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Revamped Modern Home Fluently Combines Geo Tiles, Concrete And Wood

Most modern homes tend not to dabble too much with textural contrast. It is not too hard to understand why though, with contrasting textures becoming hard to balance even at the best of times. But this renovated Brazilian home manages to find that fine line between elegance, effortless blend of different materials and finishes and a cheerful ambiance as it brings together wood, concrete, glass and even geometric tiles! The confluence of these diverse elements is truly exceptional and becomes even more appealing when you realize that the home still manages to remain largely understated. Read More

Sloping Roofs And A Modern Silhouette Shape Mesmeric Villas Winterberg

It is that time of the year again when you start thinking about a lovely vacation that includes snow-filled slopes, wintery charm and even a touch of rustic elegance that those woodsy cabins bring. Offering all that and a lot more are these series of villas in Winterberg, which seem to draw inspiration from the sloping landscape that surrounds them. It is the angled roofs of these modern villas that give them a unique identity even as a wall of glass brings the outdoors inside. It is a balance between traditional cabin design and modern aesthetics that creates uniqueness inside these lovely homes built for those who appreciate finer things in life. Read More

Dual Decks And A Cloak Of Green: Modern Classic Home In Poland

There are times when it is the home design that makes it truly special and then there are occasions when it is the backdrop and the landscape that make it remarkable. HOUSE 01 in Nowa Górka designed by GAB, Poland falls into the latter category with stunning woods creating an envelope of green around it. Set on a spacious lot, the house takes inspiration from the more rustic homes in the region when it comes to the layout. A garage sits next to the main house and both the units are placed carefully to create passive heating and cooling without relying too much on artificial sources of heating. Read More

1920’s Warehouse In Los Angeles Turned Into A Splendid Modern Industrial Loft

Rugged and yet polished, stylish and yet surprisingly understated, practical and still pleasing, the Arts District Loft is many worlds in one. A 2,000-square-foot loft in a warehouse from the 1920’s, this dashing modern industrial is nestled in Downtown Los Angeles and draws you in instantly with its dark, flamboyant vibe. The open living area of the loft sits on an elevated platform when compared to the dining area and kitchen next to it. Existing partitions of the loft are done away with and every space inside has been revamped and redone to give it a contemporary sheen. Yet, a distinct industrial undertone runs throughout thanks to the concrete flooring, walls, exposed duct pipes and large, industrial-style windows. Read More

A World Of Contrasts: Modern Japanese Home For An Elderly Couple

Elegant, uncomplicated and showcasing a blend of western aesthetics and classic Japanese design, A Warm Final Residence designed by Takashi Okuno perfectly accommodates the needs of its elderly residents. With a gray and white exterior, the exterior of the residence paints a contemporary picture. Step in and it is a more classic Japanese style that takes over. Warm wooden tones can be found everywhere with an open living area connected to the central courtyard outside. A small wooden deck extends the living room outside while sliding doors delineate space and offer privacy when needed. Read More


Edwardian Home With A Modern Facelift

This Edwardian home with a modern facelift is the work of Found Associates. I have always been fascinated and drawn to the juxtaposition of old and new, specifically modern with anything ornate. I like when ornate elements are painted a singular color to create texture from detail. Looking at the interior and exterior photos of this home, you would never guess that they belong together. The modern furnishings play well with both forms of architecture. If you walked in the front door and through the house I feel like you would experience a gradient of design experiencing two different styles and how they would flow. Read More

10 Modern Wardrobe Cabinet Design Ideas

A wardrobe cabinet is the perfect way to keep your bedroom clean and tidy. Wardrobe cabinets and armoires are available in a wide variety of designs, sizes and materials to fit everyone’s needs and match any type of bedroom decor.
When searching for a clothing storage cabinet, first you need to determine how much space you need to keep things neat and organized and after you need to decide over the design and budget.
If budget is not a problem then you can take a look at these ten modern designs and get some inspiration for your future or current project.
Modern Wardrobe Cabinet Designs Read More

A Classic In Modern Homes: Finding Space For Your Pinball Machine

Decorating your home is not all serious business and it definitely goes beyond color scheme, styles, themes and trendy décor. There are times when you want to move away from the mundane and bring home something that adds a dash of playfulness and pizazz without seeming out of place. For those who love music, it is various music instruments ranging from guitars to grand pianos along with framed music sheets that become a form of personal expressions. The avid photographer might turn to black and white photographs and the sporting enthusiast could delve into the world of memorabilia. But what about the avid gamer with a love for the nostalgic? Read More

A Mid-Century Modern Recreation: Ocotea House Renovation In Raleigh

An aging structure, a series of poorly planned renovations spread across several decades turned this mid-century home built in the 60’s into a dreary and poorly lit structure. Transforming the classic home into a modern delight even while keeping its midcentury zest firmly intact, in situ studio create a relaxing and striking structure. One of central guiding principles for the makeover was the original design of the home that relied on a simple roof form, low-sloped ranch and a basement that was completely visible to the outside world. Removing the poorly planned sunroom that was added subsequently, a new carport gives the Ocotea House Renovation its distinct front façade. Read More