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10 Fresh Living Room Interior Ideas From Designers’ Instagrams

We continue our series of posts, in which we share the best and most relevant ideas and interior design projects from Instagram accounts of professional architects, designers and decorators. By tradition, we try to show you a range of versatile styles, finishes and color schemes. And today our focus will be on living rooms. Read More

Monochrome Taupe-Color Interior With A Hint Of Art-Deco

This newly-built two-room apartment was initially quite challenging: it was extremely deep and badly lacked daylight. So, planning the layout on the total area of 95 square meters was a pretty complicated task. The samples of interior that the hostess showed to the designer were arranged in neutral pastel colors. So, in the end they both had their hearts set upon taupe color – a soft tone of grayish brown.  As for the finishing materials, the author gave preference to top-quality natural ones: expensive paint, iconic wallpaper, block parquet, and ceramic granite. And in terms of style the focus was put on unostentatious accents of art-deco. What do we have in the end? Let’s go on a virtual tour around this flat! Read More

Super-Cozy Kitchen Interior In The Mediterranean Style

The Mediterranean Sea kisses the shores of Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey and other warm countries, the cultural mixture of which resulted into the emergence of a self-titled interior style. Just like these places of the globe, the Mediterranean style embodies  light and relaxed atmosphere of the afternoon siesta. Such an interior mood is the choice of people, who value simplicity, utility and ultimate comfort. Its fans are usually people tired of big-city life and being dead against ostentation. And what is the most important room of a Mediterranean house? Right, it’s a kitchen! Read More

10 Fresh Bedroom Interior Ideas From Designers’ Instagrams

If you’re about to start your bedroom redecoration, this article is worth reading, as it will surely give you a bunch of ideas and a stream of inspiration. If you’re a designer or a constructor, it’s worth reading for the sake of seeing what your colleagues are creating right now. And if you just enjoy looking through a set of beautiful interiors in different color schemes and styles, you will definitely like this post, as it has it all. So, today we’re catching a sneak peek of nice bedroom interior design projects being implemented these days. Read More

Danish Style In Interior Design: What Is It?

We on HomeKlondike know so much about Scandinavian interiors. In fact, it sometimes seems like this is the most popular style of interior design projects. However, Scandinavia includes a few countries, and in each of them Scandinavian interior style has some distinguishing features. And the small Kingdom of Denmark is not an exception. What are they? Let’s see together! Read More

House In House: Gray Exterior Cloaks A Relaxing Modern Interior

Not every home needs to be about a spectacular or unique façade that steals the spotlight, turns heads and makes a big impact right off the bat. In fact, a modest and unassuming façade that blends with other homes in the neighborhood offers advantages of its own. Offering just that, but with a hint of originality and contemporary gray panache is the House in House in Melbourne designed by Steffen Welsch Architects. Inspired by Austrian architect Hermann Czech’s philosophy that sees ‘Architecture as background’, rather than an entity that stands out visually, the new family home is all about understated elegance. Read More

10 Fresh Ideas From Instagram Accounts Of Interior Designers

In this post we decided to bring together 10 inspiring ideas displayed by famous contemporary designers in their Instagram accounts. Here you will see only fresh projects, versatile rooms – kid’s bedrooms, studies, hallways and even staircases – and a bunch of absolutely different styles – from loft to English and Provence. Who knows, maybe they will inspire you to change something in your home? So, let’s begin! Read More

Super-Relaxing & Elegant Bedroom Interior Design In Beige & Gray

What is the most important thing about a bedroom interior design? We believe that it’s comfortable furniture, unostentatious color scheme and well-thought-out lighting system. In this project the author complemented this set with a fireplace and created a dream place for rest after a long working day. Read More

Craft Beer Bar Interior Design Project Receives An International Award

The credible international A’ Design Award & Competition is held every spring and represents an important world’s contest in the sphere of interior and industrial design, arts and architecture. Its main goal is to reveal and support the most outstanding and well-thought-out projects and concepts of the globe, and to bring together the best ideas, solutions and perspective creators’ names. The prizes are awarded in dozens of categories, ranging from industrial design to arts and literature projects; and nominees are evaluated by experts from all over the world. Read More

Pet Owner’s Delight: Beautiful Dog Nooks That Add To Your Interior

All pet owners want is for their sweet furry animals to feel comfortable in their home. Dogs love us unconditionally and they surely deserve a special designated space that gets to be only theirs! Aside from serving as a calm space to your dog, such a little den can actually be a great addition to your home from a decorative point of view and you can really incorporate it into your existing interior. Check out these amazing dog nooks and find your inspiration! Read More