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Eastern Point Retreat: Modern Guesthouse Overlooks Gloucester Harbor

Every now and then it is a good idea to get away from it all and find a relaxing retreat where life crawls down to a more relaxing pace. Of course, it is even better when such a place is right there in your very own backyard! Designed by Flavin Architects, the Eastern Point Retreat is a fabulous guest house with a lap pool, hot tub and a lovely garden right next to it and a captivating view of the distant Gloucester Harbor. Designed for homeowners who absolutely love sailing and the view of the busy harbor from their Massachusetts home, the contemporary guest house welcomes the outdoors inside with its large glass walls and an open design. Read More

Modern Eclectic Finds An Industrial Home In The Heart Of New York City!

New York City and its brilliant skyscrapers are home to some of the most inspiring decorating styles and themes on the planet. If New York City gives it a ‘thumbs up’, then the rest of the world is more than willing to follow! It is the edgy, quirky and high-end neighborhood of NoHo that we delve into today to take a look at an apartment that is dubbed as an Urban Oasis by its designers – Motiani Design. This uniquely eclectic apartment perfectly epitomizes the charm and individuality of this part of New York City at its unbridled best. Combining modern and eclectic design elements with an industrial backdrop, this apartment has it all! Read More

Stained Timber And Stonework Shape Mid-Century Modern Aussie Home

Gone or the days when rigid walls were used to delineate space. In the modern world, it is an open floor plan that holds sway with utility of each space defining it. There are no firm borders between the kitchen, dining and living area with each flowing into the next ever so effortlessly. Yet, elements like décor, color scheme and style create more subtle demarcations and the Moreing Road Residence in Attadale, a suburb of Perth, Australia embraces this contemporary trend gleefully. Divided into the formal, informal and outdoor living zones, the house borrows from charismatic Californian homes and a hint of Mid-century magic. Read More

The Modern Ela Leather Chaise Longue From Giorgetti

The Ela leather chaise longue designed by Chi Wing Lo for Giorgetti is a luxurious lounger with base in polished solid maple.
The carefully chosen combination of materials are one of the distinctive and harmonious features of the Ela chaise longue. The seat and pillow is covered in leather or in saddle leather and is sitting on a metal frame that connects it to the wooden structure below. Its fluid shape and material combinations contrast enhance the sophistication of the design and make it look like a sculptural object at a first glance, but its comfort becomes immediately apparent upon use.
georgetti leather chaise longue Read More


Modern In Silver Lake California

This modern in Silver Lake California by Architect Aaron Neubert is newly built and on the market. I post a lot of mid century architecture but I also like modern and this one does it for me. I was instantly drawn to the dark exterior, it make for a great backdrop and statement. I used to drive through the Silver Lake area every day to get to work when I lived in So Cal. The color palette in total has a nice Scandinavian feel with the colors of Black, white, and plenty of warmth provided by wood. From the looks of it there are plenty of other interesting and notable structures surrounding this home. Read More

30 Homes That Show Off Their Top-Notch Modern Driveway

The driveway may be a part of the home’s outdoors, but it’s equally as important as any interior. The looks of your driveway are a reflection on your entire home and normally the first impression that a house makes on its guests or those who pass by it. Contemporary homes can pride themselves on their clean lines, minimal style and use of neutral colors. They reflect those features in their driveways! Take a look at these 30 homes that show off their top-notch modern driveway! Read More

Fazenda, The Modern Garden Pizza Oven And Barbecue

You like a nice BBQ, but your kids love pizza? Alfa Ref introduces Fazenda, the garden Pizza Oven and BBQ to meet all your friends and family’s needs. Fazenda is the cooking device that everyone would like to have in their backyard. Made with refractory material, Fazenda is a wood fired oven and a barbecue in one solution specially dedicated to your garden. Read More

Gardening Tips For Creating A Modern Landscape

Those who love modern design often prefer a modern landscape when it comes to their outdoor spaces. While the sleek, contemporary look of a well-planned yard may seem unattainable, the use of native plants can make it surprisingly easy to maintain a yard that’s every bit as interesting as the inside of your home! It’s always helpful to consult an expert when it comes to choosing the best plants for your space, but the tips featured in today’s post will get the ball rolling as you plan a strategy for your yard. Read More

The Best Modern Designs From The 2017 One Room Challenge

The One Room Challenge started out as a small initiative among the blogging community, founded by Linda Weinstein of the blog Calling it Home. The idea was to spur her readers and fellow home bloggers to take on a room remodel over the course of six weeks and document it all on their respective blogs and social media accounts using the hashtag #oneroomchallenge. Read More

Swiss Delight: Modern Single Family House In Concrete And Wood

Set in an idyllic landscape filled with majestic mountains and a lush green landscape that comes alive each summer, Single Family House on a Slope in Merishausen, Switzerland brings modernity to a relaxing rural setting. Designed by Dost, this contemporary residence in gray sits on a sloped lot (not a surprise) and overlooks the village below. Despite its private and modest street façade, the house opens up towards the view below as its rear front features large glass windows and sliding doors that bring the outdoors inside. With an interior in wood and concrete, this smart Swiss home combines a hint of rustic charm with refined modernity in a seamless fashion. Read More

Trendy Dream Kitchens: Antique Elements Find Modern Expression

The past few years have seen a bold revival of vintage and retro themes, with the kitchen becoming the preferred space to try out these resurgent styles. There is something undeniably captivating about a charming vintage kitchen that takes you back in time with its warmth and elegance. These inviting antique touches become even more apparent as the rest of the world remains distinctly modern; sometimes borders on the edge of sterile. In an age where design seems largely impersonal, antique and retro kitchens usher in individuality filled with nostalgic allure! Read More