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The Brander House By Eugene Kinn Choy

Eugene Kinn Choy, A.I.A., built the The Brander House in 1959. This mid century home was immortalized by the era’s most eminent architectural photographer Julius Shulman. The home is currently on the market and offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of mid century history. The home is located in a secluded lot in Los Angeles. I like everything about this house. The entryway greets and gives a prelude to the viewer as to what they are going to experience. The updates done in the house were executed with sensitivity to the home and materials from that era. Sounds like a bunch of cheese but it warms my heart to see a house of this caliber in this condition, simply amazing. Read More


Looking For A House? Here’s Where To Start!

Buying a house is like finding a compatible partner. You may hire a great real estate agent, but only you know what you need in a house and it’s their job to help you find the house of your dreams. If you don’t have a specific location already in mind, you may want to check out homes for sale in Santa Maria. The team at Berkshire Hathaway will help you find the home you are looking for in the most efficient manner possible. Read More

Exquisite C.V. House: Minimal And Reclusive Urban Haven In Istanbul

An all-white home is understandably not for everyone. It demands even more care and effort when it comes with a modern-minimal aesthetic that relies on a polished, uncluttered look. Nestled in one of Istanbul’s most expensive and urbane neighborhoods, the C.V. House designed by Ofist fits this billing perfectly as it sweeps you off your feet with large, spacious living areas, a white and wood color palette and refined elegance that is wrapped in a cloak of tranquility. Add to this the wonderful views of the city that it promises and a private garden in Ayse Sultan Woods and you start to understand the allure of this exquisite residence. Read More

Permeable House In Costa Rica Built Around Majestic Trees

QBO3 Arquitectos completed the design of a modern residence in Puerto Carrillo, Costa Rica. The “Tree House” comes with a total living surface of 280 square meters (3,010 square feet) and offers a nature escape from the hectic city life. Conserving the largest number of trees on the property was the starting point for the design. Another brief requirement was to create an optimum indoor-outdoor connection. Read More

A Mid-Century Modern Recreation: Ocotea House Renovation In Raleigh

An aging structure, a series of poorly planned renovations spread across several decades turned this mid-century home built in the 60’s into a dreary and poorly lit structure. Transforming the classic home into a modern delight even while keeping its midcentury zest firmly intact, in situ studio create a relaxing and striking structure. One of central guiding principles for the makeover was the original design of the home that relied on a simple roof form, low-sloped ranch and a basement that was completely visible to the outside world. Removing the poorly planned sunroom that was added subsequently, a new carport gives the Ocotea House Renovation its distinct front façade. Read More

10 DIY Haunted House Ideas To Dress Your Home Up For Halloween

There are those who want to throw around just a few decorations as Halloween rolls around. Then there are those who go the extra mile and then some to turn their home into a cool Haunted House; an attraction that ends being the talking point of the neighborhood. If you wish to explore this route for Halloween this year and are short on idea, then there is still plenty of time to get the job done! DIY solutions offer a fun and cost-effective way in which you can give your home that spooky and even crazy Halloween upgrade without breaking a sweat. Read More

Gorgeous Gable House: Old Edwardian Timber Cottage With A New Rear Retreat

Nestled in the bright and sunny beachside suburb of Sandringham, Melbourne, Australia, the Gable House is a modern revamp of a classic Edwardian timber cottage that ushers in plenty of natural light even while giving the interior a contemporary upgrade. Instead of extending the home into the backyard further and increasing the living area of the residence, the clients wanted a makeover that worked within the confines of the existing home while allowing it seamlessly blend in with the spacious rear yard. Sheri Baby Architects accomplished this by turning to a fabulous timber pergola structure that ends up stealing the spotlight here! Read More

Light, Shade And A World Of Green: JZL House In Brazil

Celebrating natural light, textural contrast, outdoor living and open spaces that encourage interaction between family members, the JZL House in Brazil turns everyday life into a breezy delight. The contemporary Bernardes Arquitetura design cleverly utilizes translucent glass louvres along with vertical wooden panels to create a world where light is elegantly filtered into the deeper areas of the expansive residence. Yet, this Rio de Janeiro ensures that its residents are happily surrounded by ample natural greenery as both indoor plants and a fabulous rear shaft add vibrant sparkle to the interior. Read More

It’s All About The View: Elevated Lake House In Mexico Merges A Nature With Luxury

Who wouldn’t love spending a few lovely weekends each summer as they relax in their lake house! And at the heart of every great lake house is the splendid view outside, which often ends up being the showstopper of the setting. Designed by FARQ Arquitectos, this gorgeous Lake House in Jocotepec, Mexico, is no different as it makes most of the fabulous view outside thanks to the 18-foot elevated platform that it firmly sits on. Even though the house is completely hidden from the street that leads to it, a winding entryway with stone walls leads to an exquisite interior that completely open up towards the garden and the lake view in the rear. Read More


New Canaan Modernism DeSilver House

New Canaan Modernism is not a foreign phrase to those of us that have an infatuation with mid century architecture. The DeSilver House is currently for sale and is a stunning example of MCM architecture. Designed and built in 1961 by John Black Lee I don’t think a home could be more perfect. There are so many elements at play here it is hard to favorite just one. The bridge leading to the front is fantastic. I greatly appreciate that the current owners have furnished it with period pieces. The authentic furniture takes you back to what the home was. Read More