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Inventive New Scavolini Composition Combines Bathroom With Laundry Space

Looking for ways in which you can cut back on wastage of space even while freeing up a tiny room that might serve as your new home office, guest space or even just a cozy, relaxation nook? Combining the laundry room with the bathroom is a great start and even those who have limited space to spare in the bathroom can now give this idea a shot. Designed by Idelfonso Colombo for Scavolini, Laundry Space is an ingenious composition that blends Scavolini’s best contemporary bathrooms with smart shelving and hidden storage units for your washing machine, dryer and iron board to offer the best of both worlds. Read More

Box-Style Events Space With Tiered Seating Defines This Office!

When Cox Architecture decided to build their new office in Melbourne, it was a trip that took them down the less beaten path. Dubbed as ‘Box Office’, the new nerve-center of the company’s operations was built to comfortable accommodate individual working spaces for the 75 employees who specializes in departments varying from model-making and desktop publishing to administrative staff and IT support. There is more though here as a spacious meeting room, conference areas, a kitchen, dining, informal meeting areas and a stunning central ‘events space’ find room inside this ingenious new office. Read More

Hey! A Lovely Tiny Space: A Couple And A Cat, Double Happiness

What is happiness? This question has been inspiring the greatest minds for thousands of years already. But the young family from the Sanchong District of New Taipei City, Taiwan, seem to have found the answer! Living in one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in Taiwan, they believe that happiness has to be found in such seemingly trivial things as spending time with your beloved, having a cat rubbing against your ankles and sipping hot tea at home during the weekend. So, it was not in the least surprising that this sweet homely couple wanted their little apartment to be as homey and cozy as possible. At the same time, they keep the future baby in mind, and functional aspects had to be considered as well. Read More

Revitalized Interior Of Groos: Creative Display Set In An Open Floor Space

If you have not already heard of Groos, then it is time you check it out! Any design and decorating aficionado would enjoy browsing through the many delights that this unique store has to offer. Bringing to consumers the very best of Rotterdam in terms of arts, crafts, design and a whole lot more, this store found in 2013 has manages to garner attention from designers and art enthusiasts alike. The new interior of Groos Rotterdam designed by MVRDV is befitting for a space that is dedicated to showcasing ingenuity and cutting-edge design. Read More