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12 Bathroom Vanity Top Ideas And Pictures

A bathroom vanity top defines the look of the bathroom, and is a versatile furnishing system available in a variety of styles, materials, and price ranges. These can be customized very easily based on each person’s need and the existing decor of the house. Read More

Some Of The Coolest Wall Clock Design Ideas

The easiest way to keep track of the time and ensure you are never late is by putting a wall clock in your room. At the same time, if you need a piece of decor as a statement representing your style, personality and taste, then have a look and choose one of these wall clock design ideas. Imagine decorating your living room, bedroom or dining room wall with a unique clock design that becomes the most stylish asset for your room.
Art du Temps Wall Clock
Wall clocks, have been designed to fit perfectly into almost any type of decor. These types of clocks have evolved nowadays into contemporary works of art that today people can use on stylish interior concepts. If in the past century, they were mostly hand carved in wood, now, with various tastes and technological options, they are made from almost any kind of material having almost an infinity of shapes, patterns and designs.
Other then its obvious purpose, of keeping time, a large clock hanging from your wall can be a perfect and minimal wall decoration idea. Whether you are traditional, contemporary or looking for a retro or antique look, there is a wall clock that fits into your design scheme. These decorative and useful pieces are perfect replacements for pictures or paintings on the wall and have been around for decades being always used for both functional and decorative purposes.
clock with crystals
It’s always worth hunting for something special, rather then just buy a piece that’s just regular. Home rooms usually represent a direct reflection of owner’s personality and its design tastes. If your walls are empty, a both functional and at the same time interesting wall clock design its a good idea to transform them. Take a look and get inspiration from our design finds but don’t be limited only to them. There are probably thousands more out there that will captivate the eye and catch attention.
coolest wall clocks Read More

Wood Burning Fireplaces: Review Of Materials & Best Ideas (P.1)

As a proud “heir” of primitive fire pits, a fireplace has symbolized well-being and prosperity of homes for centuries. It is an embodiment of coziness, luxury and good taste. And there’s absolutely no need to have a huge cottage in the suburbs to enjoy this sweet source of heat and joy in your living room. Today’s abundance of bio-fireplaces makes an option of having an atmosphere of a fire pit possible even for limited city apartments. But today we’d like to speak about genuine, wood burning fireplaces – the ones in which you can throw another log and enjoy the lovely little crackle of ember in a comfy arm-chair… Read More

15 DIY Bedroom Storage And Décor Ideas That Bring Space-Savvy Style

Yes, it is the busy time of the year when all your effort goes into kicking back, putting your feet up and enjoying the company of family and friends. As you get things ready for your fun New Year’s Eve party, it is also the tie to start thinking about giving your home a slight makeover as you welcome 2018. Yup, a change in the year often means new decorating and organizational vows that we desperately try to keep! If creating a more organized and efficient bedroom on a budget is one of your New Year decorating resolutions, then we have the perfect crafts to get the job done! Read More

DIY Christmas Candle Ideas That Fill Magic In The Air

They say Christmas brings along with it a bit of magic in the air. We are not sure about the mythical aspects of it all, but as the Holiday Season approaches, life sure does feel a lot different and far more special. Even with all the rush of shopping and the endless little chores that take up your time as you get ready for the big day, it somehow still seems all worth the hustle. Maybe it is the sparkle of string lights, the sound of Christmas carols, just the overall celebratory mood or even the idea of a refreshing holiday – it definitely is a combination of the many little things that makes the season ever so jolly! Much like the sights and sounds, it is also fragrance in the air that sets the mood and you can do so with a few fabulous DIY candles. Read More

18 Easy DIY New Year’s Eve Party Ideas To Welcome 2018

How were your fun-filled Christmas weekend and a busy Boxing Day filled with plenty of activity? Maybe you are still enjoying a week-long vacation and just taking it slow as you get ready for the next big bash – the New Year extravaganza! Let’s face it; life does come to a screeching halt this time of the year and it is definitely a welcome change of pace. But for those who do need to host a New Year Party, the next few days will be just as busy as the last few. That means organizing, planning, baking, cooking and decorating. We are here to make it a lot less stressful and far easier with DIY New Year’s Eve party ideas that dazzle and delight. Read More

