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A Vibrant Kitchen By Sebastien Boucquey For Jo-A

Have a look at this Vibrant Kitchen by Sebastien Boucquey, a wooden kitchen that proves once again wood can be contemporary and fit any modern type of interior.
Decades have passed since kitchens were supposed to be that boring place intended only for cooking! This area of a home doesn’t need to look dull and boring anymore, or just serve its function. Nowadays its a space built to enhance your home and offer, other then functionality, an extra space for relaxation. Read More

20 Stylish And Budget-friendly Ways To Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets

Many kitchens had to face that awkward space between the top of the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. How to use it and keep the neat appearance of the kitchen is a challenge. Instead of letting it stay there and collect dust, what do you do with it? Turn it into an extra storage space […]

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Interesting And Practical Shelving Ideas For Your Kitchen

Kitchen shelves are that essential parts of every kitchen. They are not only practical but also look great in any kitchen. Shelves, especially open shelves allow you easily access the required spice and container, without searching the space. Also, shelves with some beautiful decorations can be the most spectacular elements of your kitchen. Trust me, […]

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Rugged Charm: 20 Rustic Shelving Ideas For Your Modern Kitchen

Warm, inviting and timeless, rustic design elements transport you back in time and give your home a simpler, cozier ambiance. In a modern, urban setting where glass, polished stone and artificial finishes dominate the landscape, a dash of rustic goodness gives the space personality and rugged charm. And one of the best places to try out rustic elements is the kitchen! Even the most modern kitchen can be effortlessly combined with carefully placed rustic features and you need not always go down the route of a full-blown kitchen revamp to get this done. Read More

3 All-Inclusive Mini Kitchen Sets For Tiniest Areas

Small kitchens are not uncommon in the world, and the problem of limited cooking areas has existed for many years. How else to explain the fact that a mini kitchen suite designed by an Italian furniture designer Cesare ”Joe” Colombo back in 1963 is still as popular nowadays as it was over 50 years ago? Read More

Inspired By Japanese Minimalism: Posh Scavolini Kitchen Conceals It All!

Looking for a kitchen that is truly minimal at its heart? Your search surely ends with the simply stunning Qi designed by Nendo for Scavolini! A modern masterpiece that imbibes the traditional, minimal dynamics of Japanese design, this state-of-the-art kitchen is all about doing away with mess and creating a polished and functional kitchen that is perfect for the contemporary home. Straight lines, a clean finish and curated wooden surfaces ensure that the Qi is both inviting and refined at the same time – a task that is hard to pull off at the best of times. Read More

Colorfully Classy: Custom Bar And Kitchen Complete A Cozy Chicago Office

Chicago as a city has a distinct style of its own – everything ranging from food to architecture and art. The Belmont project by Sarah Montgomery Design aims to recreate this unique aura of Chicago in a small home bar and kitchen that sits inside an industrial office space. Built for the owner of a bedding company, this smart zone act as a space to host and entertain guests of the CEO, even as it imbibes the industrial flair of the factory backdrop. The result is a wonderful mixture of contrasting elements that range from the eclectic to the industrial. Yet, all of them seem to come together in a functional, modern setting! Read More

10 Unique Pantries That Usher Textural Beauty Into Modern Kitchen

Planning for the perfect kitchen is an exercise that often involves maximizing space without compromising on form. It is a delicate balance between the two that really brings to life your dream kitchen. A pantry plays a huge role in it all. Whether you cook ever so rarely or love to regularly serve up sumptuous meals for your family and friends, there is always a pantry out there that perfectly serves your needs. And unsurprisingly, it is often shelf space, lighting, storage room and placement of the pantry that we tend to focus on. But even the most space-savvy pantries need to be aesthetic as well! Read More

Painting It Bright: 25 Colorful Kitchen Island Ideas To Enliven Your Home

Modern homes seem to be filled with neutral hues. White, gray and brown generally take up most of the backdrop and décor is no different with major furniture pieces like the living room couch or the dining table also coming in muted colors. While this gives you a great amount of decorating freedom when switching between styles, accent hues and seasonal trends, it also can lead to a boring home that is far too ‘vanilla’. Moving away from the generic and breathing a whole new life into your kitchen, a colorful kitchen island definitely shakes up the dreary status quo. Read More

10 Small Pantry Ideas For An Organized, Space-Savvy Kitchen

Some details of kitchen design seem all too obvious and get our attention instantly. Then there are features that we consider add-ons and yet make a big difference to our kitchen both in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics. The pantry is undoubtedly one such space. Most of us go about planning for a pantry without much thought. It is only after you have lived with one for a few weeks do you realize that this storage space requires as much attention to detail and functionality as rest of the kitchen. From providing a space to stock food in those ultra-chilly winter days when you might get snowed in to keeping the kitchen organized a pantry does it all! Read More