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Unassuming Victorian House Makeover Combines Green With Clean Design

As with every Victorian home that has been burdened with poorly planned additions and unnecessary interior alterations, the Jill’s House was a dark and unwelcome space when time for its latest makeover arrived. A smart renovation carried out by Green Sheep Collective, the new interior is drastically different from its old counterpart as natural light flows into the new interior. It is the use of clerestory windows that adds to the cheerful appeal of the living area, which now also contains the dining area and the kitchen. Coupled with passive solar design and a neutral color palette the rejuvenated space looks vastly different from the original. Read More


Loring House By Richard Neutra

The Loring House by Richard Neutra is another perfect example of a modernist home. The house is currently on the market in Los Angeles California. The open floor plan with oversized pivoting doors and walls of glass accommodate the indoor outdoor living lifestyle that most of us long for. Not only do you get an amazing home but there is a two story guest house and artists loft designed by Steven Ehrlich, FAIA. The views the house offers are a nice bonus. I don’t know if the house was staged for the sale but either way, the interiors look perfect. I could’t imagine this house full of cheap contemporary furnishings. Read More

Modern House In Scotch Cove With A Stone Fireplace And Ocean Views

Accommodating an old couple who still find their delight in work and their extended family, this gorgeous home in East Chester, Canada overlooks the tranquil ocean and the lovely landscape beyond. The minimal façade of the House in Scotch Cove designed by FBM Architecture- Interior Design hides a more open and inviting interior that completely embraces the natural scenery and the unabated ocean views in the rear. Having been built on a modest budget, the house relies on wood, glass and stone to shape a stylish setting that balances natural elegance with contemporary sophistication. Read More

‘The Rock’ House In Canada Hides Behind Maple Trees

ATELIER GÉNÉRAL architecture completed the design of The Rock House, a minimalist residence located in Shefford, Canada. Built on the slope of Quebec’s Mount Shefford, the retreat bridges an aerial view on one side and an ascending, rugged topography, populated by rocks and maples, on the other. Read More

Terrace House In Melbourne Embraces Sustainable Architecture

Ben Callery Architects completed the rehabilitation of a terrace house in Melbourne, Australia. The old heritage building on the site was dark, narrow and overshadowed by neighboring walls. In response, the contemporary Beyond House has an open layout that addresses the inhabitants’ need for connection. Read More

Private Street Façade And An Open Interior Revitalize Mandanila House

From the usual array of home renovations in the west, today we move on to the Far East with a fabulous and functional home makeover in Denpasar, Bali. Set on a 320-square-meter lot, the house was in need of a smart makeover that combines complete privacy with an interior that is open to the garden outside. The rare combination of these two contrasting elements was needed as the house sits exactly opposite to a school. This meant that the street façade of the house needed to keep away the noise and the rush while the interior is filled with ample natural light and freshness using a smart hallway and a lush front garden. Read More

Transformed House In Mexico City Combines Art With Green Goodness

An old house turned into a fabulous office that is dedicated to promote collaboration and social commitment through local art, the Fundación Casa Wabi Headquarters in Mexico City is a truly one-of-a-kind setting that is draped in a cloak of green. Remodeled and revamped by Alberto Kalach, this gorgeous and open setting was once an old house with a weary old interior. With two internal courtyards and access to two different streets of the city, the inviting gallery combines vintage charm of the interior with modern functionality, to deliver the best of both worlds. Read More

Concealed Shore House Bewitches With A Green Roof And Bay Area Views

With the first on one side and unabated view of a majestic bay area on the other, the Shore House sits on a prime lot which brings together complete privacy and spectacular natural beauty. Designed by Leroy Street Studio and nestled in North Haven, USA, the gorgeous home with a green roof is carefully carved into the landscape with an entry that is cut in the earth. This gives the home a minimal and elegant façade with only the green roof making a considerable visual impact. But the rear façade of the house is anything but understated as the cantilevered top levels with bedrooms and the lower level living area provide panoramic views of the distant sea. Read More