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Modern Eclectic Finds An Industrial Home In The Heart Of New York City!

New York City and its brilliant skyscrapers are home to some of the most inspiring decorating styles and themes on the planet. If New York City gives it a ‘thumbs up’, then the rest of the world is more than willing to follow! It is the edgy, quirky and high-end neighborhood of NoHo that we delve into today to take a look at an apartment that is dubbed as an Urban Oasis by its designers – Motiani Design. This uniquely eclectic apartment perfectly epitomizes the charm and individuality of this part of New York City at its unbridled best. Combining modern and eclectic design elements with an industrial backdrop, this apartment has it all! Read More

Stained Timber And Stonework Shape Mid-Century Modern Aussie Home

Gone or the days when rigid walls were used to delineate space. In the modern world, it is an open floor plan that holds sway with utility of each space defining it. There are no firm borders between the kitchen, dining and living area with each flowing into the next ever so effortlessly. Yet, elements like décor, color scheme and style create more subtle demarcations and the Moreing Road Residence in Attadale, a suburb of Perth, Australia embraces this contemporary trend gleefully. Divided into the formal, informal and outdoor living zones, the house borrows from charismatic Californian homes and a hint of Mid-century magic. Read More

Celebrating The Outdoors: Serene Second Home Surrounded By Greenery

Call it a relaxing escape, a vacation retreat or just a getaway where friends and family can come together to have a good time – a second home definitely adds to your quality of life. Unlike your primary residence, the focus here is often on outdoor living, a serene ambiance and low-maintenance interior and décor which give you peace of mind! It is precisely these traits that one discovers at the Cest La Vie designed by Atelier Design N Domain in Alibag, Maharashtra, India. A lovely coastal town that is sheltered from the hustle and bustle of adjacent urban cities like Mumbai, this is the perfect setting for a tranquil holiday home. Read More

Old Blacksmith Workshop In Barcelona Transformed Into A Light-Filled Home

A sensible transformation of an old structure into modern dwelling saves time and resources. It is this adaptive reuse of buildings that has seen the spurt of modern industrial style across the globe. Part of Badalona in Barcelona, Spain, the 1303_IH House was once a blacksmith workshop that was transformed carefully and cleverly by Albert Brito Arquitectura into a light-filled contemporary home. Spread across two different levels, it is a fabulous light well and a wonderful stairway that form the spine of this rejuvenated interior. Read More

Cheerful Rear Addition To Melbourne Home In White, Timber And Copper

Simplicity often produces best results in the world of interior design and this holds true while planning for a smart rear extension as well. Nestled in a lovely neighborhood of Melbourne, the St. David Street House has been given a modern facelift by Drawing Room Architecture even while keeping the street façade of the house completely untouched. The small Victorian house was in need of a contemporary upgrade and this came in the form of a breezy rear addition that now contains the new kitchen, dining area, storage space and bathroom. Relying on a neutral color scheme that is anchored in white and ample natural light, the stylish extension flows into the small garden outside. Read More

This Light-Filled Japanese Home Is Built To Withstand Gusty Weather

Evolution of design and architecture is often accelerated by needs of specific landscapes and unique obstacles presented by local weather in different parts of the globe. Designed to withstand frequent typhoons that are all too common in the region, House in Sukumo has an innovative silhouette and a specially crafted courtyard that act like a ‘chimney’ for the passage of high speed winds. Located in Sukumo, Kochi Prefecture, Japan and conjured up by Container Design, it is this distinct feature that protects the home from on gusty days even while ensuring the ambiance inside is left undisturbed. Read More

How To Design Your Home In Shabby Chic Style

The phrase “shabby chic” sounds familiar to many people, but not everyone knows how to use designer tricks and décor specific to this style in a competent and tasteful way. For a start one should realize that shabby chic interiors are about teaching us to see the beauty in imperfect things: scratchy surfaces, loose paint, stretched laces and metal darkened of the age. Despite the fact that a room designed in shabby chic style may seem carelessly decorated and sets of old cans and boxes, broken photo frames and faded candlesticks look accidental, there’s a very tedious work behind them. So that you could navigate a labyrinth of shabby chic motifs and not get overboard with them, we prepared a list of useful design tips. Here we go! Read More

Eco-Sensitive Holiday Home Relies On Locally Sourced Stone And Wood

Building a family retreat around the existing trees on a lot requires both sensible and innovative design that combines nature with smart architecture. The House by the Trees was designed by MODO Designs to accomplish precisely that as the open, pavilion-style structure weaves its way through large need, amla and chikoo trees on the lot. Nestled in an affluent neighborhood of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, the family retreat relies on the greenery around it for privacy even as the sweeping living areas, dining space and kitchen flow into the landscape outside. Read More