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Small Duplex In Poland Unveils Ingenious, Functional Layout

Poland-based Studio 3XA completed the design of a small duplex apartment in the lovely city of Wrocław, in the up-and-coming Nadodrze district. The 914 square-foot space consists of a three-bedroom, two-bathroom division that includes a work area and an open kitchen and dining space. Read More

Key Measurements Of Kitchen Layout Planning: Part 1

What guides you when you’re planning a kitchen layout? Probably, it’s good taste and common sense. But there are also a few key kitchen layout measurements to be considered if you want this room to be convenient and user-friendly. Learn more about these important figures of kitchen ergonomics from our article. Read More

Key Measurements Of Kitchen Layout Planning: Part 2

They say that a well-though-out kitchen layout saves about 30% of time you spend on food preparation. Hence this process must be treated with maximum care and attention. In this article we continue to find out the key measurements required for planning a kitchen layout. Read More

Embracing Daring Artwork & Edgy Layout: Dazzling Apartment In Kiev

Combing brilliant color, fashionable area-saving options and a contrasting array of textures, this exquisite apartment in Kiev is definitely one-of-a-type. The outstanding apartment was conjured up and brought to lifestyle by Studio BARABAN +, and it certainly is a single of these homes that you either completely enjoy or tend to feel is a touch ‘over the top’. But what fascinates us is the captivating residing region of the apartment that makes use of a curved wooden wall laced with dazzling LED lighting, an exposed brick wall that surprises you with its presence in this contemporary setting, and a daring art installation that becomes the focal point of the lavish area. Read More

Layout Trend: Abstract Art And Decor

Abstract art has put its stamp on the layout community in current years, and right now&#8217s rendition often involves daring colors or the use of pastels. Brushstrokes, dots and other motifs stand alone or mix to form complicated styles on canvases, and a lot more recently, on textiles. The attractiveness of abstract patterns and prints is their capability happily coexist (and even enhance) other patterns in the exact same area. Not to mention, abstract artwork adds a creative component to the spaces it inhabits. Check out some of our favored abstract art, textiles and even desktop wallpapers below!&#8230 Read More

Modern “Living-Backyard House” In Poland Unveiling Surprising Layout Attributes

architecture modern residence Poland
KWK Promes finished the design and style of the Residing-Garden Property, a contemporary residence in Katowice, Poland. One of the principal requirments of the quick was a substantial level of privacy, which is why &#8220the ground floor was set parallel to the street for the creating to isolate the backyard garden from the road, whereas the initial floor was shifted at 90 degrees to overhang and penetrate the garden. The developing has as a result acquired two faces. Street-side, it is enclosed, inaccessible, raising the comfort of its residents, guaranteeing maximum intimacy. In flip, garden-side, it is total of glazed surfaces overlooking the environment.&#8221 The shape and materials utilized in the building are said to be reminiscent of the Silesian worker settlements in the area, defined by masonry walls and asphalt-lined gable roofs.
layout modern residence Poland
The highlight of the layout is a living-backyard, ingeniously created beneath the ledge: &#8220On warm days, right after getting rid of the glass partitions, indoor space merges with the garden, the flooring transforms into grass. This special spot is treated with various resources that emphasize integration with nature. Flooring turns into reminiscent of grass, and external glass partitions, supplied by Skyframe, might entirely be removed and hidden in a wall niche.&#8221 Even though the social areas are positioned beneath, merging with the surrounding natural components, the personal zones are accommodated on the second degree and offer a massive degree of intimacy. [Images by Jakub Certowicz &amp Olo Studio]
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Raw Edges Layout Studio

Yael Mer &#038 Shay Alkalay are the minds behind Raw Edges Design Studio. They have designed something actually intricate and lovely. Through the exploration of dyeing timber specifically finish cuts, they have created patterns that are difficult to wrap your thoughts close to. I am entirely obsessed with this method, the bench is a single of the most remarkable factors I have seen. If you keep in mind they had been the ones that installed the shade floors at the Stella McCartney shops. Read More