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This Semi-Detached Edwardian Terrace House Gets A Brilliant Modern Makeover

Finding old homes in and around the city of Melbourne that are in need of quick and nifty makeover is nothing new. This semi-detached and single-fronted Edwardian terrace house in Brunswick, Australia found itself in a similar predicament before its homeowners turned to Chan Architecture for a modern and energizing facelift. The existing house was more than 100 years old and that meant that much of the revamp needed to happen in the rear, living the street facade largely untouched. Then there are the constraints of space with most of these Aussie homes having a long, narrow silhouette. Read More

Concrete Planes And Glass Walls Steal The Spotlight At Miravent House

There is beauty in simplicity. This is especially true in case of home design and decorating. Instead of spending endless hours on complicated form and flowery overtones, one can achieve an equally impressive result by sticking to the basics. Do not believe us? Then check out the Miravent House in Spain designed by Perretta Arquitectura. It has an undeniably elegant form and achieves this by putting together horizontal concrete planes and unobstructed glass walls. It feels all too simple and yet wows you instantly; the blend of textures the intersecting planes and the simple straight lines! Read More


North Penn House By Deborah Berke Partners

Deborah Berke Partners has been on the top of my list for a long time. Through a chain of clicking links I came back to their site again and found the North Penn House and was instantly engaged. The long low silhouette of the house juxtaposed by the rolling earth is picturesque. The house hosts many elements from mid century and international style homes that I love. The amount of glass allows plenty of light to fill the interior spaces. The use of wood on the interior walls provides warmth. The drama created by the slopping hills towards the back of the house is incredible. Read More

This Dream Urban House In Hong Kong Has A Glorious Transparent Garage!

If you are an avid auto enthusiast and you have a breathtakingly beautiful Lamborghini in white sitting around, the natural inclination is to showcase it with a touch of pomp. (That is, besides putting foot to pedal and letting it race ahead!) It is barely any wonder then that the owner of this sophisticated contemporary home in Hong Kong wanted his dream machine to be the focus of a pristine white interior. Designed by Millimeter Interior Design, House in Hong Kong has a transparent garage that ends up being the showstopper of its polished and cheerful setting. Beyond the car and the garage, it is a world full of white and glass. Read More


Weidlinger House By Paul Weidlinger

Paul Weidlinger built this summer house for his family in Wellfleet Massachusetts 1953-54. I came across these images and was impressed with the structure. Digging a little deeper, I found that the house has a great history. This house was vacant and in danger of demolition since the late 1990s. In 2012 CCMHT (The Cape Cod Modern House Trust) obtained a lease and has begun restoration which was concluded summer 2014. I love how the house floats on its structure amongst the trees. It was so nice to read the story of this home and find that it was restored by people from every walk of life. Read More

Unassuming Victorian House Makeover Combines Green With Clean Design

As with every Victorian home that has been burdened with poorly planned additions and unnecessary interior alterations, the Jill’s House was a dark and unwelcome space when time for its latest makeover arrived. A smart renovation carried out by Green Sheep Collective, the new interior is drastically different from its old counterpart as natural light flows into the new interior. It is the use of clerestory windows that adds to the cheerful appeal of the living area, which now also contains the dining area and the kitchen. Coupled with passive solar design and a neutral color palette the rejuvenated space looks vastly different from the original. Read More


Loring House By Richard Neutra

The Loring House by Richard Neutra is another perfect example of a modernist home. The house is currently on the market in Los Angeles California. The open floor plan with oversized pivoting doors and walls of glass accommodate the indoor outdoor living lifestyle that most of us long for. Not only do you get an amazing home but there is a two story guest house and artists loft designed by Steven Ehrlich, FAIA. The views the house offers are a nice bonus. I don’t know if the house was staged for the sale but either way, the interiors look perfect. I could’t imagine this house full of cheap contemporary furnishings. Read More

Modern House In Scotch Cove With A Stone Fireplace And Ocean Views

Accommodating an old couple who still find their delight in work and their extended family, this gorgeous home in East Chester, Canada overlooks the tranquil ocean and the lovely landscape beyond. The minimal façade of the House in Scotch Cove designed by FBM Architecture- Interior Design hides a more open and inviting interior that completely embraces the natural scenery and the unabated ocean views in the rear. Having been built on a modest budget, the house relies on wood, glass and stone to shape a stylish setting that balances natural elegance with contemporary sophistication. Read More

‘The Rock’ House In Canada Hides Behind Maple Trees

ATELIER GÉNÉRAL architecture completed the design of The Rock House, a minimalist residence located in Shefford, Canada. Built on the slope of Quebec’s Mount Shefford, the retreat bridges an aerial view on one side and an ascending, rugged topography, populated by rocks and maples, on the other. Read More

Terrace House In Melbourne Embraces Sustainable Architecture

Ben Callery Architects completed the rehabilitation of a terrace house in Melbourne, Australia. The old heritage building on the site was dark, narrow and overshadowed by neighboring walls. In response, the contemporary Beyond House has an open layout that addresses the inhabitants’ need for connection. Read More