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20 Cool And Easy DIY Ideas To Display Your Solar Lighting

Although it is not the best time to talk about outdoor lighting, the ideas of solar powered light here is definitely worth saving for next year’s outdoor décor. Solar lighting must be a wonderful choice because they are not only great energy savers, but also awesome outdoor decor features you can create them in many […]

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11 DIY Storage Ideas For The Small And Space-Savvy Kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of every home and while those sparkling kitchens in catalogs and magazines look absolutely amazing, most of us simply are not blessed enough with all that space and pizazz! This means an endless struggle to keep the small kitchen clutter-free and constant search for space-savvy solutions that create a more organized space. This is where DIY storage ideas can come in pretty handy. Homemade kitchen shelving and cabinets offer multiple advantages that go way beyond store-bought décor. You can craft DIY kitchen storage units that perfectly fit into the style, theme and available space of your kitchen and do so on a budget! Read More

Saving Floor Space: 10 Stylish DIY Hanging Shelf Ideas

The quest for uncovering more floor space goes on this fall as we feature a series of decorating ideas, wall-mounted décor and DIY ideas that give your home a more spacious vibe. As always, one of the best ways to do this is by thinking vertical and bringing in furniture that relies on walls for support. Hanging shelves surely fit this billing as they replace your more demanding shelving systems with breezy delights that take up absolutely no floor room at all! Things only get better when you craft these space-savvy shelves at home, allowing you to also save some dough. Read More

10 Modern Wardrobe Cabinet Design Ideas

A wardrobe cabinet is the perfect way to keep your bedroom clean and tidy. Wardrobe cabinets and armoires are available in a wide variety of designs, sizes and materials to fit everyone’s needs and match any type of bedroom decor.
When searching for a clothing storage cabinet, first you need to determine how much space you need to keep things neat and organized and after you need to decide over the design and budget.
If budget is not a problem then you can take a look at these ten modern designs and get some inspiration for your future or current project.
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22 Farmhouse-Inspired Kitchen Storage Ideas

Farmhouse style is the popular kitchen decorating trend of this days because of its shabby chic accents mixed with simple and natural features. If you are looking forward to have a kitchen with farmhouse style, you don’t need to do big renovation for your kitchen, just insert into it some fun farmhouse-inspired storage projects. That’s […]

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10 DIY Corner Shelf Ideas For Every Room Of Your Home

Who among us has not searched for ways in which we can maximize the space in our home without sacrificing on aesthetics and style! It is a common theme in most homes across the world and often the hunt for more space leaves us disappointed simply because we refuse to notice those forgotten corners or realize all the potential that they hold. The empty corner in the living room or the tiny niche in kitchen can add plenty of storage space without you needing to give the room a major overhaul. And leading the pack here are open, corner shelves that can be used in a variety of ways. Read More

Bucharest Apartment Sprinkled With Ingenious Design Ideas

This apartment in Bucharest, Romania, caught our attention thanks to the ingenious design ideas it puts on display. Discovered by Freshome on Designrulz, the 77 square-meter (828 square-foot) home is filled with light and storage solutions that maximize space. Read More

10 DIY Haunted House Ideas To Dress Your Home Up For Halloween

There are those who want to throw around just a few decorations as Halloween rolls around. Then there are those who go the extra mile and then some to turn their home into a cool Haunted House; an attraction that ends being the talking point of the neighborhood. If you wish to explore this route for Halloween this year and are short on idea, then there is still plenty of time to get the job done! DIY solutions offer a fun and cost-effective way in which you can give your home that spooky and even crazy Halloween upgrade without breaking a sweat. Read More

The Best 20 DIY Ideas To Create A Decorative Downspout Landscape

Do you remember that we had published a greatly popular article “20 Easy and Cheap DIY Ways to Enhance The Curb Appeal” some times ago? we are always trying our best to create fresh and useful contents to help you improve anything about your home. Building a downspout landscaping is that we thought of it […]

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