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Bright Nautical-Style Attic Interior With Geometrical Accents

In this interior design project worked out for a family couple the designers managed to arrange a few functional zones within quite limited area: a bedroom, a lounge, a work space and a walk-in closet. This attic is filled with quite simple, yet very non-standard elements, bright colors and the mood of sea, summer and holidays. Read More

Award-Winning Attic Interior With A Soaring Cube

Every year archdaily.com, the world’s most visited architecture website, chooses the best international projects for the “Building of the Year” award. As a rule, selected to participate are only those house architectural projects and interior designs that were created within the last year. In 2016 there were over 3,500 participants. Among them the jury picked a few best variants in each of 16 categories. One of these projects that were lucky to get in the short-list was an attic interior design that we would like to show you today. Read More


Minimal Interior Design By Loft Kolasiński

Minimal interior design is the name of the game with the Berlin based Loft Kolasiński. These interiors are so minimal and exact I almost thought they were all renderings. The minimal approach to this interiors let a few pieces stand out and command attention. I like that some of the furnishings you see were created by them for their clients. I also like the use of mid century furnishings, they fit well with newer designs. Read More

Subtle Hints Of Nautical Style In Living Room Interior Design

This living room interior design is named “The Sky. The Sea. The Ships”. You must have guessed that nautical theme was selected for a reason. The thing is that this living room was re-designed for a true romantic, an ex-navy, whose hobby is ship modeling. But just by coincidence, the master wasn’t satisfied with pure nautical style that seemed most logical in this case. He wanted navy theme to be represented in small hints, like soft sough of sea waves or little breeze. Let’s see how the designer team managed to implement this idea! Read More

Bright Attic Interior Design With Diagonal Furniture Arrangement

Today we’ll show you a re-made attic interior design. It is definitely memorable in all aspects: color scheme, layout, decoration and functionality. The owners’ only wish regarding their future interior was a bold bright color palette. The designer team decided to develop this idea further and coupled a bold color scheme with a peculiar and absolutely non-standard layout – diagonal. Read More


Interior Architecture By Pierre Yovanovitch

Pierre Yovanovitch Interior Architecture has some remarkable projects in their body of work. The structures of these buildings are something I haven seen before. Pictures 1-5 especially are amazing. I did grab some images from other projects but these first few caught my attention. CHALET CANTON D’URI, SUISSE is the name of the project that appears to be a Chalet or cabin type structure. The beams and wood walls do give off a warm feeling that would fit well in a snowy mountainous environment. The pieces, artwork and furniture in the chalet are beautiful and enhance the architectural elements found within. Definitely worth a few minutes at their website. Read More

Windowless Room: 8 Interior Design Tips / Tricks

Replanning of the house frequently leads to the emergence of windowless rooms: they may serve as offices, living rooms, game rooms and even bedrooms. How to design them in such a way that they don’t remind of a dark closet? Read More

Eco-Style Office Interior Design Project

Traditionally the responses are not unanimous as to whether the office interior design must be performed in one style. Some businessmen believe that each room of the office space must be unique and authentic, or it’d be boring and dull. But professional designers traditionally insist that it’s a golden rule to conform to the united style. Read More

6 Easy Ways To Refresh Interior Without Renovation

How to change your interior quickly if you got tired of it, but not yet ready for renovation and money-spending?  There are at least 6 simple details, which can add coziness and more welcoming feel to any home. Select one just for you. Read More