge

The One Room Challenge started out as a small initiative among the blogging community, founded by Linda Weinstein of the blog Calling it Home. The idea was to spur her readers and fellow home bloggers to take on a room remodel over the course of six weeks and document it all on their respective blogs and social media accounts using the hashtag #oneroomchallenge. Read More

How To Design A Bathroom In French Style From A To Z

Sophisticated, romantic and airy French interior style is traditionally deemed feminine. But does the beauty have any gender? Especially considering that no one would like to lose a chance to feel the atmosphere of ultimate comfort and feel oneself involved in the spirit of the city of romance. And while much has been said about bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens designed in French style, we know pretty little about how to create a bathroom in this interior style. That’s why our today’s post is dedicated to bathrooms, which look like a piece of Paris in your home! Read More