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Six Brands Drape Furniture With Velvet

It would seem that velvet-covered furnishings are in vogue, with designers conceivably influenced by velvet trends on the catwalk and the popularity of velvet with the celebrity set (Vogue.co.uk, 2017). Read More

DIY: Original Handmade Furniture Handles From Table Spoons

Finding new ways of re-using old stuff is extremely entertaining. And it’s especially interesting when it comes to home décor. Why not start from small, yet sweet interior details – furniture handles, for example? Your kitchen cabinets can be upgraded to an absolutely new level of aesthetics thanks to our today’s DIY idea! Read More

Zero Waste Target: 6 Recycled Waste Furniture Brands

The trend of reflective consumption has not left the sphere of furniture industry untouched – designers use waste to create things that become rapidly popular and cost big money. HomeKlondike has selected 6 furniture brands that draw inspiration from the idea of waste recycling to create truly iconic pieces of interior design. Read More

10 Pieces Of Conceptual Furniture Design For Aesthetes

A Chanel dining table stylized as a guillotine, a biomorphic bench, a bed made from wood that died of natural causes and primitivistic chairs – this is the choice of people who value conceptual design. These pieces of furniture look like art objects per se and teeter on the brink of art and applied technologies. Read More

Comfortable And Beautiful Outdoor Furniture For Summer 2017

Outdoor furniture is required to comply with a bunch of requirements: it has to survive in the burning sun and heavy rainfall; it should be lightweight, durable and easy-to-care; finally, it has to be comfortable and beautiful. HomeKlondike decided to collect the most comfy and sweetest things for spending time outdoors for the rest of the summer 2017! Read More

The Famille Garage, A Modern Childern Furniture Collection

Famille Garage is the name given by designer Alexander Seifert to its modular furniture set created for Richard Lampert and it is an elaborate children’s furniture system . The real interesting idea behind this special furniture collection is that each furniture piece its modular and can be adapted and changed based on the needs of childrens as they grow up. The collection includes storage, shelving, sleeping and seating units that can be adapted without the need to be changed. Read More

Bold, The Illuminated Patio Furniture Collection From Plust

Bold, the illuminated patio furniture collection designed by Italian designer Giulio Iacchetti for Plust, is the collection with wrap-around lines composed of an armchair and sofa with large and deep seats and it is an extension of the Bold patio furniture from the same manufacturer. The coffee table completes the furnishing proposal, creating an indoor and outdoor environment – elegant and welcoming. In the illuminated version, all furniture pieces emanate a soft light that exalts the soft shapes and creates an intimate atmosphere. Read More

Turning Talks, The Customizable Brainstorming Furniture From Lande

Turning Talks opens new roads and a relatively new category in the furniture manufacturing, the brainstorming furniture. In every company a great decor and furniture is an important component to encourage creativity and collaboration. Known as collaboration zones, these open spaces provide a natural meeting place for coworkers to gather and share ideas. They can be as informal as a large table in the break room or as formal as a walled conference room. Read More

All You Wanted To Know About Furniture For One-Room Apartments

Feeling comfortable in a small one-room apartment is not so simple, but quite possible. All you have to know is a few designer tricks, which would help arrange furniture in such a way that your tight space would feel visually bigger, more convenient and 100% functional. Here they are! Read More