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The Edris House By E Stewart Williams

The Edris House by E Stewart Williams is one of the best examples of desert mid century living. Built in 1954, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a Palm Springs Class 1 historic site. What do you know, the house just happens to be on the market. There is no doubt that this home is as iconic as it gets. I love the story of the current owner, he basically saved it from a bad modernization. He bought it in 2000 and lovingly restored the property to how it was when it was built. I like how the house is perched on a hill with a perfect view. All of the glass and the stone walls that run from the outside in are a mid century statement that can not be denied. Read More

Trail House: Multi-Level Green Home In Melbourne’s Suburb

We always love a house that is planet-friendly without going over the top in terms of both design and the green technology that it uses. Eco-friendly design is as much about smart planning and responding to the landscape as it is about new-age technology. Epitomizing this is the lovely Trail House set in the posh Melbourne suburb of Ashburton. This elegant, open and modern home designed by Zen Architects relies on passive solar design to cut back on energy consumption and carbon footprint of the structure. Keeping the house warm in winter months and cool during the summer, it is the form of the house that ends up being its biggest asset! Read More

Trends In Flooring And Coverings In 2017 For Your Dream House

It seems like 2017 is off to a great start. Last month we said good bye to the Design Week and Salone del Mobile in Milan — events that every year set the bar high for all things design. But today we’ll talk about other things, we’ll talk about trends in flooring and coverings for this year. Read More

House In House: Gray Exterior Cloaks A Relaxing Modern Interior

Not every home needs to be about a spectacular or unique façade that steals the spotlight, turns heads and makes a big impact right off the bat. In fact, a modest and unassuming façade that blends with other homes in the neighborhood offers advantages of its own. Offering just that, but with a hint of originality and contemporary gray panache is the House in House in Melbourne designed by Steffen Welsch Architects. Inspired by Austrian architect Hermann Czech’s philosophy that sees ‘Architecture as background’, rather than an entity that stands out visually, the new family home is all about understated elegance. Read More

Sunny Mediterranean-Style Kitchen On A Country House Veranda

Perhaps you would agree that the kitchen is the most magnetic part of any country house, especially when it’s arranged on a veranda.  Fresh green leaves are knocking on big windows, funny sundogs are playing on a rough wooden table, and a rainbow of a summer meadow inspires for something beautiful and creative… Read More


Quorrobolong House Fergus Scott Architects

Fergus Scott Architects is a Sydney based practice. The Quorrobolong House caught my attention mostly due to the architecture itself. The interiors are nice but the overall structure of the house reminds me of a contemporary mid century house. I know that it contradiction but the roofline and abundance of windows remind me of mid century architecture. I love that part of the house that is cantilevered off the ground. The steps leading to the front door are an amazing welcome. The setting with all of the old growth trees looks perfect and compliments the low sprawling silhouette of the home. I could picture myself living there. Read More

A Bird’s-Eye View Of Budapest: Hilltop House With Twin Gable Roofs

The striking image of a classic pitched roof combined with refined, contemporary design and doubled just to make sure that it all looks even more spectacular – the dashing V-House set on a hilltop North-East of Budapest is indeed a masterpiece! Designed by Reload Építészstúdió as a two-generation family house, the twin structures that shape the façade of this modern residence give it a distinct identity even while moving away from the more mundane architectural style prevalent in the region. But there is a lot more to admire at this elegant home beyond its beautiful gable roofs and spacious interior. Read More

Wall Of Wood: Acoustics Meet Aesthetics At House In Pedralbes

Think of home design and it is form followed by functionality that comes to mind instantly. For some reason, this has become the norm globally. Very rarely do people venture beyond these two parameters and seriously ponder over acoustics. Beyond the fabulous home theater or the spacious home studio, acoustics take a backseat to visual design almost everywhere else. But the House in Pedralbes takes an entirely different approach as its exterior, overall form and unique, curved wooden façade is shaped by a need to keep away urban noise. Designed by BC Estudio Architects, this modern residence in Barcelona sits on a lot that is close to a road with high traffic. Read More

Etched Into The Landscape: Dramatic Deep House With Box-type Corner Windows

Challenging conventions and pushing the boundaries of what is possible and what constitutes good design, the Deep House in South Korea is all about exploring new frontiers. Designed with care and creativity by architect Homin Kim of poly.m.ur across a period of 6 years, this stunning contemporary home draws your attention with its inimitable silhouette, fabulous use of windows and innovative spatial solutions that shape a room-within-a-room. Effortlessly becoming a part of the landscape, despite standing out visually, the polished exterior of the house is surrounded by lush green canopy. Read More


Wohlstetter House By Josef Van Der Kar

The Wohlstetter House by Josef Van der Kar recently just hit the market. The house was built in 1953 and sits on a .38-acre lot, it contains a 2,700-square-foot main house with three bedrooms, three baths, movable panels, sliding glass walls, and two fireplaces. The landscaping is absolutely stunning. Garrett Eckbo is responsible for the lush bamboo filled landscape that hugs this mid century home. I like the red on the inside of the entry way, it not your typical welcome. The electric interiors are usually not my thing but the current owner shave done a great job. It is obvious that they are huge David Cressey and Robert Maxwell fans, just look at the deck pictures. Read More


Modern Concrete House In Switzerland

This modern concrete house in Switzerland is by MLZD Architecture. If any of you follow me, you know I like a good concrete house and this one is just that, good! I guess the concrete has somewhat of an industrial feel but maybe that is why I like it. The furnishings are nice here, mid century fits right in. The combination of the dark wood, concrete, and brass fixtures is quite pleasing. The concrete and the walls of glass are a nice juxtaposition in quality and functionality of materials. I can’r read German so I don’t know all of the details surrounding the house but it is amazing and would be fascinating to see how it was constructed. Read More