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Modern Brick Home Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

This Modern Brick Home by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios is a beautiful structure composed of a minimal approach inside and out. The color palette used on the interiors is mostly cool but I think there is a perfect amount of wood to warm the spaces. I like the stance and structure of the building as well. The lighter brick stands out but not too bright white. The central atrium and balcony portions create an openness and transparency giving the interior spaces more volume. Read More

Simply Breathtaking: Glass Floor Ideas For The Polished Modern Home

Ever walked on one of those glass bridges at the mall or stepped atop a seemingly precarious stairway with floating glass stairs? If you have, then you will know that this is not a thing for the faint of heart! Glass floors instantly draw attention, move away from the mundane and give your home a dramatic, contemporary twist. They are not easiest to pull off or even maintain, but a glass floor can make a huge visual and aesthetic impact without trying too hard. And undoubtedly, it is the transparent ones that feel most exciting! Read More

Practical And Trendy: 40 Open Shelving Ideas For The Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens are much more than just places where you just cook. They are increasingly becoming smart, functional and stylish social settings where the entire family can come together after long, hard day. Combine it with a smart dining area and you have the perfect space to host parties over the weekends and through the Holiday Season. This is precisely why your kitchen needs to be as aesthetic as it is functional and open kitchen shelves make a big difference in this regard. Open kitchen shelving gives you ample storage space even while turning it into a chic and elegant display without trying too hard. Read More


A Modern Dwelling By Ström Architects

This Modern Dwelling by Ström Architects is so simple and clean. The footprints that this structure occupies is minimal and sits snugly in some amazing old growth. My favorite part of the house is the cantilevered part of the house that creates the parking structure. The house was completed in 2015 but it has that feeling of a mid century structure of the 60’s. I am captivated by the low long box with walls of glass. The cantilevered is just a bonus here. We don’t get to see too much of the interiors but these feel fairly tame. The car and the house together is a killer combo. Read More

EJ 230 Modern Lounge Chair By Arne Vodder For Erik Joergensen

Impress your guests with this sophisticated modern lounge chair designed by Arne Vodder for Erik Joergensen. Just like Arne Vodder’s other designs, the EJ 230 was designed with a passion for detail.
Merging clean lines with comfort and modern shapes can be difficult to achieve; however, the master-touch of the designer manages to unite these seemingly contradictory qualities. Arne Vodder was one of the most influential Danish architects and furniture designers. He managed to turn this piece into one of those chairs that are quite sturdy but yet comfortable. Read More


Modern In Antwerp Belgium By AIDarchitecten

AIDarchitecten has a great minimal aesthetic in both their exterior and interior projects. I couldn’t settle on just one project so I grabbed the images that stood out to me. The use of brick is quite extraordinary, the whole structure brick home is a stunner (second picture). They also have a cabin that is very well done, the interiors are beautiful (picture three and four). One of the homes has a concrete spiral stair case that is a nice piece of visual art that doubles as a set of stairs. If you have a few minuets go check out their projects, you won’t be disappointed. Read More


Black White Modern Home

This black white modern home is the work of Thomas Gundorph Mortensen. I like how the entire room’s surfaces are in white. The old crusty beams ad a touch of organic while adhering to rule of monochromatic. Thomas obviously has amazing taste, just look at all the headliner pieces. Those DS-1025 sofas designed by Ubald Klug re one of my all time favorites. The kitchen has a great color palette of grays, black, and silvers. The juxtaposition of the old and new is one of my favorites. The old architecture ads level of depth on texture. The modern furniture stands out that much more. Read More


Modern Shapes By Simon James Design

Simon James Design has some beautiful simple shaped furniture that will for sure stand the test of time. The shapes and materials are true and a pleasure to look at. Simon James also has pieces design by other designers. I grabbed a few images of my favorite pieces. I was also drawn to how they stage and photograph their products. They do a fantastic job at letting the pieces stand on their own. Read More

Midcentury With A Modern Zest: Dashing Oakland Residence In California

The last few seasons have seen midcentury modern style take a backseat to industrial and rustic elements when it comes to home design and decorating. But for those who love midcentury flair and décor, the style offers a timeless refuge that simply never fades away and is always ‘in trend’ at some level. Tapping into this perennial fountain of decorating goodness Knock Architecture and Design transformed this dreary old home in Oakland, California into a stylish and relaxing residence that is perfect for a modern family. Filled with pops of color and chic midcentury vibe, the Oakland Residence is both inviting and engaging. Read More


Mid-Century Modern Architect Howard H Wolner

This Howard H Wolner designed mid century modern home in Indianapolis Indiana was designed in 1966 and built as his own private residence. I like the look of this house because it is not typical. The combination of flat and pitched roof is interesting. The pitched roof creates a stunning volume that ads an interesting interior architectural element. The house certainly doesn’t look as big as it really is. The atrium is one of my favorite pieces of this architecture. I have mixed feelings on the renovation, is it to contemporary? Maybe if they put in a nice walnut wall, something with a little warmth. I feel that just maybe it is overly glossy and white? Great house either way! Read More


Modern Design By Grégoire De Lafforest

Modern Design by grégoire de lafforest is going to give us a little break from looking at amazing mid century houses for sale, (a small break). I have featured the work of grégoire before HERE. I recently came across his website again and saw that he had a lot of new projects. I grabbed some images of the ones that caught my attention. I think my favorite is the cabinet in the steel cage. It looks to be floating inside of a support system. This piece could command a room very easily. Make sure to check out his other designs as they are unique. Read More


Minimal Modern By Hugh Newell Jacobson

This minimal modern home by architect Hugh Newell Jacobson in Selinsgrove, PA is up for grabs. Can’t really see when the house was built but I can tell you it is a cool exercise in minimalism. Not only the the home minimal in the design and in furnishings but the color palette is minimal as well. The house almost feels like a futuristic home but promoted that way in the 70’s. All of the tan, beige, and tope are just waiting for some warmth from a wood piece or two. I am liking the artists space, you get piggy on some large canvases with plenty of room to spare. The pitched roofs make for some dramatic interiors while adding volume. The house does need some love and hopefully someone will invest and keep this place going. Read More