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Office Design Envy: Awesome Office Spaces At 10 Brands You Love

There are certain brands we can’t live without – they’re part of our every day lives in so many ways! Do you ever wonder where all the magic happens? Well, we can tell you that amazing things happen in amazing office spaces – and we’ve got proof. Here are some well-known brands and their cool office design, bound to enduce some office envy. Read More

15 Modern Massage Chair Ideas For Home And Office

Are you looking for massage chair ideas? In this article we are going to show you fifteen examples that worth having a look at if you decide to improve your lifestyle with such a piece of furniture.
Considered a good alternative to massage saloons, these type of armchairs usually used in airports and malls are now becoming something usual for private residences and offices.
amazing seating solutions
Technology has progressed so much these days that the mechanic and smart electronics integrated into these armchairs are providing full body massage therapies right in the comfort of your own home. No mater if we talk about shoulders, back, neck, thighs, buttocks, feet, calves, hands or arms, these massage chair ideas will handle the job effectively, and some of them even have such smart options that they will remember your body and the type of massage you prefer.
black and white functional furniture
Considered functional pieces of furniture and a good investment in your health and well-being, these items, don’t usually come cheap! Therefor is good to have an idea of the type you will need, as well as the budget you are prepared to spend. They often come with tons of features, but the most important part is to buy one with the features that are most useful to you. You need to decide if you need a short term solution, just to relieve some pain, or you need a long term solution, for relaxation at home or in the office. On the short term solution, you could buy something cheap that will treat the area you want to. In the other case, you will have to prepare a budget and pay attention to several things like materials used for long time durability, features it has to offer, maximum working hours and the warranty your smart furniture comes with. You don’t want to buy a product for years to come, but end up throwing it away after just a few uses.
Prices start at around three thousand dollars and the most expensive massage recliner can cost even more then a brand new car, but remember: it doesn’t necessarily mean that the most expensive is the best option.
black luxury seating Read More

10 DIY Tiny Planters That Bring Green Goodness To Your Office

So the festive season is behind you and all the holiday fun seems like a distant memory. Life is back to normal once again with Monday morning blues once again here to greet us! Getting back into the thick of things at the workplace can take a bit of time and even the ardent workaholic is bound to feel the pinch the first few days. It helps to have an office that is fun, colorful and provides a vibrant work environment that drives away some of those blues. But for the less fortunate stuck in the cubicle, the search is on for ways to improve their boring workspace. And tiny DIY planters and pots offer the perfect solution! Read More

15 DIY Home Office Organization And Storage Ideas That Maximize Space

As we race towards Christmas and New Year, for many work might have taken a turn towards the slower side. Others might be busy packing and flying early to beat the rush of weekend traffic. But for those enjoying a simple staycation, this is also a great time to put the usual rush of work aside and focus on the workplace itself! With many of us increasingly starting to work from home, it is the home office where we end up spending most of our day. It makes complete sense to give this room a quick revamp with DIY home office organizational ideas that transform the workspace both aesthetically and functionally. Read More

Can I Have A Wood Burning Stove In My Garden Office?


With the rise in working from home and people starting their own businesses the garden office is becoming more and more of a popular choice over a daily commute. With this rise in popularity comes a rise in options in not only the building type but also in certain luxuries like tech to link to the main house and more traditional things like wood burners.

To answer the initial question; yes you can have a wood burner in your garden office BUT there are a number of things to consider and some potential barriers to having one installed.

Why Would You Want One?

There are a number of reasons why a wood or multi fuel stove is a great idea in a garden office. The first is simply because they are great to have. The cosy feeling a stove provides will really add to the atmosphere in your office. For many people garden offices are traditionally cold in the winter and somewhere they spend a lot of time on their own. By adding an efficient heating system like a stove you can combat the cold and bring some extra comfort into the room. Fires are also great for stress, hearing the crackle and pop of a stove during work can be great for concentration and combating stress. A stove is also likely to be a better heat source than other options like electric heaters. Wood can be bought in bulk and is likely to be cheaper than electric options as well as being better for the environment.

