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5 Interesting Fall Color Palettes For Your Home

There are many wonderful elements that fall brings to the table. For some of us here at Decoist, the magic happens when the season’s top color palettes begin to emerge. With the new collections comes an array of beautiful product photos to peruse, and it’s easy to see some definite palettes emerging. In today’s post, our inspiration comes mainly from Scandinavian design, where interesting color combinations are in no short supply. For example, who would have thought that mixing rust with berry tones could be perfection? Keep reading for five different fall color palettes that will bring meaningful style home this season. Read More

Trend Spotting: Create A Soothing Home Office With Pastels

Pastel colors are inherently soothing and create an atmosphere of pleasant tranquility. Maybe pastels remind of a being a kid and bring back some cherished memories. Maybe it is simply the effect of these light and gentle hues on our general personality. Maybe it is because they have an undeniable touch of femininity about them. Irrespective of the reason, pastel hues give an interior calming and charming ambiance. It is a look that fits in perfectly with the needs of a modern home office – a space that needs to be serene, stylish and productive. Bringing both these elements together seems all too obvious! Read More

5 Back To School Organization Ideas For Your Home

It’s back to school time and life gets hectic again. Want to do things differently this year to cut out some of the time wasters and stress? Here are five back to school organization ideas that will help you keep your home organized and running smoothly. Read More

Sussex Street House: Steel And Timber-Framed Modern Suburban Home

Not every modern home needs to be about an extraordinary design solution that sets it apart from the rest. At times, the best home is one that just responds the specific features of the landscape it sits in and the needs of the homeowner. Set in the quiet suburb of Maylands, Australia, the Sussex Street House epitomizes this understated and elegant look of a modern family home. Conjured up and brought to life by Mountford Architects, the small and space-conscious residence was designed to maximize light even while creating a free-flowing and relaxing interior. Read More

Stylish Synergy: Modern Japanese Home With A View Of Distant Mountains

Memories and nostalgia often play a key role in home design and often homeowners want to replicate a feature of their childhood home or create a residence that takes them closer to their rustic roots. Designed by Takashi Okuno to meet the specific needs of a young couple, this Japanese home draws its inspiration from simpler structures of the past that were visually connected with the landscape around them. Dubbed ‘House that Coexists with the Landscape‘, this open, inviting and light-filled house adopts a more traditional silhouette and yet surprises you with its gorgeous, free-flowing interiors. Read More

Space-Conscious Japanese Family Home In Wood And Concrete

Think of space-saving interiors we often imagine quirky desks that disappear into the wall, Murphy beds that only come out at night and uber-creative shelving which seamlessly blends into the backdrop. But there are times when smart utilization of available square footage is all you need to create a space-savvy home that serves the needs of a modern family. House in Takatsuki is a Japanese residence that draws you in with its innate sense of minimalism, contrasting wooden and concrete surfaces that blend warmth with steely, cold finishes and a large bookshelf that stretches across two floors! Read More

Bring Home Some Luck With Trèfle Decorative Outdoor Cushions!

The bright and sunny days of summer might already be giving way to the changing colors of fall, but the world outside is still warm enough to enjoy a fun-filled day in the sun. And this is bound to continue till early winter forces us all indoors with its chilly gust. Until that time arrives, it is the poolside deck, lovely patio, small backyard garden that becomes our reclusive refuge and having the right outdoor décor makes them even more amazing. Decorative outdoor cushions can transform even the smallest nook into a relaxing hangout where friends and family can come together with ease. Trefle from Fermob fits this billing perfectly! Read More

Serene Lakeside Contemporary Home Leaves Behind Urban Rush

Any modern lakeside home aims to capture the spirit of the landscape outside and this desire to combine nature with contemporary comfort is evident in the Modern Lodge as well. Designed for an urban couple of a reclusive lakeside lot in Weatherby Lake, Missouri, this modern residence in wood, glass and stucco carefully balances unabated lake views with complete privacy. The central idea behind the design conjured up by KEM STUDIO was to create a relaxing and nature-centric hub that allows the homeowners to leave behind their hectic urban life. It is essentially a house that has the aura of a ‘serene second home’! Read More