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29 Cool White Gravel Decorative Ideas

If you want to look for some tips to enhance the beauty of your residence then you could consider decorating with white gravel. Inexpensive and easy to install, landscaping your space using white gravel is surely green and stylish. The same as many other types of gravel, they drain quickly, require little maintenance, and white […]

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An Organized Wardrobe: 15 Space-Savvy And Stylish Closet Ideas

There are few things that delay you more than a messy closet each morning. A poorly organized closet can really make your life difficult each day as you race with the clock to get to work on time. This of course, is in addition to that rush hour traffic you need to beat! It is time to change your early morning routine with an organized, modern and elegant wardrobe that also showcases your cool new wardrobe as you transition to warmer months. And we have the perfect lineup of delightfully diverse closets that allow you to accomplish precisely this! Read More

10 Fresh Living Room Interior Ideas From Designers’ Instagrams

We continue our series of posts, in which we share the best and most relevant ideas and interior design projects from Instagram accounts of professional architects, designers and decorators. By tradition, we try to show you a range of versatile styles, finishes and color schemes. And today our focus will be on living rooms. Read More

Hideaway, Foldable & Convertible Beds: 20 Ideas For Small Spaces

A folding bed, a convertible bed, a built-in bed – all these pieces of furniture are not just  alternatives, but full-fledged sleeping places with mattresses, pillows and blankets. The only thing that distinguishes them from customary beds is their invisibility and ultimate compactness. More often than not the phrase “one-room apartment” conjures up images of tight spaces, folding sofas and difficult choices between a full-fledged living room and bedroom. The beds we’d like to show you today get this sorted out once and for all. Have a look at our selection of ideas! Read More

50 Latest Kids’ Bedroom Decorating And Furniture Ideas

Decorating a beautiful kid’s room presents its own set of unique challenges that are completely different from planning for an adult bedroom. Gone are the days when you just threw the kids in a room and asked them to bunk together while sorting out the other details all on their own! (And if you were the youngest, then life was pretty tough indeed) Modern kids’ bedrooms have diverse themes, styles and are spaces filled with color, creativity and an array of fabulous motifs that put many of the adult bedrooms to shame! With 2017 nearly half way through, it is time to take a look at the latest in kids’ bedroom decorating and design. Read More

Top 28 Ideas Adding DIY Backyard Lighting For Summer Nights

Summer is here! The life of night is an important part for us to spend this hot weather. For example, when night falls, we often like to entertain friends or hold a family party in the yard. At this moment, we need the light to light up the night and add some brilliant atmosphere. You […]

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How To Organize A Summer Kitchen: Tips, Ideas And Photos – Part 1

In summer time, cooking in a hot enclosed kitchen, we usually dream about a wisp of fresh air, singing birds and leaves shaking gently: in a word, all the finer things of the country life. That is why today we decided to speak about how this dream may come true. If you’re a lucky owner of a suburban house or a summer cottage, a summer kitchen will save you from the stuffiness and cooking smells that always accompany the food preparation process. However, there are a few important issues to consider before arranging such a kitchen and we’d like to discuss them all. So, let’s begin! Read More

10 New Storage Unit Design Ideas

We decided to compile a list of new storage unit ideas that furniture manufactures introduced on the market recently.
From clothes stands to customizable storage designs, lately, furniture makers are doing their best to transform these pieces of furniture into veritable works of art.
The ultra-modern furniture from manufacturers like Caplellini, Fiam Italia, Laura Meroni and others presented below, features a new approach on design and utility and it is manufactured with high quality materials to create smart, affordable and desirable furniture. Read More

Summer Cottage Living Room Decoration + Amazing DIY Ideas

In small summer cottages one room can have absolutely versatile purposes depending on the needs of its inhabitants. In our today’s project the biggest room in the summer house plays the role of a dining room and a lounge for the whole family and a bedroom for the Grandma. Designing such a multifunctional space is quite challenging, but the author of this project managed to zone the room in a skillful and competent way using special  furniture arrangement, a couple of retro lamps, room divider curtains and a folding screen. Now the Grandmother’s nook features a full-fledged bed, a coffee table, an arm-chair, a folding screen, a sofa and a chest. So, it’s also a cozy lounge zones where the members of this family love to spend time together. Read More

10 Fresh Bedroom Interior Ideas From Designers’ Instagrams

If you’re about to start your bedroom redecoration, this article is worth reading, as it will surely give you a bunch of ideas and a stream of inspiration. If you’re a designer or a constructor, it’s worth reading for the sake of seeing what your colleagues are creating right now. And if you just enjoy looking through a set of beautiful interiors in different color schemes and styles, you will definitely like this post, as it has it all. So, today we’re catching a sneak peek of nice bedroom interior design projects being implemented these days. Read More

Top 21 Awesome Ideas To Clutter-Free Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen is the one place that can bring family together to prepare the foods, so it is natural for a lot of stuff to accumulate there. But would you agree that keeping your clutter-free kitchen needs a bit more hard work, especially the counter-top? Piles of papers, books, utensils, cookware and several small appliances…there are […]

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