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Revitalized Interior Of Groos: Creative Display Set In An Open Floor Space

If you have not already heard of Groos, then it is time you check it out! Any design and decorating aficionado would enjoy browsing through the many delights that this unique store has to offer. Bringing to consumers the very best of Rotterdam in terms of arts, crafts, design and a whole lot more, this store found in 2013 has manages to garner attention from designers and art enthusiasts alike. The new interior of Groos Rotterdam designed by MVRDV is befitting for a space that is dedicated to showcasing ingenuity and cutting-edge design. Read More

OutOfOffice Frankfurt: Modern Industrial Space For Meetings And Workshops

Looking for a conference space in Frankfurt with a difference? Then OutOfOffice Frankfurt designed by VON M might be the setting you are searching for! This modern industrial space has been designed specifically for office meetings, conferences and one-of-a-kind workshops and is a space where employees can get together in a relaxing and productive environment. Borrowing from aesthetics of the 60’s and combining its industrial roughness with wooden warmth, the entire space can be easily tweaked to adapt to different needs thanks to its versatile basic structure. Read More

This Adaptable And Versatile Office Finds Space Inside A Barcelona Warehouse!

Old industrial buildings and unused warehouse being turned into modern homes is increasingly becoming a common practice across the world. But it is not very often that one sees a fabulous modern office take shape inside an old warehouse. The transformation is even more remarkable in the case of Co-Working Office Designed by APPAREIL in 22@Barcelona – Innovation District, Barcelona as it brings multi-dimensional design and adaptable ease to the modern workspace. Crafted to meet the demand of local startups, studios, city data analyzers, architects among others, the spacious office can easily change with varying requirements at a moment’s notice! Read More

Cantilevered Oceanside Home Finds Space Within Green Wetlands

A summer house on Long Island is undoubtedly one of the best ways to escape the constant rush of New York City’s fast paced lifestyle even while basking in endless comfort. The Watermill House is one such home that makes most of the constraints imposed upon it by the landscape around the structure. The gorgeous Oceanside house in the town of Southampton is nestled among wetlands that severely limit the ability of architects to shape an expansive modern home in a conventional fashion. Getting around this conundrum with an innovative cantilevered structure, Office of Architecture turns a potential hindrance into an opportunity to showcase ingenious design! Read More

Smart Spatial Design: Nifty Apartment Units Find Space Inside Heritage Building

It takes vision and courage to break away from monotony and to try out something new and audacious – both in life and design! Moving away from the constraining boredom of urban apartment units, SODA Apartments conjured up and brought to life by Gresley Abas Architects definitely take you down the less trodden path. Nestled inside a heritage building in Northbridge, an inner suburb of Perth, these 13 creative and space-savvy apartments offer refreshing and exclusive living spaces where ergonomics and aesthetics come together seamlessly. Read More

Beyond Chairs: 15 Ways To Transform The Dining Space With A Cool Bench!

There are many different ways in which you can revamp and redecorate your dining room. Many of us instantly think about wall color, accent features and the style of the room. If that feels like too much work then we turn our attention to hutches and credenzas and how we can decorate them differently to give the dining room a fresh look. Finally, it is the dining table and chairs which might be swapped for something new. But have you ever thought about replacing those dining table chairs with something completely different? Yup, we are talking about bringing a cool bench into your dining space. Read More

Oriental Inspiration Finds Space Inside This Lavish Vancouver Residence!

Design influences from the Far East have always found space in the western world with the likes of George Nelson and Isamu Noguchi wowing the world with their masterpieces. As the quest of the urban denizen to find tranquility and relaxation grows with each day, decorating elements from the East are increasingly becoming more prominent. Embracing Thai and Balinese influences gleefully, this contemporary home in Vancouver combines luxury with serenity in an effortless fashion. The confluence of elements is truly spellbinding as contrasting finishes complement each other ever so beautifully throughout the residence. Read More