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Lauriston House By Seeley Architects

The Lauriston House by Seeley Architects is quite the feat of architecture. The roof line has me scratching my head, not because I don’t like it but how did they build that. It does remind my of some mid century stores or gas stations that had roofs like that. I also like how the house sits on a stilt like structure. Not sure what the beams are made of but again the beams that travel through the house give off that mid century vibe. The slatted roof on the inside with the wave shape is a stunning architectural element. The quality of the interiors are top notch and the materials feel right and warm. Read More

Bravos House: Encased In Moving Wooden Panels And Slats

Draped ever so elegantly in a wood made of Cumaru, a Brazilian tree species, the Bravos House in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil cleverly brings together privacy, solar shading and lovely views. The 937-sqaure-meter contemporary residence was designed by Jobim Carlevaro Arquitetos keeping in mind the specific needs of the homeowners which included an open social zone and a dashing deck outside. To ensure that the living room, dining area and kitchen flow seamlessly into the outdoor pool deck, a basement level parking was designed along with space for utility rooms. Read More

“Copenhagen”: Scandinavian House Built Within Just 118 Days

The architect who designed this house was tasked with creating a contemporary-style building that would harmonically communicate with a pretty narrow, elongated plot of land with tremendous altitudinal variation. Beyond that it was supposed to be functional, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. To crown it all it had to be constructed extremely fast, at a reasonable cost and with frame architecture. And 118 days later a land plot in the suburbs of Minsk, Belarus, already featured an original object dubbed “Copenhagen”. Read More


Strimling House By Ray Kappe

Ray Kappe’s Strimling House is currently on the market. I have seen pictures of the stunning mid century home before but it was only the interiors. The exteriors and landscaping make the house that much more dramatic. I love that the house was photographed with what appears to be the owners own furnishings. OK, here goes my rant again. Picture this home staged with generic modern furniture from Target or some other chain, it would ruin the listing. The main living area, images one through four are just about the perfect MCM room. The house is on almost a full acre of wooded land in Encino California. I envy the person who gets to live here. Read More

Classic Farmhouse Aesthetics Meet Modern Refinement At WE Guest House

The exquisite form of a classic farmhouse is being increasingly used to create contemporary getaways and stylish retreats that combine the traditional with the modern. Showcasing this unique blend of contrasting styles is the WE Guest House in the Hamptons, New York designed by TA Dumbleton Architect. With a dramatic and beautiful exterior that takes you back in time with its barn-style appeal, the gorgeous structure charms you instantly. A lush green, natural landscape, patio and pool provide the perfect backdrop even as the interior presents a clean, modern setting. Read More


Mid Modern House By Serge Castella

This mid modern house by Serge Castella is not done in your typical mid century decor. The interiors have a very natural earthy feeling both in materials and colors. The kitchen pretty much blew my mind. I don’t think I have ever seen a relief cut wood backsplash before. The kitchen feels like a giant black of wood which is pretty nice considering the rest of the interiors are bright white. The Angelo Lelli brass chandelier has to be my favorite piece in the house, I am a sucker for Italian lighting. I would love to see a photos that gave perspective on how impactful the kitchen really is. Seeing a long white hallway with a solid wood room at the end would illustrate that just fine. Read More


MK House By Nicolas Schuybroek Architects

I have featured the work of Nicolas Schuybroek Architects before but the MK House is new to me. The first picture is a stunning room that rings just about perfect. Sometimes a neutral colored room without any highlights of color bothers me a bit but in this instance I love it just the way it is. The exposed gray beams in the ceiling are an interesting architectural element, they provide a good deal of visual interest. These particular interiors have a Scandinavian feel to them, mostly due to the color palette and materials choices. Read More


The Shaarman House By Richard Neutra

The Shaarman house by Richard Neutra just hit the market. Built in 1951 in Hollywood Hills California. I love that it is tucked away above Mulholland in a quiet cul-de-sac. Gated, set back and hidden from the street. It is like your own little mid century modern hide-away. I have always felt that Richard Neutra was one of my favorite architects from that area and overtime I see one of his works that feeling is measured. The open concept with walls of glass mixed with that one of kind view make this house a prime representation of mid century architecture. The fireplace is a great focal point of the main level, I would fire that thing up every opportunity I had. Listed at 8 million, one can only dream. Read More

Contemporary Russian House 3-in-1

Small cottage houses can hardly surprise anyone, especially in Moscow suburbs. But we are sure that there is no more such a house like this! And it’s all about a non-standard wish of the client and great imagination of the creator. Read More


Australian House Of The Year

Australian house of the year by Peter Stutchbury. There are many reasons why I was drawn to this house. The first is the overall layout and structure. I like the oversized eves that stretch over the house. All of the glass panels that open up to the outside create additional living space. All of the concrete that was used on the construction of the home is reminiscent of the concrete bunker styles home that I love. There are small pieces of an industrial feel found through the house. There are exposed copper pipes that struggles up the walls. Lastly, the views can’t be beat, maybe if the view involved and ocean it could be better. Read More

Marble, Wood And Modernity: Refined House Addition In Ottawa

A fabulous modern home is about finding the right balance between aesthetics, functionality and a sense of uniqueness. Designed by Gordon Weima, House Addition is one such gorgeous contemporary residence nestled in the heart of Ottawa, where one finds a sophisticated neutral color palette blending in with striking textural contrast. It is the living room where this fusion starts as a marble fireplace wall sits snugly next to the accent wooden wall that holds the entertainment center. Despite white and shades of gray being dominant throughout the house, the interior feels anything but monotonous. Read More

Sunset House: Exhilarating Ocean Views Laced With Luxurious Minimalism

Defined by the steep change in gradient of the lot it sits on and the amazing ocean views on offer of the harbor and beyond, the Sunset House adapts to the landscape around it. This luxurious and minimal residence in West Vancouver was designed by Mcleod Bovell to combine captivating views with a sense of calm and comfort. It is the sparkling plunge pool along with the suspended wooden deck and the rear garden that steal the spotlight at this Canadian home. But there is much more on offer than Oceanside vistas as the interior perfectly complements the unassuming contemporary façade. Read More