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Gorgeous Modern Nurseries With Whimsical Shabby Chic Charm

There are many different directions a nursery can take when it comes to both style and theme. But sticking to a backdrop that is largely neutral or employs soothing pastel hues is a safe choice in more ways than one. A gorgeous and themed nursery where the walls are draped in bold colors and striking motifs takes plenty of work while redecorating, as your little darling starts to grow up all too quickly. A nursery with a modern-shabby chic style provides a versatile, adaptable and even whimsical setting that can be used as a gender neutral setting. Read More

Modern House In Scotch Cove With A Stone Fireplace And Ocean Views

Accommodating an old couple who still find their delight in work and their extended family, this gorgeous home in East Chester, Canada overlooks the tranquil ocean and the lovely landscape beyond. The minimal façade of the House in Scotch Cove designed by FBM Architecture- Interior Design hides a more open and inviting interior that completely embraces the natural scenery and the unabated ocean views in the rear. Having been built on a modest budget, the house relies on wood, glass and stone to shape a stylish setting that balances natural elegance with contemporary sophistication. Read More

Host A Vibrant, Modern Christmas Eve Party

We’re in the final countdown to Christmas! Anyone else knee deep in last-minute preparations?! This year I’m hosting a Christmas Eve party for my family, and I thought I’d share some of the festive fun today right here at Decoist. It’s not about planning the perfect party, complete with the latest in tableware and swag. It’s about using your holiday decor to your advantage. Let your tree and decorations set the palette for the night, and make a few strategic purchases to get the party started. Read on for photos, helpful tips, and lots of merry details!… Read More

Improve Your Home With Modern Home Sauna Design Ideas

In case you need a home sauna design idea, you can take a look at our selection an choose the perfect piece for your home. When choosing a home sauna you need to take in consideration several factors such as features, design and first of all, how many people will use it. Any modern home with a little bit of spare space nowadays has, or needs a relaxation place. And since this is one of the healthiest ways to relax, they are also one of the most popular to use.contemporary home bathroomsOriginally invented in Finland, in the eighties and the nineties this was an item dedicated to health clubs and SPA‘s almost exclusively. But with its popularity growing quickly worldwide, it also needed to be adapted for private use, because we all need little luxuries in our lives to enjoy it, and why not combine that with a healthy item as well. A good home sauna design with smart features will do both. A functional piece that will make you happy and improve your health in so many ways. Read More

Outdoor Chairs And Benches Bring Timeless French Panache To Modern Gardens

Talking down a stroll through the cobbled streets of Paris and a trip through the French countryside, one is undoubtedly drawn in by the charm and elegance of those street-side cafés and eateries. The bistro-style chairs and tables have long been a symbol of classic French charm at its beautiful best. Borrowing from this sense of timelessness and adding a touch of romantic elegance and some hand-forged scrolls and a few intricate patterns, the 1900 Collection of outdoor chairs and benches is truly exceptional. They really do take you back to the quiet, little Parisian café and give the backyard, patio or even balcony an instant style upgrade. Read More

This Modern Boat House In Winter Doubles As A Scenic Summer Retreat

Nestled on the edge of a charming fjord in the US and overlooking a picturesque landscape that takes you away from the constant rush of concrete jungles, the Hood Canal Boat House is one of those amazing, idyllic escapes that most of us dream about! Designed by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer and sitting on the wonderful banks of Hood Canal, this revamped boathouse combines modernity with durability and efficiency to make most of the limited square footage on the inside. With a concrete and steel structure, the exterior of the boathouse is designed to withstand the wear and tear of the harsh winters in the region. Read More

For The Style-Conspicuous Bibliophile: Modern DIY Bookshelves

There are some things that’s imply never become old. Even in the world of smartphones and iPads, the charm of a ‘proper book’ is one of those things. Flipping through the pages, you can travel back in time, into another world and even another conscience. For all that magic, a book still presents you with one conundrum that all those titles on Kindle do not. Where do you stack that growing collection? Whether you just want a small space for your budding book collection and magazines or are in search for something more expansive for your mountain of books, a DIY bookshelf offers the perfect solution! Read More