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I Flauti: Amazing Hand-Blown Murano Glass Lamps

It must be very joyful to feel involved in reviving good centuries-old traditions of your country and the entire globe, be engaged in preserving the world’s cultural heritage and give new life to unique ancient craftsmanship. Certainly this was what the English-Italian design team Giopato & Coombes felt when they started to work on their lamp design dubbed “I Flauti”. Read More

30 Glass Coffee Tables That Bring Transparency To Your Living Room

One of the key components of any living room is the coffee table. It is set right in the center of all happening, usually standing right next to the sofa, holding a tray of baked goods, books or other decor pieces. It is an element that has a big functional purpose, but how it looks plays a very big role. It can be a piece that completely matches the rest of the interior or the one piece that stands out. A glass coffee table is incredibly flexible with its ability to blend in and stand out at the same time. It brings elegance and transparency to the room, sending the message of purity and simplicity. Read More

Simply Breathtaking: Glass Floor Ideas For The Polished Modern Home

Ever walked on one of those glass bridges at the mall or stepped atop a seemingly precarious stairway with floating glass stairs? If you have, then you will know that this is not a thing for the faint of heart! Glass floors instantly draw attention, move away from the mundane and give your home a dramatic, contemporary twist. They are not easiest to pull off or even maintain, but a glass floor can make a huge visual and aesthetic impact without trying too hard. And undoubtedly, it is the transparent ones that feel most exciting! Read More


Glass Guest House By Desai Chia

This glass guest house by Desai Chia is so stunning I almost thought it was a rendering at first. The house is beautiful, the main steel and wood structure create a nice structure that supports the glass exteriors. “The house integrates a number of sustainable design strategies, including geothermal heating and cooling, radiant floors, natural ventilation, motorized solar shades, photovoltaic panels, and rainwater harvesting for irrigation, in addition to an elegant structural design.” I could imagine this home in just about any environment but I am sure it would work better in a warmer climate. Read More


Concrete And Glass By Anako Architecture

Anako Architecture has a knack for designing and building geometric homes that utilize concrete and glass. I have always been fond of concrete bunker style homes but these feel a little bit more modern. I like the setting of this home, the mountain range is monumental. The courtyard is a nice touch, as the inward facing windows supply additional light to the rest of the house. The balance of concrete and glass works really well with this house, it doesn’t feel dark or too closed in. If you go look through the rest of their residential projects, the is one thing that brought a smile to my face. Some of these homes are placed into neighborhoods were most of the houses look similar and then you get stopped in your tracks because there is the stunning concrete structure. Read More

Unique Glass House In Moscow Suburbs: Part 2 – Lighting

Today we will continue the story of a unique entirely glass house situated in a Russian forest. In the previous post we spoke about its architecture and philosophical background, and now we’ll move on to its lighting system. It deserves a separate article and you’ll see why. Read More

Unique Glass House In Moscow Suburbs: Part 1 – Architecture

Today we will start to tell you a story of a unique house. Unique not just for Russia, but for the whole world. The thing is that it’s entirely made of glass, despite the fact that its architecture is pretty traditional – timber framing. Its lighting system, engineering details and interior design deserve separate posts, which we will publish as soon as possible. And today we’ll give you just an insight into its architecture. Read More

Glass Wall House: Custom Design Meets Eichler-Inspired, Modern Flair

The classic Eichler homes are incredibly popular across the globe, with both architects and homeowners constantly drawing inspiration from their uncomplicated and unique roof design and overall form. In recent times we have seen many Eichler homes in California acquire a new lease of life with renovations, extensions and additions that carefully transform them to meet the demands of a modern lifestyle. But the Glass Wall House designed by Klopf Architecture takes an entirely different approach that was defined by the condition of the existing, burned Eichler home and the demands of the new homeowner. Read More

Skylights, Glass Floors And Stairs: Loft-Style Duplex In Vancouver Is All About Light!

Whether you love design and architecture, just keep an eye on the latest trends in the design world or simply do not care all that much about it all, there is absolutely no doubt that this loft-style duplex in Vancouver will draw your attention instantly. Both on the outside and inside, it is glass that holds sway in this exquisite home where one sees contemporary style, industrial flair and cutting-edge design meet in a dynamic and dashing fashion. If you love a home filled with glass glint and plenty of natural light, then you might want to consider buying this smart home in Vancouver that is currently up for grabs! Read More

PurePods: Transparent Glass Guest Houses Dot The New Zealand Countryside

What’s a scenery-loving traveler who can’t stand camping to do when traveling to a locale like the hills of New Zealand? ‘Glamping,’ or luxury camping, is one popular option offering many of the same benefits of staying in a tent without actually requiring you to rough it. Glamping accommodations range from oversized tipis with queen-sized beds and wood stoves to geodesic domes with their own private hot tubs, keeping you warm and comfortable while maintaining some semblance of a camping experience.glamping purepods new zealand Read More

Wooden Slats, Glass Walls And Modern Grandeur: Gallery House In India

Creating a refined urban retreat that is surrounded by greenery in Chhatarpur, New Delhi, the Gallery House is all about open design, luxury and visual connectivity between the interior and the outdoors. This expansive residence set on a lovely quarter-acre lot uses a variety of materials that give it a unique, yet curated appeal. Steel-gray granite, white stucco, timber slats and wooden battens shape the distinct façade of this Indian home, along with the generous use of glass. Completely opening up to the greenery that surrounds it, the overall form of the house mimics that of a multilevel gallery. Read More