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Interiors By Annaleenas Hem

Annaleenas Hem was founded by Anna Leena Karlsson, a Finnish interior stylist and interior designer who lives in Stockholm Sweden. I was drawn to these interiors because of their modern design and carefully curated pieces. I like how “perfectly” arranged these spaces are. I know I could never keep my house in order this well but one can dream. The black and white color palette is pleasant but I would love to slap an all kelly green chair right in the middle. I very much like the thin cushioned leather sofa in the second picture, anyone know the designer? Even thought most of the pieces in these interiors are contemporary it wouldn’t hurt to throw some vintage in there. Read More


Interiors By Dansk Mobel Gallery

Dansk Mobel Gallery has an amazing site full of eye candy that will make a grown man cry. I believe they are a store in Japan that focuses on Danish design. I appreciate how professional and serious they present themselves. I was instantly captivated by the stunning imagery on their website. I soon found my way to their “projects” section and that is where I really went bug eyed. The juxtaposition of a tradition Japanese home with steel and leather Danish furniture is beautiful. Make sure to look through the rest of the site as you will see interior shots from the physical store, they are stunning as well. A white leather Chieftains Chair Designed by Finn Juhl, a boy can dream! Read More


Construction And Interiors By William T. Georgis

William T. Georgis has some great projects in his body of work but this house in New York was the one I was drawn to. The first image with the fireplace and sculpture is stunning. The house has some great modernist lines with some visual cues of mid century architecture. I love the kitchen, maybe it is all in the photography but it just looks great. Some of the interior choices are not my flavor but there are plenty of elements that are. I could see this house completely decked out in mid century modern “names”. I think the architecture would completely support that. I actually like the weathered wood exterior, it adds a good bit of character. Read More


Aspen Ski House Interiors By Shawn Henderson

The Aspen Ski House project found in Shawn Henderson’s portfolio made my head spin. I saw that the images in his portfolio were in AD magazine and went and found the article there. The interiors in this place are “at the top”. I am not sure what that means but could they get any more perfect? Ya one would think “if I had all the money in the world, I could have interiors like this as well but… Shawn has the eye and the talent to pull all of these rare and stunning pieces together in a room and make it look, well you see what I am talking about. Every room here is pretty special. Read More


Clean Modern Interiors By Messana O’Rorke

These clean modern interiors by Messana O’Rorke are nicely done. I used the word “clean” not because they are not dirty but the layout is crisp and precise. I have posted about Messana O’Rorke plenty of times but when I can across their site again there were some new projects. These images are from several projects, basically my favorite rooms. I like the common thread of a mostly white room having a wall or partial wall with a warm wood. The wood wall can add dimension as well if it includes a secondary wall. Messana O’Rorke has been one of my favorites for a while, well worth checking out. Read More


Collected Interiors By Mis’en Scène 40

These collected interiors by Mis’en scène 40 look like they have taken years to put together. All of these spaces have pieces that come from different times and genres and appear to have been “collected”. I like that they feel eclectic and there are details to be discovered. They are also dealers and can find you that one piece you have been searching for. Of course I like the projects that appear to be in older architecture, the juxtaposition of old and new and detail and modern. Some of the interiors have a lot of things in them bordering on maximalism. Maximalism is cool if that is your flavor. Make sure to check out their site. Read More


Modern Eclectic Interiors By Isabel López-Quesada

These modern eclectic interiors by Isabel López-Quesada are put together with different pieces from different styles and time periods. The differences in furnishings does not stop these spaces from working well together. The rooms look “collected” like they have been a work in progress. One reason I like spaces like these is that I get to look at everything in the rooms and see if I can identify the different pieces including the art. It is one way I can learn if there is something I like and don’t know what it is. Read More


Interiors By Laurent Bourgois

Laurent Bourgois has a truly stunning body of work. These interiors are full of art and furnishings that most of us only dream of, sort of like a visual treasure hunt. There was’t just on project that I loved as I liked most of them. I grabbed a few images that specifically caught my attention. The first picture has me drooling over that pair of NV-53 easy chair by Finn Juhl. I would love to have a number next to each piece in every picture that would then lead me to a description of said item. That would be a great educational tool. When I look through spaces like this, it just makes me feel like I really don’t know squat and I need to do a lot more research. Read More

25 Cheerful Yellow Bathroom Interiors

Yellow is the color of the sun that we lack so much, especially in winter. If up to know you haven’t dared to let it in to your interior, this cold January day is the best time. And what can be better for sunny yellow than a bathroom – a place where our energy boost starts in the morning? We have collected 25 real life examples of yellow bathroom interiors in different combinations and would like to share them with you. Read More


Interiors By Nicole Hollis

Nicole Hollis has some fantastic projects to look through. I have to say that there was not just one project that I loved but there were certainly rooms from projects that I really liked. I grabbed a handful of images that I really liked. The first structure has some amazing architecture and all of the furnishings do a nice job at echoing the warm wood. The second image needs no introduction, well at least my favorite lighting fixture doesn’t need an introduction. I like eclectic rooms. You can take your time and discover different objects, textures, and art. Read More