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Subtle Hints Of Nautical Style In Living Room Interior Design

This living room interior design is named “The Sky. The Sea. The Ships”. You must have guessed that nautical theme was selected for a reason. The thing is that this living room was re-designed for a true romantic, an ex-navy, whose hobby is ship modeling. But just by coincidence, the master wasn’t satisfied with pure nautical style that seemed most logical in this case. He wanted navy theme to be represented in small hints, like soft sough of sea waves or little breeze. Let’s see how the designer team managed to implement this idea! Read More

Maximize Space And Style: 25 Smart And Trendy Living Room Décor Ideas

There are few things that are more important than maximizing available space and making use of every inch on offer, when it comes to planning for a contemporary urban home. Yet, for most of us, smart management of space is a constant issue – a problem stems from poor design and décor choices. But you can change all that this year by removing clutter, creating a spacious living environment and bringing home furniture that offers ample storage even while being space-savvy. It is undoubtedly the living room that sets the trend in this regard and today we flip through 25 inspirations that should get you started in the right direction. Read More

Cozy Provence Style Living Room In Mint And Coral

Comfort and warmth of French Provence are no longer something exotic for counties located miles away from the country of romance. Nowadays more and more people living in the countryside all year round or just coming there for weekends bring notes of French villages into their homes. And today we decided to have a closer look at a beautiful Provence-style living room with a fireplace re-designed by a professional decorator. Read More

Garage With Living Quarters: Pros And Cons

In countryside houses we do our best to create the best conditions for full-fledged outdoor rest. But for our cars a trip to the countryside might be challenging. That is why to be sure about a safe trip back to the city, we should take care about a nice “house” for our iron horse – a good garage. Read More

Naturalistic Yellow-and-Green Living Room With Summer Mood

Many countries may boast having TV-shows that make common people’s dreams about perfect interior designs come true. This post will tell you a story of such an interior, created by a famous TV-channel for a family loving summer, warmth, the sun and greenery most of all. They let a professional designer team decorate their living room. Let’s take a closer look at the result! Read More

Golden Rules Of Living Room Furnishing

For many people a living room is the most important room in the house, and when it comes to its decoration, everything must be just perfect: comfort, functionality and good taste. And what guides you when you decide on living room furnishing? Probably, prior experience, friends’ advice, interior design magazines or TV shows. And that’s good. But not enough. There is a set of golden rules that all the professional interior designers are aware of and that can help you avoid a bunch of common mistakes, intentional and unintentional. And here they are. Read More

17 Christmas Living Rooms We’re Loving

An unforgettable Christmas is built from love, compassion, and giving. Of course, we also love Christmas time for the twinkling lights, fresh trees, and familiar carols that make us feel warm year after year. Christmas is just around the corner, so here’s a little holiday decor inspiration to get you in the spirit wherever you are this holiday season. Read More

Hip Windsor Home Blurs Traditional Confines With A Smart Living Area

Less than an hour from Sydney, Windsor is one of those idyllic Aussie towns that combines the flavor of the outback with modernity and a relaxed lifestyle. The gorgeous Windsor Residence is nestled in a quiet neighborhood of this beautiful town, and its unique design ensures that the conventional boundaries between the interior and the outdoors are blurred using sliding glass doors. Designed to give the homeowners a social zone that stretches into the yard outside, the lower-level living area becomes one with the adjacent deck. The brick and glass street façade of the home offers complete privacy, even as its interior paints a breezy and cheerful picture. Read More

Vibrant Trend: 25 Colorful Sofas To Rejuvenate Your Living Room

There are plenty of different ways to add bright color to the modern living room. The most popular choice is undoubtedly the accent wall with almost 70 percent of homeowners turning to paint to give their living space a quick makeover. But there are plenty of other things you can do to alter the ambiance of the living room and ensure that it stands out from the crowd. Colorful décor is once again back in fashion and the days of the plain white and dull beige couch are long gone. For those who love neutrals, it is a plush sofa in gray that is the new ‘go to’ living room décor item. But those with a more vibrant outlook invite home a lot more color! Read More