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Chic DIY Chevron Crafts For Every Room Of Your Home

Love adding a bit of spunk to your home by introducing colorful prints and fun patterns? Then you would definitely be no stranger to chevron pattern and the many ways in which it can uplift a space almost instantly. From beautiful accent walls to brilliant kitchen backsplashes and stunning art work, chevron pattern has made a big impact in the design world in the last few years. With even the world of fashion being engulfed in chevron rage, it is only a matter of time before you wanting to try your hand at a few colorful and vivacious chevron crafts. And today is the day when we bring you all the inspiration you need! Read More

10 Clever DIY Room Dividers That Delineate With A Difference!

The universal popularity of open plan living means homeowners are left searching for new and innovative ways to delineate space without relying on walls. It is both liberating and fun; often leading to unique spatial solutions that otherwise might never have seen daylight. Modern room dividers surely fall under this category with many combining a dash of playfulness and creativity with space-savvy form. It is a marriage of aesthetics and ergonomics that is different for different homes and while the store-bought dividers look lovely, DIY room dividers always come up trumps. Read More

10 DIY Corner Shelf Ideas For Every Room Of Your Home

Who among us has not searched for ways in which we can maximize the space in our home without sacrificing on aesthetics and style! It is a common theme in most homes across the world and often the hunt for more space leaves us disappointed simply because we refuse to notice those forgotten corners or realize all the potential that they hold. The empty corner in the living room or the tiny niche in kitchen can add plenty of storage space without you needing to give the room a major overhaul. And leading the pack here are open, corner shelves that can be used in a variety of ways. Read More

Multi-Tasking Room Dividers Save Space In Sizzling Style!

Saving every last precious square foot of space that you can possible muster and use it in an even more productive fashion in your home seems like an endless exercise at times. But every time you declutter, opt for décor that takes up lesser foot room and give the room a color palette that reduces visual fragmentation, your home does feel far more relaxing and inviting. Yes, cleaning, planning and organizing help a ton. But there are times when you absolutely need décor that multitasks and makes your life a whole lot easier. And smart, multipurpose room dividers are absolutely perfect in this regard. Read More

Redefine Your Living Room With The Rulle Sofa

The Rulle sofa from Stabord is a piece of furniture that was created with the design tools of the modernism form, to reach the new social seating function. The metropolitan allure of the sofa is evidentiated by the circular shapes of the seat and backrest which stay on slim metallic feet with possible personalisation. Rulle is soft and welcoming, specially designed for social and public areas. This is a unique piece of furniture that fits perfectly in a hotel lobby or other public lounge. But with a price tag of around \$20.000 , don’t expect to see it soon in your city hall or at your dentist’s cabinet. Read More

15 Stylish Ways To Add The Union Jack To The Kids Room!

Color, pattern and plenty of punch – the Union Jack has it all. Making an appearance on everything ranging from celebrity attire to custom handbag clutches, it is pretty much everywhere these days. Its many variants have also found their way into home décor and design with throw pillows, rugs and art work bringing the Union Jack into your home. Today, we turn our attention towards kids’ rooms and how we can add the red, blue and white of the Union Jack to these already fun-filled and colorful spaces. It is bound to be a vivacious and exceptional ride! Read More

Super-Organized And Neat Teenager’s Room Interior

This room with the total area of just 14 square meters belongs to a teenage girl. And the problem of this room was typical of almost any other room occupied by a very young person: it was just packed with stuff. Versatile pieces of free-standing furniture – a wardrobe, chests of drawers, shelves, a nightstand, a writing desk – created an impression of permanent chaos, even when the room was swept clean. All that was compounded by the residence of a teenager, who is not accustomed to keeping order yet and is frequently unwilling to clean her own room. As a rule, it’s not that simple to face such a challenge. But the authors of this project managed to transform this space beyond recognition on the parents’ request. Read More

No Blind Walls: 20 Creative Room Dividers (P.1)

If you need to zone residential space, especially when it comes to small apartments, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to build up extra walls. Mobile room dividers or light-transparent partitions can solve this problem very well. And what is more important, without breaking the openness, airiness and insolation of the space. They divide and unite rooms at the same time. And we have selected 20 versatile versions of such constructions. Read More