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Two Italian Companies Present Different Mosaic Art Styles In Design

Millennia-old, mosaics have long provided a colourful form of art and decoration. Tesserae—small blocks of stone, tile, glass, ceramics or other suitable materials—are used to fashion a mosaic. In the 4th century BCE, the Greeks transformed mosaics into an art form, depicting patterns and detailed scenes of people and animals (Source: The joy of shards). Read More

Doshi Levien Present Pilotis

When we heard that Doshi Levien were presenting their new curtain collection for Kvadrat and that the breakfast would have food served by none other than our fave culinary tricksters Blanch and Shock we got very excited. Read More

Teacher’s Present

These days is the final day of college for Moussia and Yosef and they asked for my assist to place together presents for their teachers.&nbsp&nbsp
We discovered this concept on Pinterest and believed it was perfect…cute drinking glasses for summer filled with colored Sharpies. (Who couldn’t use a set of colored Sharpie pens?)
They presented them on Thursday and the teacher’s loved them!&nbsp Content weekend and Shabbat Shalom!
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Present Day Lighting By CTO Lighting

CTO Lighting has some actually beautiful lighting types. The minimum method are the patterns that I uncover most interesting. The selection of resources ad a wonderful degree of sophistication. CTO has accomplished a amazing occupation at putting their layout in rooms that let the lighting stand out. I admire a organization with a catalogue that seems this great. My favorite patterns have to be the minimal globe and rod layout. Read More


Industrial Present Day Loft

This industrial contemporary loft has some amazing information. I really like how they took a contemporary approach to wall treatments but not all the way. They left a portion of the concert walls and left the ceilings as to not fail to remember the history of the framework. The gold gilded ceilings mixed with the upward accent lighting is really a statement. The openness reminds me of a museum, the height of the ceilings is monumental. To live in such a spot would be fairly exclusive. Read More


Vibrant Colors In Present Day Architecture

Vibrant colours in modern architecture is a design component that architect David Adjaye definitely implemented whilst creating this home. So perhaps the architecture itself isn&#8217t vibrant colours but when you go inside it is a funhouse for the eyes. I don&#8217t think that I have ever noticed a purple kitchen ahead of but I type of like it. The art and furnishings are also delivering some color stimulation on the interiors. This was an old 3 story red brick framework when the venture was began but now it is an open area light filled present day property. Read More

Lightness And Present Day Simplicity: A Single-Level Casa Zauia In Algarve, Portugal

architecture present day residenceWith a hillside spot supplying panoramic views of Vale da Lama, in the Lagos spot of the Algarve, Portugal, Casa Zauia by Mario Martins Atelier appears specially constructed for contemplation. The general layout of the residence was partially dictated by the building restrictions in the region its final shape inspires lightness and modern simplicity: &#8220The residence would seem to rise out of the ground and nestle in the landscape. Even so, due to the sloping nature of its bodily assistance, it seems to be unattached and emerges on graceful pillars, reducing the effect of the natural vegetation developing beneath it&#8221, explained the architects.
design and style modern day residenceResembling a white horizontal box, Casa Zauia opens up towards the surrounding landscape by means of lengthy, steady glazing. A south-facing terrace, protected from the potent sun rays during the summer time, provides options for outdoor socializing. The layout of the property reinforces the notion of a contemporary shelter where family members interaction is encouraged: &#8220The a single-level constructing and has 4 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, toilet, kitchen with support locations, workplace and living room opening on to a spacious veranda/partly-covered patio, which is element of the front terrace adjoining all rooms. The pool, rectangular and classy, is the continuation of a water mirror which pours out of the supporting wall created of exposed concrete.&#8221 Like normal, we would enjoy to know your thoughts on this contemporary residence style in Portugal! [Photography by Fernando Guerra]
exterior modern residence contemporary residence (one) modern residence (two) contemporary residence (3) modern day residence (four) modern day residence (6) present day residence (9) modern residence (ten) modern residence (eleven) modern residence (twelve) ideas (one) strategies (two) Read More

Present Day Luxury Farmhouse With Emphasis On Entertaining: House In Blair Atholl

architecture present day residence
Home in Blair Atholl by Nico van der Meulen Architects is a luxury farmhouse positioned between Pretoria and Johannesburg, South Africa, in a secluded golf estate. Free from higher boundary walls and electric fencing, the expansiveness of this double-story house with unrestricted views of the countryside makes a strong impression. The quick named for a contemporary, sensible residence that can make provision for outside living with an emphasis on entertaining. Due to the form-follow-function technique of the layout, this present day household residence is spacious and uncluttered from needless decorative factors.
layout modern residence
The style idea is undoubtedly a powerful one particular and while Werner van der Meulen was limited by the estate rules which integrated producing use of pitched roofs and distinct natural supplies, it was in truth these very parameters which led to the concept of a contemporary farmhouse. After inside you value to how effortlessly the open plan spaces flow into every other with the residing area, dining space, kitchen and lanai all in near proximity to each and every other. The frameless folding doors develop an invisible threshold between the within and the outdoors and when completely open, the lanai turns into an extension of the kitchen and loved ones/dining and viceversa. Read More

Present Day Bathroom Lighting Concepts

Lighting inside the bathroom is a necessity, for more than clear reasons. But the problem comes with styling and making it a functional decision as nicely. Our recommendation is to constantly go with dimming lights that can consider you from daytime, morning rituals to a lot more subtle, relaxing tones for evening bubble baths. In the meantime, let&#8217s appear at some modern day bathroom lighting tips that aren&#8217t just usable and versatile but trend-forward and transformation as properly. Read More


Tropical Present Day By André Luque

This Tropical present day residence by André Luque Architects is a area I want to go and spend a good week. I enjoy that the architect and the client worked with each other to save as several trees as feasible. In the description they only had to get rid of 1 modest tree. The result of mindful arranging with respect to the foliage is the place this remarkable tropical truly feel comes from. The residence feels so open and personal, like your own personal get away. The green pool is a gorgeous characteristic that I am certain gets a lot of use. Read More

Reclaimed Barn Wood Shapes Vintage Present Day Loft In Vancouver

At initial glance, this elegant loft in Vancouver, British Columbia seems like several other personal residences in the area that have a standard industrial appear. However appear closely, and you will immediately recognize the a single big attribute that genuinely sets it apart. Even though most industrial lofts in Vancouver are draped in brick, glass and metal, the Mecca loft constructing turns to reclaimed barn wood for an inviting and inimitable interior. The 1350-square-foot residence made by The Macnabs embraces a ‘vintage modern’ design that is firmly anchored in the historic roots of the area. Read More

Timeless Copper Corner Residence Blending Standard Detailing With Present Day Simplicity

architecture ontario residenceOn a heavily wooded corner lot in an established neighborhood of Mississauga, Ontario, sits Copper Corner Residence, a timeless home envisioned by David Small Patterns. Dark painted wood emphasizes the daring roof-lines, while light-colored stone adds warmth to the façade. And the most outstanding feature, the leaded copper roof, creates character and architectural interest. The leaded copper not only adds aesthetic intrigue to the property, bringing out the charcoal colour of the stone, but plays a practical part as nicely. It is a hugely resilient materials with an amazing lifespan. As the property ages, the leaded copper will adjust colour, creating a stunning silver-gray patina that will deepen more than time. This house is a prime example of conventional detailing mixed with modern day simplicity. Read More