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A Balance Of Elements: Serene Contemporary Home In Guatemala

A contemporary home next to a lovely golf course and surrounded by ample greenery, the San Isidro Residence in Guatemala City, Guatemala, balances nature and vernacular design with modernity and sophistication. It is not just contrasting design styles that come together here as the house also aims to create a curated balance between various natural elements – earth, wind, water and fire! The result is a captivating home and an even more exquisite backyard where one can enjoy the natural landscape beyond even while soaking in the warmth from the fireplace! Read More

Chic DIY Chevron Crafts For Every Room Of Your Home

Love adding a bit of spunk to your home by introducing colorful prints and fun patterns? Then you would definitely be no stranger to chevron pattern and the many ways in which it can uplift a space almost instantly. From beautiful accent walls to brilliant kitchen backsplashes and stunning art work, chevron pattern has made a big impact in the design world in the last few years. With even the world of fashion being engulfed in chevron rage, it is only a matter of time before you wanting to try your hand at a few colorful and vivacious chevron crafts. And today is the day when we bring you all the inspiration you need! Read More

Contemporary Avatar Of Terrace Home In Melbourne Flooded With White And Light!

Finding space in a neighborhood that is packed with long and narrow terrace houses in the suburban sprawl of Melbourne can be a tricky affair. It is a task that demands balance, ingenuity and a degree of restraint. Combining all these with unique aesthetics is the fabulous Carlton Terrace that has been recently revamped by Windust Architects x Interiors. This multi-level makeover improves the interior with a new living area, dining room and kitchen on the lower level that open up towards the deck outside. A new, upper level contains the bedrooms along with two bedrooms on the existing part of the ground floor. Read More

Nebulas And Night Sky: DIY Crafts That Add Starry Brilliance To Your Home

New Year is upon us and much like the years before, 2018 brings with it a new hope, a refreshing new attitude and energy to once again take on the many challenges of life. Some of you might already have chalked out those resolutions that will help in making your life better. Others could be already busy with DIY projects and smart home makeovers in an attempt to give their home an early and quick facelift. It definitely is a time of the year that leaves you starry-eyed. And that makes it a great time to try out a few fun decorating ideas and crafts inspired by the vast Universe and cosmic delights! Read More

Smart Makeover Of 1930’s Austrian Home And A Magical Backyard Escape

A sense of timelessness coupled with natural beauty and ample privacy, the Enchanted Shed is the perfect retreat that is just a few steps away from a traditional and beautiful Austrian home. Part of a sensible and inventive renovation project dubbed The Enchanted Shed & Leopold House and carried out by Franz&Sue, the delightful new avatar of this once forgotten shed showcases how old structures can be carefully altered to meet modern demands. In the shadow of an old Vienna Woods villa and built in the mid-1900s, the shed had little use for its homeowners today. Turning it into an elegant backyard office / retreat and guest space felt like an obvious and smart choice! Read More

Stylish Amsterdam Home Dotted With Eccentric Decorations

Amsterdam-based studio Cocoon Living transformed a large three-story house into a contemporary home for a travel-loving family. The renovation is part of a larger project that aims to upgrade many of the old buildings surrounding the canals of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Read More

The Best 2018 International Home Design Shows Open To The Public

Some of the best home design ideas are only available to industry experts. Trade fairs are conducted secretly and away from view from most of us. By the time we find out about the latest trend, it may be when it’s on the store shelves. But there’s good news! There are plenty of home design shows open to the public around the world and they’re a lot of fun. Read More

5 New Year’s Design Resolutions To Ring In A Stylish Home For 2018

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? As 2017 goes out, so do some outdated styles and old trends. After careful review of what the international furnishings shows, top interior designers and home magazines all have to say, here are the latest modern home design trends of what’s in store for 2018 — and why you should add them to your design to-do list for 2018. Read More

15 DIY Home Office Organization And Storage Ideas That Maximize Space

As we race towards Christmas and New Year, for many work might have taken a turn towards the slower side. Others might be busy packing and flying early to beat the rush of weekend traffic. But for those enjoying a simple staycation, this is also a great time to put the usual rush of work aside and focus on the workplace itself! With many of us increasingly starting to work from home, it is the home office where we end up spending most of our day. It makes complete sense to give this room a quick revamp with DIY home office organizational ideas that transform the workspace both aesthetically and functionally. Read More

Counter Stools Ideas Perfect For Any Home Mini Bar

Counter stools can be used as a great addition to any home mini bar, kitchen, dining room, game room or even to a retail space, and a perfect way to utilize all of your counter space.
If you want to add something really appealing to your home’s interior, then these stools are perfect for you. They are available in so many different designs, shapes and colors, that once you’ve decided you need them, you can be sure you’ll find something that perfectly fits your tastes and interiors.
Once upon a time, all kitchen counter stools had a standard height, but in our changing world, other then those, kitchen counters come now in different heights in order to accommodate counter heights other than those that are standard.
The use of this kind of chairs has become more and more popular these days not only for the cool look that they add but mainly because home spaces are getting smaller and smaller. This is an excellent solution to gain extra space and at the same time add a stylish look to your interior.
bar chairs ideas
Here we are going to show you a selection of ten comfortable, sturdy, and fantastic looking counter stools that can be used in your private residence. Once you’ve made a decision on the style that you need, you also need to turn your attention to which color scheme will work best for the area but most importantly on the size needed. As we were saying above, most counter stools come in a standard height, usually 6 to 8 inches lower then the bar stools. But the width and depth are not standards, and all of them vary because of the design. Therefor, before you start shopping, you carefully need to take measurements or your counter’s height and of the space you want them to fit in.
Bardot Barstool Read More