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The Best 23 DIY Ideas To Make Garden Stairs And Steps

Adding DIY steps and stairs to your garden or yard is a great way to enhance your outdoor landscaping whether they are perfectly flat or happen to sit in a slope. On the other hand, stairs on a garden offers ease of access to go from one level to another and serve as a walkway […]

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Juliet Balconies: Terrifying History & Today’s Beauty (45 Ideas)

A balconet, balconette and a Juliet balcony are three terms used to describe the same architectural form – a type of a false balcony, which doesn’t have a platform.  A metal barrier is arranged right in front of a high window-opening at the outer plane of the building. Also, there are options with platforms available, but they’re so extremely narrow that one can hardly put a foot on it (“go to the balcony”). So, a balconette is merely a decorative element of the exterior and a kind of a high window designed to let in much daylight into a room, as opposed to genuine balconies serving as storage spots and lounge areas. Read More

Billiards Room Interior Design Tips And Ideas

Billiards, or pool, has many admirers, but having a personal billiard room at home is luxury that not everyone can afford. However, given some experience and knowledge, almost any room within a house or apartment can be designed for playing pool. The key point is to follow a few rules to ensure the comfort of playing. What are they? Let’s see together! Read More

Artusi Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas From Arclinea

Arclinea re-defines outdoor kitchen design with the Artusi Outdoor. The new Artusi Island becomes a complete unique outdoor kitchen. As a rethinking of their 1999 modular kitchen, Artusi, the new model moves cooking service and comfort to unusual areas. Read More

20 Ingenious Breakfast Bar Ideas For The Social Kitchen

If there is one hot trend in interior design that is shaping the kitchens of today and tomorrow, then it is undoubtedly the idea of a ‘social kitchen’. Evolving beyond just a place to prepare meals, the kitchen of this decade brings back the nostalgic charm of those retro kitchens that were built to host friends and family with ease. Of course, the aesthetics are largely different with state-of-the-art appliances, polished finishes and contemporary sparkle. But the kitchen has once again become a social setting thanks to open plan living spaces and innovative design. At the heart of this interactive space is the coffee shop style breakfast bar. Read More

Top 34 Amazing Garden Decor Ideas In Bohemian Style

Spring has come and it is great time for enjoying and decorating your garden or yard. When you start working on your decorating plan, then you might come across a variety of styles that is hard to choose only one. However, if you want to decorate your garden in a relaxing way then nothing is […]

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5 Ideas Of Creating WC-and-Bathroom Combos: Before & After

Creating a single space out of two separate rooms – a WC and a bathroom – seems to be the most rational way out when we’re dissatisfied with the size of both. If you already thought about this, but still don’t dare to start the alterations, this post is just for you. We have 5 nice examples of combos with comments! Read More

Space-Savvy Finds: 11 Trendy Room Divider Ideas To Try Out

An open plan living might be the norm in most modern homes these days, but even this breezy, large space comes with its own unique set of design challenges. Topping that list is the way in which you can delineate space without actually having to rely on walls. With the days of cubicles and rigid boxes long gone, the new open living area is all about creating a vibrant social zone where the living zone, kitchen, dining space and even the entertainment area come together effortlessly. Read More

Simply Breathtaking: Glass Floor Ideas For The Polished Modern Home

Ever walked on one of those glass bridges at the mall or stepped atop a seemingly precarious stairway with floating glass stairs? If you have, then you will know that this is not a thing for the faint of heart! Glass floors instantly draw attention, move away from the mundane and give your home a dramatic, contemporary twist. They are not easiest to pull off or even maintain, but a glass floor can make a huge visual and aesthetic impact without trying too hard. And undoubtedly, it is the transparent ones that feel most exciting! Read More

Practical And Trendy: 40 Open Shelving Ideas For The Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens are much more than just places where you just cook. They are increasingly becoming smart, functional and stylish social settings where the entire family can come together after long, hard day. Combine it with a smart dining area and you have the perfect space to host parties over the weekends and through the Holiday Season. This is precisely why your kitchen needs to be as aesthetic as it is functional and open kitchen shelves make a big difference in this regard. Open kitchen shelving gives you ample storage space even while turning it into a chic and elegant display without trying too hard. Read More

11 Creative Wall Decor Ideas

You want to fresh up your interior a little bit, but don’t feel like spending much time and effort, do you? Then this article is just for you. Draw inspiration, grab the ideas and go ahead to marvelous interior design changes. Read More