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Blanche 49: Old Industrial Building Turned Into A Polished Spa

We often come across old warehouses, industrial buildings and abandoned factories being turned into gorgeous modern homes and spacious lofts. But a transformation like Blanche 49 in Mechelen, Antwerp, Belgium is far less common, both in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics. The beautiful spa and salon is nestled in an urban-industrial neighborhood of the city and perfectly epitomizes the unique charm of the neighborhood. A stunning and innovative makeover conjured up and brought to life by Van Staeyen Interior Architects, the new spa is all about fluidity of design, custom décor solutions and revitalized industrial elements that create a fabulous backdrop. Read More

How To Turn A Balcony Into A Cozy Nook? Real-Life Example

The mistress of this balcony, Linda, is a professional interior designer. She spends most of her life in the studio and always felt a longing to have a place, where she could take a break from hustle and routine and take time for her personal thoughts and ideas. And that’s when she decided to consider her own balcony: it’s open and has a total area of 5 square meters – pretty much for contemplation and hygge. Read More

Etched Into The Landscape: Dramatic Deep House With Box-type Corner Windows

Challenging conventions and pushing the boundaries of what is possible and what constitutes good design, the Deep House in South Korea is all about exploring new frontiers. Designed with care and creativity by architect Homin Kim of poly.m.ur across a period of 6 years, this stunning contemporary home draws your attention with its inimitable silhouette, fabulous use of windows and innovative spatial solutions that shape a room-within-a-room. Effortlessly becoming a part of the landscape, despite standing out visually, the polished exterior of the house is surrounded by lush green canopy. Read More

The Layers: Serene Rustic Retreat With Stone Walls Blends Into The Landscape

There comes a point in everyone’s life when the rush of urban life starts to wear you down and all those miles over the years start to take a toll on both your body and mind. Designed as a second home for an elderly couple that lives in Seoul, The Layers offers a secluded and comfortable retreat that blends a rustic exterior with polished, modern interior. An OBBA creation, this fabulous home is set at the foot of a mountain range and overlooks a large water reservoir that is just a stone’s throw away. With a fruit and vegetable garden on one side and a curated landscape on the other, this is a home that is all about reconnecting with nature! Read More

Ingenious Plywood Partitions And Drapes Turn Apartment Into Workspace

Transforming an ordinary urban apartment into a unique and space-savvy workspace, Andrey Andreev and Petya Nikolova, founders of Another Studio, showcase how all it takes is a dash of creativity and bespoke solutions to reimagine interiors. Nestled in Sofia, the new workspace relies on a series of plywood partitions that also hold shelves, cupboards and nifty cabinets to delineate space while offering a multitude of display and storage options. The bespoke partitions were placed by removing the existing internal walls, allowing for a more open and fluid work environment that strikes a balance between privacy and interactive zones. Read More

Copper Bathtubs: Turning Your Bathroom Into An Antique Paradise

Copper has always had an antique appeal that gives the room a time-tested vintage character. The rough bronze look will make it a centerpiece in a bathroom of any style! It has the charm that easily impresses everyone, but lovers of all-things-rustic will be able to appreciate it even more. If you are dreaming of soaking in a vintage bathtub that takes you into another era, copper bathtubs are the perfect thing for you! Read More

Old Warehouse In Melbourne Turned Into A Modern Green Haven

Finding a secluded and relaxing oasis of green in the rush of an urban landscape is almost impossible at times. But turning an old, discarded warehouse into a delightful modern home with its own little hub of green goodness, the 10 Glasshouse Street Residence in Richmond, Melbourne is truly one of a kind. The four bedroom and two bathroom family home was once a large warehouse and in its latest avatar it combines its past heritage with contemporary comfort, cheerful living space and a serene, leafy terrace. The result is truly spectacular as one gets to enjoy the best of Melbourne even while escaping the stereotypical city life. Read More

Adaptive Design: Shipping Container Turned Into A Stylish Sales Gallery

You might have already heard about shipping container homes, but this inventive creation by B.AP in Cordoba, Argentina houses a sales gallery for a budding recreational and residential development. The idea is fresh, imaginative and makes perfect use of available resources even while cutting back on costs. Instead of building an entirely new office building, the shipping containers sales spaces offers a budget alternative that can easily find future use. It also is a great way to attract potential customers who will instantly notice the offbeat vibe! Read More

How To Turn Your Kitchen Into An Industrial Design Masterpiece

These days, urban spaces are being defined with bold statement interior design. Industrial design in particular has made its way up the leader board in the world of kitchen design. And it’s looking exceptionally stylish. If you’re wondering what to do with your city kitchen that has seen better days, bringing it into the 21st century with an urban chic theme is definitely a smart move. Read More

1960’s Bungalow Altered Into A Hypnotic Coastal Home With An Amazing View

Sometimes it is all about the view and a home has to live up to the scenic backdrop it sits in! Set on the idyllic coast of South Hams, England, this exquisite modern residence was once an old bungalow that was in need of an urgent and refreshing transformation. A task gleefully taken up by Woodford Architecture and Interiors, the 1960’s structure is now a bright, cheerful and modern home that embraces its coastal roots in a serene fashion. And it is undoubtedly the fabulous view outside that makes this breezy Coastal Home even more special as one enjoy privileged views of Burgh Island and the quiet village of Bigbury-on-Sea. Read More

24 Fun Ideas Bringing The Christmas Spirit Into Your Kitchen

As we know, we are only one month away until Christmas Eve, and now is the right time to start to preparing for the Christmas party. Christmas is always the most happiest time to decorate your home. Every year we try to outdo ourselves in decorating holiday home that would instantly catch our guests’ eyes. […]

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