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Sussex Street House: Steel And Timber-Framed Modern Suburban Home

Not every modern home needs to be about an extraordinary design solution that sets it apart from the rest. At times, the best home is one that just responds the specific features of the landscape it sits in and the needs of the homeowner. Set in the quiet suburb of Maylands, Australia, the Sussex Street House epitomizes this understated and elegant look of a modern family home. Conjured up and brought to life by Mountford Architects, the small and space-conscious residence was designed to maximize light even while creating a free-flowing and relaxing interior. Read More


Case Study House 10

Case Study House 10 has hit the market. Case Study House #10 was designed and built by Kemper Nomland and Kemper Nomland, Jr. in 1947. Overall I think the house looks great but that kitchen. I am just going to go ahead and say it, the kitchen is awful. The tone and pattern do nothing but make this house feel like an over contemporized new build. Sorry if that sounded to negative but I just had to vent. The exteriors and landscaping are outstanding, perfect for that outdoor living in California. The home is both listed in the National Register of Historic Places and has the Mills Act designation. Case Study House #10 is located in the San Rafael area. Read More

Tent House: Exceptional Weekend Retreat And Studio Cloaked In Green

We are always on the lookout for exceptional homes that challenge conventions and push the envelope in terms of what is possible. Designed as a personal retreat, weekend studio and a cool hangout by Chris Tate of Chris Tate Architecture, the Tent House takes you away from the usual sight of rigid four walls and endless cubes, squares and rectangles. In a world where we are accustomed to the sight of the four-sided polygon, this pyramidal delight definitely draws your attentions instantly. The 70-square-meter house is set on a lot surrounded by a rain forest and it is lush green native plants that carefully cloak this exceptional metallic structure. Read More


MM House By Nicolas Schuybroek

Nicolas Schuybroek took this neglected 70’s house and turned it into a minimal dream house. The obvious design element that I covet is all of that mazing marble both in the kitchen and bathrooms. The patterns and colors in the stone make for a stunning piece of art. The house is in Mexico city and was odd having four stories, I guess no one wanted it. The large glass panels that rest on a pivot point and open to the outside are a nice architectural element. I appreciate the wood walls strategically places throughout the house. The color palette is fairly harmonious in all interiors. Read More

House N: Cantilevered Modern Holiday Home On A Peruvian Horse Ranch

A contemporary ranch house and a holiday home that is a touch different from others, House N is nestled on a vast 24 acre lot in the coastal region of Piura, Peru. Despite the large ranch that surrounds this modern retreat, the structure itself is modest and occupies just 97 square meters. Divided into three distinct cantilevered units, the house offers a wonderful view of the green ranch even while giving those inside all the privacy they need. It is concrete and corten steel panels that shape the exterior of House N with the formers used for the lower level and on the inside. Read More

Refurbished Stone House In Portugal Unveils Modern Interiors

Rehabilitating a century-old stone construction of 400 square meters (4,305 square feet) was a challenging task for the team at AR Studio Architects. The Eira House, located in the city of Vale de Cambra, Portugal, was completely refurbished, without compromising its original architecture features. It is now a vibrant home with an authentic feel, always open for the owners’ extended family and friends. Read More

Modern Revamp Involving A Glass Roof Transforms This Dark Victorian House

Lighting is often an afterthought for potential homeowners dreaming up their house. But ultimately it is lighting that plays the most important role in defining the ambiance of your home. An old, three-story Victorian house in Cardiff, the Glasshouse is a wonderful example of how even the most dreary space can be turned into a cheerful, contemporary home using the right infusion of light! Brought in to radically alter the damp and dark interior of this classic home, Glen Thomas Architecture turned to a contemporary extension with a distinct, 9-meter long glass roof to get the job done. Read More


HOUSE 7 By De Lange Design

HOUSE 7 by de Lange Design is a beautiful simple box made from concrete and glass. I am sure there are other materials at use here but the concrete is what pulled me in. In this application there is beauty and permanency realized with the amount of concrete used. The other element that pulled me in was the pieces inside the home. It is obvious that the owners have great taste in furniture and art. We don’t get a close up picture but the dining table appears to have a gaggle of Hans Wegner’s around it. There appears to be a Antony Gormley poised and ready in the main living area. Read More