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Riverside House By Wilkens Design Studio

Wilkens Design Studio did a fantastic job on this metamorphic home. I say metamorphic because this home has gone through several additions and renovations. The home is owned by a former Herman Miller executive, that would explain the rooms full of iconic Herman Miller designs. The abundance of glass on the interior and exterior create views that can be beat. The exterior is interesting, it almost looks like a duplex, maybe a split personality. As the owners family grew so did their house. I do like the slatted wood on the ceilings, it some how connects the dweller to nature. Make sure to check out the rest of their portfolio. Read More

Fresh And Airy Seaside Studio Apartment

This tiny studio apartment is cozy, light and seems to smell like the sea. It’s an excellent real-life example of how white interior diluted by water-color accents becomes softer and fresher – a perfect choice for a summer residence. Read More


Bendigo Residence By Flack Studio

Flack Studio is responsible for this stunning home that has some nice features. The first thing I noticed were the walls. I thought they were concrete but at a closer look I think is may be some sort of treatment. Other walls have what appears to be four bolts or screws, tiles perhaps? Either way I love the look. The beamed ceilings and the stone floors make for a great combination. As you look around the spaces you can discover a nice collection of design. I like the color palette, black, white and some pops of blue, leaning towards masculine a bit. I am usually not struck by bathrooms but these have such a perfect minimalism that one can’t not appreciate the restraint exercised here. Read More


Mid Century Update By Studio Robert Jamison

This mid century update by Studio Robert Jamison has some very nice features. The front room (first image) was the picture that caught my attention. The room has a very nice balance of neutral tones, very warm. The wall of glass never hurts either. This private residence was design/built in 1968 by Robert McElroy. The new owners have given new life to this residence. I may not agree with some of their choice but for the most part I think they did a very nice job. In the second picture it appears that the floors are either from an old gym or a bowling ally, some serious character going on. Read More


West London House By Studio MacLean

This West London house by Studio MacLean is a wonderful expression in restraint. The restraint come in the minimal palette of black, white, and wood with minimal interiors. The pieces in the room have the right amount of space to stand out and be noticed. The chevron floors really set the tone for the rest of the pieces. The floor adds the perfect amount of warmth amongst the black and white walls and trim. The kitchen is stellar, the walnut and the marble play so well together. I could easily have a space like this but I would have to have a storage room to keep all my junk in. Read More


Peter’s House By Studio David Thulstrup

Renowned photographer Peter Krasilnikoff commissioned Studio David Thulstrup for his private residence in Copenhagen. There are so many unique and beautiful materials and textures going on both on the interiors and the exterior. The perforated black metal stair case is very unique giving the home a slight industrial feel. The house is centered around a glass atrium that floods the different levels with light. Concrete, steel and wood is used in a perfect harmony here. The exterior is made up of thin vertical slats that make for an intricate facade. All I can think of is all of the spiders wanting to live in-between them. Read More