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Refurbished Stone House In Portugal Unveils Modern Interiors

Rehabilitating a century-old stone construction of 400 square meters (4,305 square feet) was a challenging task for the team at AR Studio Architects. The Eira House, located in the city of Vale de Cambra, Portugal, was completely refurbished, without compromising its original architecture features. It is now a vibrant home with an authentic feel, always open for the owners’ extended family and friends. Read More

Giorgio Armani And His Interiors (Part 3)

To make furniture by Armani, one needs materials by Armani. In particular, fabrics used for upholstering furniture and designing interiors by Armani/Casa are created in cooperation with the Rubelli Company. This brand is in Top-3 of the world’s leading textile manufacturers and also doesn’t limit itself to residential projects, no matter how expensive they are. Read More

Beige Bathroom Interiors: Best Ideas, Combinations And Examples

Beige bathroom interiors have both passionate fans and staunchest opponents. Well, each of us has one’s own view of the art of interior design. But there’s no point in arguing with the fact that beige color range has such indisputable advantages as universality, associations with peace and serenity and consequently positive influence on our mood. Thereby beige is both good as a dominating interior color, when a room is designed in versatile shades of beige from milky to cappuccino and chocolate, and as a background color for pink, blue, gray and other accents. Such combinations are win-win and always look festive and elegant. So, let’s have a look at beige bathroom interiors to make sure that this color is just perfect! Read More

Sneak Peek At Upgraded Microsoft’s Office Interiors In Moscow

Over the past five years the Microsoft Company have changed their logo, mission and strategy. Now it’s time for their international office interiors. Following the renovation of headquarters in Germany, the Czech Republic and other countries the Russian office also went through refurbishment. It took 6 months to complete and was officially finished yesterday, and we’re excited to have a sneak peek at how Microsoft employees in Moscow are working right now! Read More

10 Amazing Kids’ Room Interiors With Inspiring Play Zones

What do kids want? To play, of course! At daytime they do it on playgrounds, during school breaks and in their Grandma’s country houses. But when the evening comes and a hut of branches (i.e. chairs and blankets) is already built, a pillow Everest is already constructed, a crystal vase is already broken, and there is enough energy for more achievements… That’s when a nice playroom comes in! We have a bunch of fresh kids’ interiors for you today! Read More


70’s Rich Rosewood Interiors

These rich rosewood interiors are the highlight of this 70’s home. The house itself is nice and very well kept but the amount of rosewood is outstanding. The other element that stood out to me was the immaculate landscaping. The surrounding gardens are very impressive and you can see that a lot of work goes into them. My favorite room is the small dining room, mostly because the walls are decked out in rosewood. It is very evident that the current owners have a strong love for plants. I probably couldn’t have that many in my house, mostly because they would all die. The house is currently on the market in Barming, Kent. Read More


Modern Interiors By Redesign London

Redesign London has some nice interior projects. I am going to go ahead and say it, who made that lamp in the first picture and where can I get several, oh and do I need to take out a second mortgage to afford one. I am sure its not a common design and I will probably never have one but oh well. I like the Eames soft pad chairs around the dinning table, do business and eat at the same time. There is also a nice Scandinavian chair in picture three that I would like to know the maker, I better get searching. The eclectic approach happening in most of these spaces is working well. Read More


House Number 91 Interiors By Frederic Hooft

Frederic Hooft has a nice portfolio and house number 91 one caught my attention. These interiors have a some what Scandinavian feel to them. The natural color palette and balance of natural materials lend them selves to cosy minimal interiors. The room I love is the main room with the suspended fireplace and the De Sede DS600 Never Ending Sofa. The gold or brass cabinets in the kitchen are quite unique and I quite like them. If you had told me of a cool kitchen with gold cabinets I might have said “no thanks” but they work here. There is a lack of color so maybe a spot here and there but I guess that is just personal preference. Read More