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Interiors By Studio Mellone

Studio Mellone has a great body of work that has some outstanding interiors. There is a warmth created by layers of texture and color. The residential projects are shown here but they also have am impressive grouping of retail and other planning works. I like how the iconic mid century pieces are used. They are mixed with other styles and the applications all work very well. For me its like playing “find the easter egg” when looking through these images, the easter egg being my favorite mid century pieces. If you have some time, make sure to check out the rest of their work. Read More

Studio Stirling’s Sling, The Amazing Designer Swing

Studio Stirling is best known for its wide collection of designer swing chairs, and now introduces a new model, the Sling hanging chair.
Unlike the other, more complicated, designs from Studio Stirling, the Sling is distinguished by the purity and simplicity of its concept. This piece features a unique circular frame with a leather seat and a comfortable head cushion. The chair does include the hardware required to hang it and its a perfect addition to any modern interior design. Sling is the perfect spot to read a good book, chill with a glass of wine or just take a nap in the warm summer and a fun design addition to any room.amazing swing design If you have the space, a designer swing indoor chair is beautiful, comfortable and will also offer you and your family a great comfortable place to sit and enjoy the day.
The Sling chair can be used inside or outside, but being made of leather, when placed in the outdoors it is recommended to be placed in an area where its protected from rain and snow. The chair has a diameter of 100 centimeters and a depth of approx. 35 centimeters. Read More

Tent House: Exceptional Weekend Retreat And Studio Cloaked In Green

We are always on the lookout for exceptional homes that challenge conventions and push the envelope in terms of what is possible. Designed as a personal retreat, weekend studio and a cool hangout by Chris Tate of Chris Tate Architecture, the Tent House takes you away from the usual sight of rigid four walls and endless cubes, squares and rectangles. In a world where we are accustomed to the sight of the four-sided polygon, this pyramidal delight definitely draws your attentions instantly. The 70-square-meter house is set on a lot surrounded by a rain forest and it is lush green native plants that carefully cloak this exceptional metallic structure. Read More


Guardhouse By Studio AR&D Architects

Desert Palisades Guardhouse was originally built as an entrance to an amazing neighborhood that was to be built in Palm Springs. The exterior treatment was chosen to reflect the rugged and harsh environment of the the desert. The rusted exterior of the structure melds well with its surrounding landscape. One can not ignore that stellar roof line. The engineering behind that overhang is in a class of its own. I think I would change that into a patio and stay cool in the desert heat. The interiors are nice, with the walls of glass offering a constant reminder of the wilderness in which you live. Read More

New Icons Of Radical Design: SuperGufram X Studio Job

A punchbag in an orange brick pattern. A cooking pot coffee table with its own steam. A moon cupboard. Polyurethane foam mixed with other materials was used to make each of these objects. They were designed by Studio Job for SuperGufram. Confused? Intrigued? Then read on… Read More


A Modern Studio By Lucas Y Hernández-Gil

This modern studio by Lucas y Hernández-Gil has a beautiful minimal aesthetic. The first thing that made me take a second look at this project was the fact that there was a modern slick room that was mostly white and in the middle of it was a Danish rosewood desk and a Snoopy Table Light By Castiglioni For Flos. The combination of these few elements just goes to show that good modern design can work regardless of when it was designed or produced. The large hits of color brighten up these minimal spaces as well. The kitchen floor is somewhat of a mystery. The surface is ultra glossy, what do you think it is? Read More

Historical Studio Apartment With Folk Motifs & Brick Wall

The initial plan of Eugene and Irene, the hosts of this studio apartment, was to find a flat in the heart of St. Petersburg with a quiet backyard for themselves, but over time they started to rent it out. The apartment is located in a historical three-storey building, right opposite the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design – a building with gorgeous architecture and history. Read More


Venice House By Sebastian Mariscal Studio

The Venice House by Sebastian Mariscal Studio fully integrates the concept of outdoor living. The house was designed with the idea of each room blurring the indoor and outdoor living areas. The dark slatted exteriors are quite beautiful. The house is nestled in a fantastic modern landscaping that compliments the home perfectly. The walls of glass that open wide to the outdoors define the functionality of the home, true California living. The furnishings that are depicted in these photos compliment the architecture very well, that is always a bonus in my book. Read More


Mid Century In Studio City California

This mid century in Studio City California is currently on the market. It is so refreshing to look at a listing and see both the architecture and the furnishings belong. I would call this warm or comfy mid century. The place has the right amount of vintage but not to the strict “midcentury legends”. I like the treatment of the ceilings in this home, they look like a natural washed wood of sorts. Those two geometric print chairs the main living area have my head spinning. There isn’t one room in this house that I don’t like. I always seem to find something I think “that needs attention” but this house is perfect, in my eyes. Read More