1-wood-burning-stove-in-a-garden-office-cottage-country-house-brick-chimney-sketch-green-sofa-coffee-table-living-room-bookcase-sofa-curtains-rugs-cozy-room-log-timber-house Continue reading

Exposed Brick And Natural Greenery Bring Freshness To This Chinese Office

Contemporary offices have come a long way from boring cubicles of the past and a never-ending sea of gray and beige. Today’s offices are all about combining work, relaxation and an inviting environment with a touch of creativity and uniqueness. Every office space wants a personality of its own; one that reflects the ethos of the firm it holds. Bloom Design Studio in Shenzhen, China follows this path with an interior that is largely clad in white and filled with plenty of natural light. Indoor plants and exposed brick wall sections usher in the necessary warmth and contrast even as the beautifully lit company logo welcomes clients and employees. Read More

Adaptive Reuse Of 19th Century Building Into A Dynamic Modern Office

Finding new function for old and weary spaces in need of an urgent upgrade is a task that demands a careful consideration of existing constraints and creativity that lets you work past those limitations. Sitting atop a 19th Century building near the Flatiron Building in New York, this ingenious and striking office was designed by GRT Architects to accommodate a budding UX design firm without completely ignoring the unique past of the structure. The 950-square-foot office with ‘sawtooth ceiling’ and skylight is filled with ample natural light and houses a working kitchen, multi-functional workspaces and a nap room that also doubles as a client meeting area. Read More

Fields, Modern Collaborative Office Furniture

Fields is a contemporary concept that offers a variety of collaborative office furniture in many configurations that allow people to create, share and display their work activities. Developed and designed in collaboration with the Swedish designer Olle Gyllang from Propeller Design, Fields is an office furniture range that promotes a new way of working.
The Fields collaborative office furniture creates an environment that is limiting external distractions and at the same time is keeping employees together. collaborative workspace furniture Everyday, people spend more and more time in the office, and office spaces should be appealing and make workers feel as comfortable as possible. Workspace collaborative furniture is one of the newest trends in office design, that was started by the IT companies and spread in the past couple of years, becoming a real necessity among creative companies from around the world. This type of furniture is encouraging employees to mingle and share ideas through carefully designed sitting areas. Read More

Burda Bebek’s Office In Istanbul: Polished With A Playful Splattering Of Color

Burda Bebek is one of the leading manufacturers of mother and baby products in Turkey and their new office in Istanbul reflects smart design along with the colors of the firm’s corporate image. Designed by Nord Architecture Design, the sparkling new office relies on a predominantly white backdrop that oozes contemporary class and refinement. Pops of gray along with the lovely carpet in the office usher in a touch of contrast while wooden partitions and accent walls bring some much needed warmth. Custom niches for indoor plants and a sprinkling of bright blue, orange, pink and green complete the gorgeous office where private workstations are seamlessly combined with social, co-working zones and tech-savvy meeting rooms. Read More

Code Space: Undulating Roof Fashions An Inspired Office In Thailand

Drawing inspiration from the iconic backdrop of Doi Suthep, Code Space designed by Full Scale Studio is an office space unlike any other. A distinctive feature of this contemporary office is its unique, undulating roof that not only gives the large and cheerful office a smart street façade, but also provides better drainage of rainwater and keeps away seething hot tropical sun. Located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, light is an essential component of this ingenious office as a series of skylights, large glass windows and sliding glass doors connect the outdoors with the interior. A gorgeous ‘green zone’ creates an even more refreshing work environment! Read More

Trend Spotting: Create A Soothing Home Office With Pastels

Pastel colors are inherently soothing and create an atmosphere of pleasant tranquility. Maybe pastels remind of a being a kid and bring back some cherished memories. Maybe it is simply the effect of these light and gentle hues on our general personality. Maybe it is because they have an undeniable touch of femininity about them. Irrespective of the reason, pastel hues give an interior calming and charming ambiance. It is a look that fits in perfectly with the needs of a modern home office – a space that needs to be serene, stylish and productive. Bringing both these elements together seems all too obvious! Read More