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Top 22 Cutest DIY Easter Decorating Ideas For Front Yard

Easter is all about fun, blessings, beautiful home decor and lots of yummy recipes. Easter is the most special holiday in Spring. At that time, we can spend the day outside basking in the Spring Sun and enjoying the mesmerising ambiance outdoors. Although outdoor Easter decorations are not as popular as Christmas decorations, showing them […]

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Awesome Room Divider Ideas, Even If You Have A Small Space

Open space living in lofts, studios or homes with high ceilings and few walls are very popular. The open architectural look may be gorgeous, but not always practical. Being able to have a private bedroom or a way to divide the living space from the dining room would create a more functional feel to a home. Read More

Check Out 15 Stunning Tile Design Ideas Just In Time For National Tile Day

National Tile Day is February 23. And we can thank the largest stone and tile show in North America, Coverings, for bringing it back. “National Tile Day is rooted in a desire to celebrate the many great benefits tile has to offer as a material,” explains Alena Capra, industry ambassador for Coverings. “We’re encouraging the architecture and design community to get inspired by tile.” Read More

15 Easy Last-Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Jewelry Ideas To Your Rescue!

Time does fly by! You have been meaning to pick up a gift for Valentine’s Day for a while now, but you simply were too busy with other stuff. Maybe you wanted to make something special that says you care. But time does not really wait for anyone and February 14th is pretty much here. Yes, the day of love is tomorrow and if you do not really have a gift for your beloved, then you are definitely not alone in that boat. Of course, as always, we are more than happy to bail out our readers and make sure they reach the shore safe and sound. Yup, here are the 15 best DIY Valentine’s Day jewelry ideas to turn to! Read More

Delightful DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas For Teens To Fall In Love With!

The weekend is almost upon us and you can sense the love in the air. No, it is not just about the weekend alone and usual relaxed time that you have. This time around, it is the weekend that leads to Valentine’s Day and as fate would have it, this year the day of love comes smack bang in the middle of the week. For some that means pushing the celebrations to the weekend next and for others, it could well be on the 14th itself. It all depends on your plans and how much time and budget you have at your disposal. But when you are teen, you have all the time in the world for love! Read More

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything

We’ve all been there…shopping for that beloved Valentine who seems to have everything he or she wants, or that special someone who insists, “I don’t need a gift!” But you still want to treat them, whether your loved one be a partner, parent, grandparent or friend. Decoist to the rescue! Today we’re here to share a few fun, unexpected Valentine’s Day gift ideas that just might wow everyone on your list. Even if you’re hunting for a last-minute gift, the key is finding a unique approach, a universally loved item, or something that’s just plain useful. Read on for helpful tips and ideas… Read More

Home Library Ideas To Create Your Very Own Smart Home

If you love to read and have a nice collection of books you value, why not create a home library or study where you can stylishly house your books? It doesn’t require as much space as you think, so check out these home library ideas to create a smart space in your home. Read More

10 Designer Bar Stool Ideas And Pictures

A designer bar stool is becoming an important piece of home decor and has made its way into all types of homes, around the world because of the design and the fashion statement it holds. When deciding to choose this type of stool for your interior, you need to think about style, comfort, and at the same time, functionality.
amazing chair design ideas
Even if the name clearly suggests that these are to be used in bars or pubs, recent years have found new ways to utilize them in kitchens, dining rooms or even patios, next to kitchen islands or home mini bars.
When going to choose the right stool for your home is essential to take in consideration several facts, but most importantly is to make sure that it fits in your room and doesn’t look out of place, by matching the rest of the furniture you already have. You also need to have in mind what will be the best materials for your new furniture. You can consider metal or woods with leather upholstery for the indoors, while for the exterior you should consider plastics or fiber glass for better resistance in time. Next, you have to make sure you have the correct measurements of the space you need them to fit in, the width and most importantly the height. You have to make sure you’ll need bar stools and not counter stools because there’s a difference in height, and you don’t need surprises.
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When selecting a designer bar stool, prices also have a big importance because there are some you could buy for even under a hundred dollars a piece, usually remakes and not originals or made from lower quality materials, while others will cost several thousands; but here there’s a clear difference in the quality of the materials used as well as the manufacturer . So you are the only one to decide how long will you need them, and how much you are willing to spend.
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15 Modern Massage Chair Ideas For Home And Office

Are you looking for massage chair ideas? In this article we are going to show you fifteen examples that worth having a look at if you decide to improve your lifestyle with such a piece of furniture.
Considered a good alternative to massage saloons, these type of armchairs usually used in airports and malls are now becoming something usual for private residences and offices.
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Technology has progressed so much these days that the mechanic and smart electronics integrated into these armchairs are providing full body massage therapies right in the comfort of your own home. No mater if we talk about shoulders, back, neck, thighs, buttocks, feet, calves, hands or arms, these massage chair ideas will handle the job effectively, and some of them even have such smart options that they will remember your body and the type of massage you prefer.
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Considered functional pieces of furniture and a good investment in your health and well-being, these items, don’t usually come cheap! Therefor is good to have an idea of the type you will need, as well as the budget you are prepared to spend. They often come with tons of features, but the most important part is to buy one with the features that are most useful to you. You need to decide if you need a short term solution, just to relieve some pain, or you need a long term solution, for relaxation at home or in the office. On the short term solution, you could buy something cheap that will treat the area you want to. In the other case, you will have to prepare a budget and pay attention to several things like materials used for long time durability, features it has to offer, maximum working hours and the warranty your smart furniture comes with. You don’t want to buy a product for years to come, but end up throwing it away after just a few uses.
Prices start at around three thousand dollars and the most expensive massage recliner can cost even more then a brand new car, but remember: it doesn’t necessarily mean that the most expensive is the best option.
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