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Lively And Creative Apartment Renovation Drives Out The Mundane

Merging the old with the new and the rough with the polished, END THE ROC is an apartment renovation project in Barcelona that feels simply exceptional. Having already revamped other apartments in the same Spanish building, Nook Architects had enough experience in how to deal with the unique challenges that the makeover posed. Previous internal partitions were done away with and anything that was considered unnecessary and excessive was carefully removed even while keeping the original outline largely intact. Read More

Old Ranch Home In Palm Springs Gets Inspiring Renovation

Chino Canyon House is a renovation and addition to a home built in 1954 at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains in Palm Springs, California. Hundred Mile House envisioned a new L-shaped configuration for the building, which wraps around an entry courtyard. Read More

A Mid-Century Modern Recreation: Ocotea House Renovation In Raleigh

An aging structure, a series of poorly planned renovations spread across several decades turned this mid-century home built in the 60’s into a dreary and poorly lit structure. Transforming the classic home into a modern delight even while keeping its midcentury zest firmly intact, in situ studio create a relaxing and striking structure. One of central guiding principles for the makeover was the original design of the home that relied on a simple roof form, low-sloped ranch and a basement that was completely visible to the outside world. Removing the poorly planned sunroom that was added subsequently, a new carport gives the Ocotea House Renovation its distinct front façade. Read More


1950 Renovation With Henry Built & Stephen Moser

This 1950 renovation of William Landsberg’s house is nothing short of stunning. Lansberg worked under Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer and the influence of these two Bauhaus masters is evident in the Port Washington Residence. I am a huge fan of Henry Built and was great to see them work so classy with Stephen Moser to recreate the kitchen to what is once was but much better. Read More

Bound By Brick: Urbane Modern Renovation Of Inner City Worker’s Cottage

If you love the sight of exposed brick walls weaving their way through a contemporary interior, then this renovated inner city worker’s cottage in Annandale, Australia promises a visual treat! Revamped and modernized by Bastian Architecture, it is a dashing rear extension that alters the ambiance of this classic home nestled in a heritage neighborhood. Existing building constraints meant that the street façade of the house was left completely untouched while a modern living area, kitchen and dining were added to the rear. Connecting the rear garden, smaller inner courtyard and barbecue zone with the living space, the revitalized interior is filled with a flood of natural light. Read More

7 Easy Steps To A Warm And Cozy Bathroom Without Any Renovation

The bathroom is a special place in the house. Its personal, even intimate concept deserves a special approach to its interior design. To be able to relax in this room, we need something more than just a hot bath, something more than just physical warmth – the sense of comfort and warmth must be emotional as well. And we on HomeKlondike know that the emotional image of the room is created by means of décor. That is why we decided to show our readers seven designer tricks that can make the bathroom feel warmer and cozier without any refurbishment. Read More


Mid Century Renovation Brisbane Australia

This mid century renovation Brisbane Australia has a dramatic roof line that creates drama and protects from the elements. Currently on the market the 1960’s house has gone through a renovation. My first thought was that the kitchen was to white and glossy. When I saw the wood on the walls and floor maybe wood cabinets wouldn’t be too much. I still think it is a wee bit to contemporary. The architecture of the house itself is very nice. Low slung roof line with exaggerated overhang and the beams moving in and out of the home. I would like to hear your thoughts. Was the mid century feeling lost with the renovation? Read More

Modernity Wrapped In A Cloak Of Wood: Home Renovation In Megève

If there is one design and decorating trend that seems to be catching on fast and only growing with each day, then it is the expansive use of wood in homes and offices. The polished, plastic surfaces of the 90’s seem to firmly be on the out as homeowners long for a sense of serenity and coziness. Revamped in style and with a touch of modern-vintage charm, this fascinating home in Megève, France enthralls you with its sheer elegance and inviting ambiance. Wood is the true showstopper inside this space with entire section of walls, ceiling and shelves being completely clad in unpolished wood. Read More

6 Easy Ways To Refresh Interior Without Renovation

How to change your interior quickly if you got tired of it, but not yet ready for renovation and money-spending?  There are at least 6 simple details, which can add coziness and more welcoming feel to any home. Select one just for you. Read More


Mid Century Renovation Del Mar California

This mid century renovation Del Mar California is an eclectic mix of color and style. The interiors are not totally my flavor but there are some cool elements happening. I like the master bedroom the most out of any room in the house. I would probably ditch the crazy wallpaper but the wall with the headboard is stunning. Lets not forget about the Serge Mouille lighting, those arms create some great shapes in space. These interiors are by Studio H Design Group and I think they did a great job. Read More


Modern Renovation By Yamamar

This modern renovation by Yamamar is a stunning home that has gone through a nice transformation. It would be cool to see what the house looked like before. I like amazingly open the home is. All of the skylights also add to the open architecture. The different volumes are defined on the exterior by different materials. Shall we talk about the kitchen? I haven’t seen a kitchen in a while that made me think “dream kitchen”. The landscaping was also a complete gut job. I am glad they did the landscaping because it does a great job enhancing the house. Read More