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Concealed In A Shroud Of Green: Steeping Into The Shelton Marshall Residence!

Presenting a wonderful contrast between the cleverly concealed and the undeniably obvious, Shelton Marshall Residence in Downtown neighborhood of Kansas City enthralls with its innovative design. In an urban landscape where greenery and privacy are increasingly hard to find, architects from El Dorado manage to unearth both these qualities with a home that seems hidden underground on one side and precariously floating above it on the other! Yet both these elements are carefully balanced as a cloak of green with transplanted prairie ecosystem on the roof and a wonderful garden adds the eco-sensitive tinge to this family residence. Read More


Residence For Two Collectors

This residence for two collectors by Wheeler Kearns Architects is quite the museum. The first thing that caught my attention were the dark stained end cut floors, pretty impressive. Paul Evans in more than one room…what? I am sure there are plenty of artists I don’t recognize smattered throughout these interiors. George Nakashima makes an appearance in these spaces as well. You know you are doing OK if you are hanging a Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke Pendant in your freaking closet. I would love a personal tour of the place and getting history of each piece would be a great experience. Read More

A View To Cherish: Exquisite Vermont Residence At Its Glassy Best

How many times have you heard about couples in NYC trying to get away from it all by planning a weekend in Vermont! Its picturesque landscape attracts tourists from far and wide and set in its beautiful wilderness is the Trefoil Glass House designed by J.Roc Design. Nestled in the fertile valley of Stowe and surrounded by beautiful mountains and untouched woods, the striking contemporary home is a confluence of three separate wings, each designed in the form of a square. At the heart of this expansive home is a three-sided hearth that delineates spaces, gives each wing its individual style and becomes the focal point of the open living area. Read More


Modern Artist Residence By Heliotrope

This modern artist residence by Heliotrope is a breath of fresh air. I can’t tell if this is new construction or a reimagined structure. The house is nestled in-between older homes and it stands out in such a great way. The interiors are a bit contemporary for me but I am sure if you furnished the home with some nice vintage it would shine just as bright. I like how the ceilings are open, it makes the house feel bigger than it really is. The house is in Seattle and knowing that make it fit into its surrounding that much more. Read More

North Bondi II Residence: Modern Beach Style With Colorful Flair

Talk of Australia’s most famous beaches and Bondi Beach definitely dominates the conversation. Offering fabulous views of this iconic beach in Sydney while embracing a breezy, modern take on the classic coastal style, the North Bondi II Residence charms you with its unique charm. Designed by Tobias Partners, the house was originally built in 1980s and was in urgent need of a fresh, modern makeover. Despite the difficult access to the lot and the constraints placed by the existing form of the house, the interiors were completely opened up to welcome in gentle ocean breeze and a flood of natural light. Read More


The Bobertz Residence By Craig Ellwood

The Bobertz Residence by Craig Ellwood is in San Diego County. Gerry & Charles Bobertz moved from New York and commissioned Ellwood on the house after they fell in with the Homes that were being build for the Case Study program. The photos you see here are by the talented Darren Bradley, I asked if I could share them with you. This house is period to the “t”, everything in the house looks to belong with nothing out of place. The current owners had to rebuilt the kitchen and they did a phenomenal job. Read More

Sacramento Modern Residence: Inspired By The Classic Eichler Charm!

Replacing an existing ranch home in Orangevale, the Sacramento Modern Residence borrows of midcentury aesthetics while embracing modern ergonomics and a smart indoor-outdoor interplay. Designed for a couple with grown kids, the open living area of the house holds the kitchen with twin islands and a dashing dining area; all of which are visually connected with the landscape outside. Designed by Klopf Architecture, the modern family residence has a sloped roof that gives the street façade a low, modest look even as the rear structure brings the outdoors inside with its wall of glass! Read More

Oriental Inspiration Finds Space Inside This Lavish Vancouver Residence!

Design influences from the Far East have always found space in the western world with the likes of George Nelson and Isamu Noguchi wowing the world with their masterpieces. As the quest of the urban denizen to find tranquility and relaxation grows with each day, decorating elements from the East are increasingly becoming more prominent. Embracing Thai and Balinese influences gleefully, this contemporary home in Vancouver combines luxury with serenity in an effortless fashion. The confluence of elements is truly spellbinding as contrasting finishes complement each other ever so beautifully throughout the residence. Read More

Synergy Of Contrasting Elements: Energy Independent Yorkville Residence

Built to meet the specific needs of two retired geophysicists, you would expect the exceptional Yorkville Residence to imbibe the spirit of the planet and its green goodness within its form. This is precisely what Alan Nicholson Design Studio have managed to deliver as they combined several different materials, a breezy design centered around a cantilevered shed roof and an inviting landscape. Rammed earth, wood, metal, steel and even concrete find a way to coexist with ease at this gorgeous Californian home where elegant design, energy-efficiency and eco-friendly charm are seamlessly rolled into unison. Read More


Phineas Residence By SPACE International

SPACE International and design team Ground Up LA have built this dream home. For me this home is a perfect balance between a mid century, like a Neautra and contemporary architecture. It has that open plan that blurs the inside outside. The home is actually fairly warm feeling as well. The house is so clean lined and geometric. The house is rather large at five bedrooms and five bathrooms. If I lived in this house I may not ever want to leave. I commend the current owner for their taste. The interiors are just right, a good mix of old and new. I like the pool house room, great composition. Did I mention it was on the market? Read More

Midcentury With A Modern Zest: Dashing Oakland Residence In California

The last few seasons have seen midcentury modern style take a backseat to industrial and rustic elements when it comes to home design and decorating. But for those who love midcentury flair and décor, the style offers a timeless refuge that simply never fades away and is always ‘in trend’ at some level. Tapping into this perennial fountain of decorating goodness Knock Architecture and Design transformed this dreary old home in Oakland, California into a stylish and relaxing residence that is perfect for a modern family. Filled with pops of color and chic midcentury vibe, the Oakland Residence is both inviting and engaging. Read More