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Modern Compound In Colorado

This modern compound in Colorado is currently on the market. I guess I referred to it as a compound because the house is so expansive. The architecture has some elements that call to mid century design. I love the exposed beams that run across the ceilings. The amount go glass is quite impressive especially being that the house is in Colorado. Am I seeing two kitchens? The metal work is very impressive, from the front door to the support system of the house it is a nice architectural element. I think there are some great [peices on the interior but knowing me, I would fill this batboy with all sorts of mid century goodness. Read More


Modern In Dallas By Josh Nimmo

This modern in Dallas by Josh Nimmo is currently on the market. When I first saw the house it looked and felt older, even mid century. The house was designed by award-winning architect Josh Nimmo & built by Alan Kagan. The house has an open floor plan with walls of glass. The diamond grinded floors give a polished terrazzo-look reminding me of an older style mid century house. The landscaping also grabbed my attention. The rusted steel wall that is surrounding the property is nice. I would think a home like this would not be in Dallas but if I lived there and needed a modern home I would certainly take a look at this one. Read More

How To Mix Styles: Middle Century Modern, American & Contemporary?

This interior design project of a three-room apartment was worked out for a family of three: the spouses and their teenage son. The hosts didn’t demonstrate penchant for any specific interior style, and the author of the project offered them a mixture of three: middle century modern, American and contemporary. And all that wrapped in a naturalistic color scheme: oak and walnut wood tones, grayish blue, blue and turquoise tints, and some pale green and yellow as accents. What did they get in the end? Let’s see! Read More

Converted Mill Barn With Tiled Roof Conceals Modern Apartments

Turning an old mill barn into a series of four duplex apartments, the Conversion Mill Barn by Beck + Oser Architekten in Hofstetten-Flüh, Switzerland does its very best to revitalize the past even while paving a way towards the future. Part of existing barn was burned down in a fire accident and the architects carefully restored and revamped this section to give the new housing complex a modern-classic vibe. The most striking feature of this transformed Swiss barn is undoubtedly its façade draped in wooden slats. A traditional gable roof with tiles adds to the sense of timeless allure here even as the interior remains distinctly contemporary. Read More

The Wave Staircase, A Spectacular Modern Design

Wooden staircases are not exactly graceful or sleek, but the Wave staircase makes you change your idea about wooden stairs. Christian Siller, the designer and innovator behind Siller Stairs used bent shaped wooden treads to create a staircase that’s also a sculptural element and the main attraction of the place it’s placed in. The bottom side of the treads is shaped like waves and the bent hardwood used for railing and support is very suitable to create a breathtaking look. Read More

30 Fresh And Modern Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen is an ideal way to spice up a backyard and create a fantastic space for entertaining guests or hosting family celebrations! You don’t have to be (or have) a professional chef to enjoy an outdoor kitchen setting – the love of food and modern decor will be enough! The kitchen is quickly becoming the center of social gatherings, so it seems natural that we bring it outside! If you look through our selection of 30 outdoor kitchens you will see there are many ways to style them, but the main focus is to keep it fresh and contemporary! Read More


Modern Aspen Apartment By Ambidestro

This modern Aspen apartment by Ambidestro has a perfect balance of warm and cool. There is an obvious theme with all of the warm wood walls and a gray toned color palette. The wood looks like a type of rosewood, the reticulation in the veining is to intricate to be walnut. The interiors have a masculine feel, dark and sophisticated. I think the place could benefit from a splash of color, maybe in the form of art on the walls. I could definitely park here and call this place my home. Look, I am already getting comfortable on the sofa contemplating the mysteries of life. Read More

OutOfOffice Frankfurt: Modern Industrial Space For Meetings And Workshops

Looking for a conference space in Frankfurt with a difference? Then OutOfOffice Frankfurt designed by VON M might be the setting you are searching for! This modern industrial space has been designed specifically for office meetings, conferences and one-of-a-kind workshops and is a space where employees can get together in a relaxing and productive environment. Borrowing from aesthetics of the 60’s and combining its industrial roughness with wooden warmth, the entire space can be easily tweaked to adapt to different needs thanks to its versatile basic structure. Read More

Revamped Modern Industrial Apartment In The Iconic Edifício Copan

If you are an architecture buff, then you would have already heard of or at least seen an image of the curvy Edifício Copan nestled in Downtown Sao Paulo. One of the tallest buildings in the country and undoubtedly an iconic landmark in its own right, it is on the 11th floor of this behemoth that the Copan Apartment sits. SuperLimão Studio was tasked with the job of revamping the apartment’s interior without altering the original appeal and aura of the space drastically. Unnecessary structural walls were done away with giving the new interior a more open and cheerful look. Read More


Midcentury Modern Remodel By Klopf Architecture

This Midcentury Modern Remodel in San Carlos California by Klopf Architecture was just finished. It would have been great to see the before pictures but as they described it, it was a mess. The windows were all boarded up and it was dark and cramped. I commend the vision that these people had to make this transformation. Maybe the house wan’t that significant architecturally but the remodel doesn’t read mid century to me and thats ok. I have come across other mid century remodels and the house was too contemporary for my liking. At this point I would almost just say that this is contemporary architecture and its good. Knopf has always done a fantastic job with their projects. I do love the Kitchen and the open sliding windows on the back of the house. Read More


Modern Artist Residence By Heliotrope

This modern artist residence by Heliotrope is a breath of fresh air. I can’t tell if this is new construction or a reimagined structure. The house is nestled in-between older homes and it stands out in such a great way. The interiors are a bit contemporary for me but I am sure if you furnished the home with some nice vintage it would shine just as bright. I like how the ceilings are open, it makes the house feel bigger than it really is. The house is in Seattle and knowing that make it fit into its surrounding that much more. Read More