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Bespoke Brilliance: Twin Bed Wall In Kids’ Room With Loft Play Zone

When we talk about maximizing space and making use of the available vertical room to the fullest, it does not mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics. With a hint of innovation one can easily come up with custom solutions that effortlessly blend form and functionality. Part of an old mansion, this kids’ bedroom designed by Van Staeyen Interior Architects moves away from the mundane thanks to the bespoke double beds and loft play area inside. An attic room, the light-filled bedroom with sloped ceiling still has enough space for this unique creation that seems as creative as it is fun! Read More


Modern Loft By AR Architects

This modern loft by AR Architects has some amazing furnishings. I am not usually into parquet floors but these are alright and the square are larger than usual. That Jorge Zalszupin sofa is one out of control rosewood place to rest you butt. The open space with just a little bit of the concrete structure showing would be an amazing place to live. I can’t not help thinking about how I would divide up spaces in a loft, would I put up walls, use furniture or just leave it wide open. AR Architects has a great portfolio and a lot of their interiors have some great Brazilian mid century pieces. Read More

Urbane Vancouver Loft Merges Remarkable Views With Refined Living

Part of an iconic building dubbed Metropolis, this spacious three bedroom and two bathroom loft in Vancouver is an absolute dream for those who love an urbane setting with lovely city views. The fabulous corner loft apartment unit is spread across two spacious levels with the lower level housing the open living area, kitchen and dining along with a guest bedroom and bath. It is the top floor that contains the master bedroom along with an additional bedroom that comes with a small balcony, a home office and ample storage space. Read More

Authentic Photographer’s Flat & Workshop In The Old Loft

The owner of this house, Serge, spent 8 years working and living in Japan to finally come back to Moscow and open a private gallery, which promotes oriental culture. At the same point he was keen on having a workshop and a photo studio of his own. The right space was found in the very heart of the Russian capital, on the attic floor of a very old house. With the passage of time it became a place, where the master lives when he needs to retire into his shell. Read More

Historic Bay-Windows Become A Part Of This Polished Vancouver Loft

Built over a century ago and used initially as a luxury hotel, Terminus in Gastown, Vancouver is definitely one of the most popular buildings for those who love classic-modern loft homes. It is in this iconic structure that a new two-level loft sits elegantly, combing heritage bay-windows with modern aesthetics and urban lifestyle to offer the best of both worlds! The beautiful and space-savvy loft is definitely one of a kind and what it lacks in grandeur, it more than makes up for in efficiency, practicality and prime location. Spread across 1607 square feet, the two levels of the loft work in unison, creating visual spaciousness and sophistication. Read More


Minimal Interior Design By Loft Kolasiński

Minimal interior design is the name of the game with the Berlin based Loft Kolasiński. These interiors are so minimal and exact I almost thought they were all renderings. The minimal approach to this interiors let a few pieces stand out and command attention. I like that some of the furnishings you see were created by them for their clients. I also like the use of mid century furnishings, they fit well with newer designs. Read More

Mixed-Style Interior: Brutal Loft + Pop-Art + Eco-Style

We shall not be far out if we say that the interior of this apartment is an organic combination of mismatched styles and details. Here concrete ceilings with open wiring are coupled with huge floral wall murals, and shadeless bulbs of a brutal lamp hang next to a gorgeous crystal chandelier. Read More

Modern Loft In Kaunas: Industrial Style Wrapped In Unpretentious Lighting

If you love industrial style coupled with modern comfort and carefully curated aesthetics, then you are bound to instantly fall in love with the gorgeous Modern Loft in Kaunas, Lithuania. Nestled in a city that sees the two biggest rivers of the country unite along with a wide range of cultural influences, the loft was transformed by Idwhite keeping in mind both the heritage of the building in which it sits and the aura of the city itself. Step in and you will instantly notice the modern industrial style of the home, with its own unique twist coming in the form of lovely Edison bulb lighting fixtures. Read More

Old Brick Warehouse In Melbourne Finds New Life As A Bright Modern Loft

Adaptive reuse of old structures is not only a budget-friendly way to find a new home with unique flavor, but is also planet-friendly and saves on precious resources. The one-of-a-kind Fitzroy Loft in Melbourne, Australia personifies this smart and eco-sensitive approach to architecture as Architects EAT transformed an old brick warehouse into a gorgeous, modern industrial loft. The 250 square meter loft residence combines a wide range of textures and finishes along with modern aesthetics and industrial overtones to shape a living environment that is exciting, elegant and definitely distinct. Read More