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Tour Around An Araptment With New Smart Home Technologies

Today’s tour around an interesting apartment interior is not quite ordinary – this time we’d rather focus on “smart” technologies used within the major rooms, than on their decorative details. We’ll use this flat to demonstrate the most important innovations in the sphere of Smart Home systems and how they can be controlled from a smartphone. Read More

In The Foothills Of Franklin Mountains: Multi-Level Family Home In El Paso

Ushering an air of refinement to a rugged mountain landscape that overlooks the city of El Paso in Texas, Franklin Mountain House stands out visually at the foothills of imposing mountains. The gorgeous home designed by hazelbaker rush perfectly represents the blend of rocky mountain terrain on one side of the residence and the urban scenery on the other by combing the two contrasting worlds. Spread across three different levels, it is the lowest floor that houses the utility spaces, the first floor that contains the living area, dining and kitchen and the top level which contains the bedrooms and bathrooms. Read More

Midcentury Modern Panache: Trendy New Décor From Essential Home

Midcentury modern took the design and décor world by storm a couple of years ago before it found a more permanent place in the upper echelon of the trends chart. From TV shows like Mad Men to innovative décor that brought midcentury vibe alive with modern flair, the last few years have definitely seen the classics from the 60’s being revived to their past glory. But not all of us can afford to bring home an original creation of Eames, George Nelson or Isamu Noguchi. Read More

Fabulous Finds: 15 Work Desks For A Trendy Home Office

Modern home office is increasingly becoming a place that needs to multitask as working from home becomes more common. Technology definitely has improved the ease with which one can connect from almost anywhere. But you still need a practical, organized workstation that allows you to focus on the job at hand while making everything else a lot easier. At the heart of this workstation is the home office desk. From the slim and refined to the large and classic, your choice of the office desk selection depends on essentially your work needs and also the style of the room. Read More

Sculptural Design At Its Spectacular Best: Luxurious Mountain Home In Chile

A scintillating combination of structural and aesthetic elements ensures that Casa Chamisero in Santiago, Chile well and truly stands out from the pack. Designed to make the most of amazing mountain and valley views, even while offering complete privacy for those inside, it is a custom timber and steel fence that steals the spotlight here. Wrapping itself around the entire lower level of the private villa, the fence acts as the defining feature of the residence and helps create a micro-climate of sorts inside its confines, thanks to a beautiful reflecting pool and ample greenery. Read More

What’s New In The World Of Tableware And Home Décor?

The beginning of March in Moscow was marked by Stylish Home – a trade fair for household goods. Especially for you we have selected its best pieces of tableware and items of home décor and would like to show you them accompanied by a professional’s comments. After all, expert opinion is a nice thing, especially when it comes to thematic shows. So, today we’re going to Stylish Home with a Russian interior designer, an architect and a co-founder of FDstudio – Helen Timofeeva. Let’s have a look at the most interesting stands with her! Read More

Single Level 60’s Sydney Home Gets A Beachy Modern Upgrade

Creating a dynamic and cheerful new interior that completely altered the vibe of this 1960’s single level beachside residence in Clovelly, Sydney, the creative folk at Look Interior Design managed to balance privacy with unabated ocean views. The old residence was not just poorly planned, but was turned into a dark and cluttered space as subsequent renovations brought in greater number of internal partitions. Completely altering the floor plan of the lower level and adding an addition top floor along with an expansive wooden deck outside, the charming makeover aims to bring modernity to the classic Aussie home. Read More

Home Gym Interior Design Tips

It goes without saying that sporting activities are essential for a full and healthy life. Exercises are the win-win way to remove tension, but all the fuss of a working week hardly leaves us time for hobbies, not to mention a ride to a fitness club or a visit to the stadium. A nice way out of this vicious circle is the arrangement of a sports zone right at home. And if you are already ready to design a home gym, we’d be glad to give you a few tips on how to make it properly and not at the expense of hominess. Read More

Imposing Old Redwoods Surround This Modern Vacation Home In California

The coastal forests of Northern California with their amazing redwood trees are a natural wonder that attract tourists from all across the globe. It is in this stunning natural landscape that one finds the inviting and contemporary Loewinger Residence designed by Shevi Loewinger with the help of architect Ravit Kaplan. This beautiful vacation rental home is both classic and modern in its demeanor as its wooden exterior gives way to a contemporary interior. The design is essentially a blend of the traditional holiday cabin and the modern urban home; bringing together the best of the two contrasting structures. Read More

Breezy Natural Vibe: Cantilevered Brazilian Home Captivates With River Views

Finding refuge in nature is increasingly becoming the most preferred way forward when it comes to design of suburban homes. Nestled on a secluded lot in Marina Ilha Verde, Brazil and overlooking river Arroio Pelotas, this cantilevered contemporary home gleefully embraces the landscape around it. A stone wall built using stones from the region welcomes you here even as the large, floating façade of Casa no Arroio Pelotas charms with its wooden exterior. Designed by Rmk! Arquitetura, use of natural materials, a cheerful indoor-outdoor interplay and unabated river views shape this beautiful residence. Read More

Art, Romance And Incredible Views Of Gibraltar: Exclusive Home In Gaucín

The small mountaintop village of Gaucin in the mountains of Andalusia, Spain has a reputation of attracting artists and musicians from far and wide with its scenic landscape, breathtaking views and idyllic backdrop. It is barely a surprise then that the Single Family House For a Painter designed by DTR_Studio Architect offers the perfect refuge and a relaxing hangout for a renowned painter Joseba Sanchez Zabaleta. This stunning and serene contemporary residence blends in with the classic Spanish homes of the neighborhood thanks to its pristine white exterior, patio and a balcony that overlooks Strait of Gibraltar and Africa! Read More