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Blast Chiller: Powerful Home Tool For Professional Cook-&-Chill Cooking

The system of professional kitchen hardware dubbed “Grand Cuisine” was presented by Electrolux Professional last year and immediately overshadowed all the competitors in terms of quality, possibilities and price, of course. All of its nine elements are meant for professional-chef-like cooking in your home, at the level of the best restaurants of the world. The elements cover all possible cooking processes and include a high-precision oven, a vacuum sealer allowing for sous-vide cooking, a powerful induction zone and a surround induction zone for steaming and frying, a sear hob for cooking without a pan, a standing mixer, a bespoke ventilation system, and a cooker for the most demanding chefs. But the most outstanding piece of Grand Cuisine in our humble opinion is the Blast Chiller and we’d like to speak about it in detail. Read More

Abstract And Industrial Dutch Home Captivates With Picture-Perfect Views

An incandescent interplay between light and dark, darkness and illumination at its brilliant bets, classic Dutch paintings from masters such as Terbrugghen and Vermeer were all about the beauty of light. Drawing inspiration from 11 beautiful Dutch landscape-paintings, the House with 11 Views by Marc Koehler Architects combines art, architecture and innovation with modern minimalism and contemporary comfort. Light, panoramic views of the landscape that are framed to perfection and deep windowsills that give you the impression of sitting ‘inside the view’ add to the exceptional and unique aura of this smart residence in Almere. Read More


International Style Home By Louis Giles Jr

This International Style Home built in 1960 by Louis Giles Jr. is currently on the market. The house has such a unique persona. There is a bit of an institutional feel to the architecture here. When entering the house you can’t help being overwhelmed by the shear volume of the interiors. The current owners have some nice eye candy placed throughout their house. The aluminum framed windows on the back of the house are quite impressive. Kudos to the landscape architects as everything works in harmony and only enhances the structure. IF you want to learn more hop on over to Modern Capital to check it out. Read More

Fresh Home Décor & Accessories In Top Color 2017 – Green

Beautiful shades of fresh spring greenery are the hottest trend of this year. Saturated green hues are perfect in small amounts, in the role of bright interior accents. While more delicate, pastel tints can be applied safely on a big scale – in wall décor or furniture upholstery, for example. Today we decided to show you 10 best pieces of home décor that are trendy, spring-time, cheerful and fresh! And green, of course! Read More

Trend Spotting: A Splash Of Orange Adds Spunk To Your Home!

We are always on the lookout for ways in which you can add color to your contemporary home, giving it a more vibrant and energetic appeal. It helps immensely if you keep a track of the latest trends, as they narrow down the color choices, make it a lot easier for you while shopping for décor and accessories and also give the interior a more ‘hip’ look. If there is one color that has stuck to the top of trends chart as a vivacious, fun and striking accent hue that is perfect for neutral interiors, then it is undoubtedly orange. Having fallen in love with pops of orange in their many effervescent shades, the decorating universe seems to be finding new ways to incorporate the hue even in 2017. Read More

How To Marry Style And Security In Your Home

Style and security don’t always go hand in hand. More often than not security products are designed for function over fashion, and it can be hard to make them fit within with the aesthetic that you’re trying to create in your home. Let’s take a look at some ideas that turn this attitude on its head. Read More

Space-Savvy Design: Tiny Home Workstations That Pack Quite A Punch

An efficient, aesthetic and dedicated home office is a great addition to the modern home and an absolute necessity for those who work from home on a daily basis. But for many others who spend no more than an hour or two each week sorting through stuff, checking and receiving mails and ironing out other details over their laptops, a dedicated home office is indeed a complete waste of space. The room can be put to better use in many different ways while any small corner in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or even the hallway can be turned into a smart workstation. Read More

Trail House: Multi-Level Green Home In Melbourne’s Suburb

We always love a house that is planet-friendly without going over the top in terms of both design and the green technology that it uses. Eco-friendly design is as much about smart planning and responding to the landscape as it is about new-age technology. Epitomizing this is the lovely Trail House set in the posh Melbourne suburb of Ashburton. This elegant, open and modern home designed by Zen Architects relies on passive solar design to cut back on energy consumption and carbon footprint of the structure. Keeping the house warm in winter months and cool during the summer, it is the form of the house that ends up being its biggest asset! Read More

Industrial Kitchen And Versatile Family Room Redefine The Northcote Home

Ever looked at a home and wondered how great it would be if you could also find space for an exclusive TV room, study, library, family room or even a relaxing hangout in general. With space being the biggest issue, most of us simply do not have so many rooms to spare. This is exactly why Dan Gayfer Design decided to create a smart, versatile and modern multi-tasking family room that also serves as a relaxing social for the entire family, TV room, home office and a whole lot more! Part of the transformation that saw the Northcote Residence acquire a more efficient interior, the new family room is indeed a space-savvy showstopper! Read More

New Summer Home Textile Collection By Yves Delorme

We all are longing for summer – a wonderful and serene season that we would like to spend doing just one thing. Of course, it’s having a good rest! How can hours spent in the bright sun or in the shade of an old oak be lightened up? Reading, music, games, cool juice, barbecue, your favorite TV show – these are all the essentials of summer joy. But sometimes what we really need is a good rest in the silence. Read More


The Home Of Robert Metcalf

Robert Metcalf was a very well known and respected celebrity Architect of Ann Arbor Michigan. He was also the Dean of the University of Michigan College of Architecture and Urban Planning. His home is quite nice and in every aspect screams mid century modern. He was quoted as saying, Furnishings are as important as a home’s design, Metcalf said. “Furniture makes or breaks a house,” he said. “A lot of people have terrible furniture.”. I love this guy, I don’t know how many times I have come across a stunning mid century house that gets me all excited with anticipation only to find images of of the interiors full of bad furniture and art. The furniture and art in his home are fantastic and 100% belong. Oh and it is currently on the market. Read More