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New Icons Of Radical Design: SuperGufram X Studio Job

A punchbag in an orange brick pattern. A cooking pot coffee table with its own steam. A moon cupboard. Polyurethane foam mixed with other materials was used to make each of these objects. They were designed by Studio Job for SuperGufram. Confused? Intrigued? Then read on… Read More


A Modern Studio By Lucas Y Hernández-Gil

This modern studio by Lucas y Hernández-Gil has a beautiful minimal aesthetic. The first thing that made me take a second look at this project was the fact that there was a modern slick room that was mostly white and in the middle of it was a Danish rosewood desk and a Snoopy Table Light By Castiglioni For Flos. The combination of these few elements just goes to show that good modern design can work regardless of when it was designed or produced. The large hits of color brighten up these minimal spaces as well. The kitchen floor is somewhat of a mystery. The surface is ultra glossy, what do you think it is? Read More

Historical Studio Apartment With Folk Motifs & Brick Wall

The initial plan of Eugene and Irene, the hosts of this studio apartment, was to find a flat in the heart of St. Petersburg with a quiet backyard for themselves, but over time they started to rent it out. The apartment is located in a historical three-storey building, right opposite the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design – a building with gorgeous architecture and history. Read More


Venice House By Sebastian Mariscal Studio

The Venice House by Sebastian Mariscal Studio fully integrates the concept of outdoor living. The house was designed with the idea of each room blurring the indoor and outdoor living areas. The dark slatted exteriors are quite beautiful. The house is nestled in a fantastic modern landscaping that compliments the home perfectly. The walls of glass that open wide to the outdoors define the functionality of the home, true California living. The furnishings that are depicted in these photos compliment the architecture very well, that is always a bonus in my book. Read More


Mid Century In Studio City California

This mid century in Studio City California is currently on the market. It is so refreshing to look at a listing and see both the architecture and the furnishings belong. I would call this warm or comfy mid century. The place has the right amount of vintage but not to the strict “midcentury legends”. I like the treatment of the ceilings in this home, they look like a natural washed wood of sorts. Those two geometric print chairs the main living area have my head spinning. There isn’t one room in this house that I don’t like. I always seem to find something I think “that needs attention” but this house is perfect, in my eyes. Read More


Riverside House By Wilkens Design Studio

Wilkens Design Studio did a fantastic job on this metamorphic home. I say metamorphic because this home has gone through several additions and renovations. The home is owned by a former Herman Miller executive, that would explain the rooms full of iconic Herman Miller designs. The abundance of glass on the interior and exterior create views that can be beat. The exterior is interesting, it almost looks like a duplex, maybe a split personality. As the owners family grew so did their house. I do like the slatted wood on the ceilings, it some how connects the dweller to nature. Make sure to check out the rest of their portfolio. Read More

Fresh And Airy Seaside Studio Apartment

This tiny studio apartment is cozy, light and seems to smell like the sea. It’s an excellent real-life example of how white interior diluted by water-color accents becomes softer and fresher – a perfect choice for a summer residence. Read More


Bendigo Residence By Flack Studio

Flack Studio is responsible for this stunning home that has some nice features. The first thing I noticed were the walls. I thought they were concrete but at a closer look I think is may be some sort of treatment. Other walls have what appears to be four bolts or screws, tiles perhaps? Either way I love the look. The beamed ceilings and the stone floors make for a great combination. As you look around the spaces you can discover a nice collection of design. I like the color palette, black, white and some pops of blue, leaning towards masculine a bit. I am usually not struck by bathrooms but these have such a perfect minimalism that one can’t not appreciate the restraint exercised here. Read More