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Custom Metallic Grid Brings A Vibrant Green Display To This London Café

Snacking on fast food is nothing new to any of us. But this café in London treats you to some slow fast food and salad delicacies even as its delightfully breezy interior leaves you charmed! The new Olive + Squash café in the heart of London was designed by Neiheiser Argyros to create a relaxing and yet unique dining experience that combines tranquility with a hint of greenery and a smart, urban ambiance. With a new interior that is divided into two distinctly different spaces, the slow food café seems to offer something for everyone. Read More


The Cereal ABODE In London

The Cereal ABODE in London is the work of interior designer, Tina Norden of Conran & Partners. They used a material palette of polished concrete, brass, marble and black joinery to reference the industrial history of this location in an understated and luxurious way. The interiors are warm and cosy with a minimal approach. I like the balance and verity of natural materials used. I think they certainly took advantage of that amazing view of the river. Read More


Modern Interiors By Redesign London

Redesign London has some nice interior projects. I am going to go ahead and say it, who made that lamp in the first picture and where can I get several, oh and do I need to take out a second mortgage to afford one. I am sure its not a common design and I will probably never have one but oh well. I like the Eames soft pad chairs around the dinning table, do business and eat at the same time. There is also a nice Scandinavian chair in picture three that I would like to know the maker, I better get searching. The eclectic approach happening in most of these spaces is working well. Read More

Gorgeous Eco-House Full Of Greenery In The Heart Of London

Trendy ecological theme and fashion for greenery hues gradually acquire global dimensions. Green home textile, floral wallpaper and potted plants are great, but to let oneself feel the full beauty of greenery a whole house is required. That’s exactly what two world famous companies – Pantone and Airbnb – figured out and proved their point. Read More

Scandinavian Style Wrapped In London Chram: Inspired Seedrs Headquarters

The trend of boring cubicles in endless lines defining large office spaces is something that is quickly fading away. A new wave in office design has taken over and it is all about individuality, personality, quirky brilliance and of course, plenty of innovation. Designed with great care by Liqui Design, the new headquarters of Seedrs fits this billing perfectly. A equity crowd-funding firm on the famous Old Street of London, the smart and dashing new interior of the new office charms with its amazing use of contrasting textures, an inherent Scandinavian simplicity and a touch of London’s unique flavor that is truly international. Read More

Chic And Sensible Makeover Of Lovely Brick Cottage From 1800’s In London

Restoring a home that is over 200 years old is a tough task at the best of times. It is a job that demands great care, understating of local design style, history and heritage along with a mastery of innovative design solutions. Battersea Church Road is a project which demanded all these qualities as this brown brick cottage from 1800’s was in need of an elegant and urgent modern makeover. It is the creative folk from extrArchitecture who accomplished this as they completely transformed the classic London home on the inside even while keeping the street façade largely intact. Read More


Londesborough Road, London

Londesborough Road is the address of this unassuming apartment. The interiors have a Scandinavian eclectic feel. Obviously the main room with the fireplace is the show stopper here. The fireplace anchors the room with its black frame. I have always liked older architecture that has been treated in a monochromatic color scheme with modern furnishings found throughout. There are some nice bits of art found in these interiors. I have a hunch that the owner made the coffee table. There are some other photos shown of the artist making those concrete forms. Read More

Glazed Timber Extension Rejuvenates Dreary London Home

Sometimes a simple extension or addition is all it takes to turn and dark and boring old home into a stylish, modern hub fit for an urbane family. Once a grand Victorian villa and then a more modest, traditional British house, Clapton Home was in need of an urgent upgrade as its homeowners wanted to transform its ambiance and appeal completely. Nestled in a tranquil neighborhood of London, there was plenty of space on offer for Scenario Architecture to give the classic home a smart makeover that connects the interior with the gorgeous green garden outside. Read More

Light, Space And A Cheerful Family Zone: Modern Extension Of London Home

A rear extension is one of the best options for those looking to add living area to the existing home without option for major renovations. This approach saves both time and resources and allows the homeowners to enjoy greater connectivity with their garden our backyard. This classic home near London Fields takes precisely this route as its homeowners wanted a new social and family zone that was connected to the rear garden at all times. Hackney Jeweller’s Extension and Interior was revamped and extended by Edwards Rensen Architects to meet the growing demands of the family without splurging on a major renovation. Read More