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Modern Interiors By Redesign London

Redesign London has some nice interior projects. I am going to go ahead and say it, who made that lamp in the first picture and where can I get several, oh and do I need to take out a second mortgage to afford one. I am sure its not a common design and I will probably never have one but oh well. I like the Eames soft pad chairs around the dinning table, do business and eat at the same time. There is also a nice Scandinavian chair in picture three that I would like to know the maker, I better get searching. The eclectic approach happening in most of these spaces is working well. Read More


House Number 91 Interiors By Frederic Hooft

Frederic Hooft has a nice portfolio and house number 91 one caught my attention. These interiors have a some what Scandinavian feel to them. The natural color palette and balance of natural materials lend them selves to cosy minimal interiors. The room I love is the main room with the suspended fireplace and the De Sede DS600 Never Ending Sofa. The gold or brass cabinets in the kitchen are quite unique and I quite like them. If you had told me of a cool kitchen with gold cabinets I might have said “no thanks” but they work here. There is a lack of color so maybe a spot here and there but I guess that is just personal preference. Read More


Interiors By Kirill Bergart

Kirill Bergart is a pretty talented guy. I came across his work on a tumblr blog and tracked him down. I like the neutral color palette that is found in most of his interiors. The pictures below are from a home and a store that were design by Kirill. I think the store is actually his and located in Silver Lake California called County Ltd. The interiors have a certain lived in quality with objects that express a character found in weathered materials. Read More

10 Must-Haves Of Stylish Italian Art-Deco Interiors

The wide choice of interior design pieces we have today is like an embarrassment of riches and makes us want so many things. That’s we tried to narrow the list down to just 10 hottest trends that make interiors fashionable and stylish. Read More


Fletcher House Interiors By Jessica Helgerson

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design was responsible for this incredible transformation of a mid century home in Portland. The house was originally designed by architect William Fletcher. Some of the elements found in these interiors are not typical for the mid century period but I think they are slight tweaks if you will. The tile work in the home is something you would typically find in a traditional MCM home but the tile is just a little different in shape and size in the updated version. The entire house is beautiful and everything works great together. Every corner of the house is fantastic, I guess I don’t have much more to say. Read More


Interiors By Tristan Auer

Tristan Auer has an amazing portfolio of not just interiors but lighting and furniture design. I like the restraint used, I would say border line minimalist. All of these interiors have a “star” that stands out. The sparseness of the spaces let you see all angle of the decor. There were a couple of pieces that were custom designed that I really liked. The ceiling lighting fixture has to be my favorite. I also really like the asymmetrical fireplace in pictures, three and eleven. Read More


Interiors By ASHE + LEANDRO

ASHE + LEANDRO have a great body of work. I posted about them way back in 2010 but they have some new projects now. They have a great way of mixing pieces from different genres. Mid century pieces fit well in their spaces as you can see they utilize them in just about every one of the projects. Good design is just, good design. Their interiors look “real” and lived in. Sometimes interiors look over produced but these are spot on. The design is clean and straight forward with nothing hidden. Make sure to click on over and check out the rest of their work. Read More


Eclectic Interiors By Alan Tanksley

Alan Tanksley is a well known name in the interior design/architecture world. I like the mix of periods found in these particular pictures I grabbed from his body of work. These interiors look so rich and layered but not overwhelming. I like scanning these rooms trying to find my favorite pieces or trying to identify furniture and art that I am not familiar with. One design element that I can appreciate is the way the walls are treated. I am used to white walls but I have to say these walls ad a character and warmth that a plain white wall can not provide. Maybe I am just scared to put some color or texture on the walls. Read More


Modern Residential Interiors By Tonic Design

These modern residential interiors by Tonic Design have a great vibe to them. Ya, “vibe” is sort of a general term but I like how these interiors feel lived in. Sure they were organized and prettied up for their pictures but I feel like I could live in one of these space. I couldn’t settle on just one project so I grabbed the images that I liked. The second image of the office is almost perfect, I guess I don’t know what would make it better. I think there is a good mix of color, texture and periods here. If you get a second click over and check out their work. Read More


Interiors By Olivier Dwek

Olivier Dwek has a minimally dramatic design sense that creates stunning interiors. I like the older architecture made modern by using a monochromatic approach to the color palette. There is a predominate use of black and white allowing the wood pieces stand out. The art is quite interesting and certainly ad points of interest. Jean Prouvé, George Nakashima, and Serge Mouille are just a few of the standouts found throughout these spaces. Read More


Interiors By Annaleenas Hem

Annaleenas Hem was founded by Anna Leena Karlsson, a Finnish interior stylist and interior designer who lives in Stockholm Sweden. I was drawn to these interiors because of their modern design and carefully curated pieces. I like how “perfectly” arranged these spaces are. I know I could never keep my house in order this well but one can dream. The black and white color palette is pleasant but I would love to slap an all kelly green chair right in the middle. I very much like the thin cushioned leather sofa in the second picture, anyone know the designer? Even thought most of the pieces in these interiors are contemporary it wouldn’t hurt to throw some vintage in there. Read More


Interiors By Dansk Mobel Gallery

Dansk Mobel Gallery has an amazing site full of eye candy that will make a grown man cry. I believe they are a store in Japan that focuses on Danish design. I appreciate how professional and serious they present themselves. I was instantly captivated by the stunning imagery on their website. I soon found my way to their “projects” section and that is where I really went bug eyed. The juxtaposition of a tradition Japanese home with steel and leather Danish furniture is beautiful. Make sure to look through the rest of the site as you will see interior shots from the physical store, they are stunning as well. A white leather Chieftains Chair Designed by Finn Juhl, a boy can dream! Read More