10 Unique DIY Mailbox Ideas From The Festive To The Chic

Christmas might be knocking on the door outside and if you haven’t got your home ready yet for the big week ahead, then it is high time you got started on the decorations. Much like every year, we already shared with our readers a host of DIY Holiday decorating ideas, lovely lighting fixtures and even homemade alternative Christmas trees to ensure that they are all set for the jolly times ahead. So, you have pretty much everything in place and are looking for something that adds an extra ‘pizazz’ to your holiday decorating. And idea that might not be strictly ‘festive’ and will serve you well beyond the New Year. It is for you crafting addicts that we bring the DIY mailbox! Read More

15 DIY Home Office Organization And Storage Ideas That Maximize Space

As we race towards Christmas and New Year, for many work might have taken a turn towards the slower side. Others might be busy packing and flying early to beat the rush of weekend traffic. But for those enjoying a simple staycation, this is also a great time to put the usual rush of work aside and focus on the workplace itself! With many of us increasingly starting to work from home, it is the home office where we end up spending most of our day. It makes complete sense to give this room a quick revamp with DIY home office organizational ideas that transform the workspace both aesthetically and functionally. Read More

Counter Stools Ideas Perfect For Any Home Mini Bar

Counter stools can be used as a great addition to any home mini bar, kitchen, dining room, game room or even to a retail space, and a perfect way to utilize all of your counter space.
If you want to add something really appealing to your home’s interior, then these stools are perfect for you. They are available in so many different designs, shapes and colors, that once you’ve decided you need them, you can be sure you’ll find something that perfectly fits your tastes and interiors.
Once upon a time, all kitchen counter stools had a standard height, but in our changing world, other then those, kitchen counters come now in different heights in order to accommodate counter heights other than those that are standard.
The use of this kind of chairs has become more and more popular these days not only for the cool look that they add but mainly because home spaces are getting smaller and smaller. This is an excellent solution to gain extra space and at the same time add a stylish look to your interior.
bar chairs ideas
Here we are going to show you a selection of ten comfortable, sturdy, and fantastic looking counter stools that can be used in your private residence. Once you’ve made a decision on the style that you need, you also need to turn your attention to which color scheme will work best for the area but most importantly on the size needed. As we were saying above, most counter stools come in a standard height, usually 6 to 8 inches lower then the bar stools. But the width and depth are not standards, and all of them vary because of the design. Therefor, before you start shopping, you carefully need to take measurements or your counter’s height and of the space you want them to fit in.
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Improve Your Home With Modern Home Sauna Design Ideas

In case you need a home sauna design idea, you can take a look at our selection an choose the perfect piece for your home. When choosing a home sauna you need to take in consideration several factors such as features, design and first of all, how many people will use it. Any modern home with a little bit of spare space nowadays has, or needs a relaxation place. And since this is one of the healthiest ways to relax, they are also one of the most popular to use.contemporary home bathroomsOriginally invented in Finland, in the eighties and the nineties this was an item dedicated to health clubs and SPA‘s almost exclusively. But with its popularity growing quickly worldwide, it also needed to be adapted for private use, because we all need little luxuries in our lives to enjoy it, and why not combine that with a healthy item as well. A good home sauna design with smart features will do both. A functional piece that will make you happy and improve your health in so many ways. Read More

Mirrored Furniture: Useful Tips And 30 Ideas

Owners of small homes struggle for the expansion of space and steadily work on new solutions that might make their apartments appear bigger and more inviting at least visually. One of the powerful tools in this difficult task is mirrored furniture – one of the top trends in interior design. What is it, why may you need it and where it can be put? Let’s find answers to these questions together. Read More