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Small Stainless Steel Islands For The Space-Savvy Modern Kitchen

With the New Year here and a week already behind us (yes, time does fly!), it is time to get into those New Year resolutions with more seriousness. For most of us, this is a time of the year when flipping through new decorating and color trends is all too common. This also means searching for ways in which you can give the living space, kitchen and bedroom a smart makeover without spending excessive time, energy and cash! Today, we turn our attention to the modern kitchen and explore the many ways in which a stainless steel island can make a big difference even in its tiniest form. For the small or space-savvy kitchen, the stainless steel island is indeed a godsend. Read More

Adding Sparkle To Your Kitchen: Orange Pendant Ideas

Every room needs a touch of sparkle and a dash of energetic playfulness that gives it a personality of its own. This infusion of vivaciousness is an even more urgent necessity in contemporary spaces where it is white, gray and an array of other neutrals that hold sway. With most of us embracing the neutral color palette for open living areas, which also include the kitchen, orange is the perfect color to enliven the setting. There are obvious many different ways of adding orange zest to the modern kitchen. A colorful backsplash in burnt orange is sure to turn heads while cabinet doors in orange are much more of a rarity. But have you ever thought about brilliant and beautiful orange pendant lights? Read More

15 Easy And Clever Hacks To Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen is the most important room of a family, and every inch of it you need to make good use of, just as kitchen cabinets that are so important space in a kitchen. After all, there is nothing quite so satisfying as a well organized cabinets. Maybe you have cabinets with a bunch of drawers […]

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13 Kitchen Utensils That Are NOT Dishwasher Safe

Do you like washing dishes? Most likely, your answer to this question will depend on whether you have a dishwasher or not. But it takes more than just being a happy owner of this aggregate – the two key things about it is to extend the life of the machine as much as possible and keep your kitchen utensils from damage caused by it. Water and fat-dissolving agents used in a dishwasher can be harmful to some materials and objects found in your kitchen. That is why we decided to make up a list of utensils that you’d better wash with your hands. Read More

11 DIY Storage Ideas For The Small And Space-Savvy Kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of every home and while those sparkling kitchens in catalogs and magazines look absolutely amazing, most of us simply are not blessed enough with all that space and pizazz! This means an endless struggle to keep the small kitchen clutter-free and constant search for space-savvy solutions that create a more organized space. This is where DIY storage ideas can come in pretty handy. Homemade kitchen shelving and cabinets offer multiple advantages that go way beyond store-bought décor. You can craft DIY kitchen storage units that perfectly fit into the style, theme and available space of your kitchen and do so on a budget! Read More

22 Farmhouse-Inspired Kitchen Storage Ideas

Farmhouse style is the popular kitchen decorating trend of this days because of its shabby chic accents mixed with simple and natural features. If you are looking forward to have a kitchen with farmhouse style, you don’t need to do big renovation for your kitchen, just insert into it some fun farmhouse-inspired storage projects. That’s […]

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Best Outdoor Kitchen Doors

Kitchen doors now come in diverse kinds, making the entire task of choosing the best one for your kitchen a tedious one. One of the most important considerations while selecting a door is the material—and, remember, good material is key to longevity and satisfaction. Read More