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Paramount Residence By Baldridge Architects

Baldridge Architects has an outstanding body of work and I was excited that they were responsible, along with the owners for the transformation of this house. I enjoyed the story behind how the house became what it is today. A couple moved to Texas from Southern California. In California they enjoyed living in a mid century modern home. In Texas there was not an abundance of MCM houses like there are in California so they found a existing 1959 brick bungalow for this amazing transformation. The balance of materials, textures, and color feel to be in perfect harmony. I have always been a fan of seeing people interacting within the spaces of the home, Read More

Modern Addition To Family Residence Also Doubles As A Standalone Home

As with most growing families, the owners of Studio House in Melbourne were struggling to find space and privacy with time. Finding additional space to meet your new needs is often a difficult and challenging task that forces you to think creatively. This is precisely what happens at this exquisite Aussie home as Zen Architects designed an efficient and multi-purpose studio that now sits next to the older residence. The new structure presents a multitude of possibilities and while it is being currently used as an extension of the main house, it can also function as a standalone home with complete ease. Read More

Modern Residence In Poland Highlights Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcase

Metaforma Architects completed the design of a modern residence in Poland that displays an interesting geometry. The body of the building consists of two intersecting cubes. The living area is located in the larger one, while the garage and the gym occupy the smaller section of the house. Read More


The DeLeeuw Residence By Young And Remington

Young and Remington designed this house in 1965 for a WWII veteran/pilot and his family. It is safe to say that this home would be considered a dream house for me and probably most of you. It doesn’t feel like there is an element that is out of place. I am quite sure that there has been a lot of love, blood, sweat, and tears put into this stunning example of mid century modern architecture. The current owner obviously have a passion for MCM and it shows with how they chose to furnish their home. The period pieces found through the house only add to the truly authentic structure that it is. Every room in this place it spot on!Did I mention it is currently on the market? Link at the bottom of the post. Read More

Carpenter Residence: Serene Modern Home In Kansas City With Park Views

Moving from a small condo in the busy Market Street to a more tranquil, contemporary home in the West Plaza neighborhood of Kansas City, the homeowners of Carpenter Residence wanted a residence that has the appeal of a loft. Since the couple worked from home, incorporating a full-fledged home office that offered privacy and smart functionality was another important part of the home’s design. Built on a tight budget by KEM STUDIO, the inviting house uses a white and wood color palette to usher in a sense of harmony even while inviting the outdoors inside. Read More

Exploring New Angles: Small Residence In Taipei With A Novel Living Room

We are often boxed in by traditional approach to design and this often means the same template for a contemporary home is repeated all over the globe without considering the specific needs of each site. This contemporary residence in Linkou District, Taipei City moves away from this mundane approach to living room design thanks to the creative folk Alfonso Ideas. The open, minimal and inviting living area of this small residence has been divided into two different parts using an internal wall and yet one space effortlessly flows into the next. Read More

L-Shaped Modern Minimal Residence On A Sloped Lot In Raleigh

Building the perfect home is all about finding specific spatial solutions that work with each lot and ensuring that these ideas sync seamlessly with the needs of the homeowners as well. It is an act that requires a careful balance between form and functionality; a balance that Medlin Residence seems to get spot on! Designed by in situ studio, this contemporary home in Raleigh, North Carolina sits on a plot that has a steep slope with the street on one side and a hill on the other. Surrounded by greenery, life at this smart family home is a blend of natural serenity and refined modernity. Read More

Close-to-Nature Holiday Residence In Sunny Bulgaria

An apartment including just a bedroom, a kitchen and a huge bathroom and complemented with an outdoor living room and dining area sounds original per se. And when coupled with the beauty of Bulgarian national motifs, such unhackneyed residence becomes a dream holiday destination. Read More