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15 DIY Home Office Organization And Storage Ideas That Maximize Space

As we race towards Christmas and New Year, for many work might have taken a turn towards the slower side. Others might be busy packing and flying early to beat the rush of weekend traffic. But for those enjoying a simple staycation, this is also a great time to put the usual rush of work aside and focus on the workplace itself! With many of us increasingly starting to work from home, it is the home office where we end up spending most of our day. It makes complete sense to give this room a quick revamp with DIY home office organizational ideas that transform the workspace both aesthetically and functionally. Read More

Saving Floor Space: 10 Stylish DIY Hanging Shelf Ideas

The quest for uncovering more floor space goes on this fall as we feature a series of decorating ideas, wall-mounted décor and DIY ideas that give your home a more spacious vibe. As always, one of the best ways to do this is by thinking vertical and bringing in furniture that relies on walls for support. Hanging shelves surely fit this billing as they replace your more demanding shelving systems with breezy delights that take up absolutely no floor room at all! Things only get better when you craft these space-savvy shelves at home, allowing you to also save some dough. Read More

A Classic In Modern Homes: Finding Space For Your Pinball Machine

Decorating your home is not all serious business and it definitely goes beyond color scheme, styles, themes and trendy décor. There are times when you want to move away from the mundane and bring home something that adds a dash of playfulness and pizazz without seeming out of place. For those who love music, it is various music instruments ranging from guitars to grand pianos along with framed music sheets that become a form of personal expressions. The avid photographer might turn to black and white photographs and the sporting enthusiast could delve into the world of memorabilia. But what about the avid gamer with a love for the nostalgic? Read More

Multi-Tasking Room Dividers Save Space In Sizzling Style!

Saving every last precious square foot of space that you can possible muster and use it in an even more productive fashion in your home seems like an endless exercise at times. But every time you declutter, opt for décor that takes up lesser foot room and give the room a color palette that reduces visual fragmentation, your home does feel far more relaxing and inviting. Yes, cleaning, planning and organizing help a ton. But there are times when you absolutely need décor that multitasks and makes your life a whole lot easier. And smart, multipurpose room dividers are absolutely perfect in this regard. Read More


Design Juxtaposition By Space Group Architects

Design Juxtaposition is one of my favorite elements when it comes to architecture. Space Group Architects has done a stellar job reimagining this older building with a modern minimal esthetic. I like seeing the crisp clean lines of the interiors mixed with the old brick and wood beams from the original structure. The use of space is nicely done especially with the bathroom situation. There is a nice mix of materials including copper, walnut, stone, and plain flat white surfaces. The place is currently on the market in London, set in the Tredagar Square conservation area. I would have no problems calling this place home. Read More


The Space Detroit

The Space Detroit is located 15 minutes from downtown Detroit, The Space exhibits design + art from the mid twentieth century to present. There is more to the story here, The Space is another outstanding project by The Exchange Int. I interviewed the good folks at The Exchange Int here. It is exciting to see a committed group of people expand their passion. PAUL EVANS, HARRY BERTOIA, GEORGE NAKASHIMA, PAAVO TYNELL, and PHILLIP LLOYD POWELL are just a few of the designers that have representation at The Space. My favorite pieces in the collection have to be by Paul Evans, the handcrafted artistry that goes into each piece is unmatched. Read More