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How To Style A Chic Galentine’s Day Brunch

As soon as stores swipe the tinsel off the shelves, it’s replaced by heart-shaped boxes and all things bright red and pink. When it comes to Saint Valentine’s Day, there are people who love it, others who passionately hate it, and those who remain indifferent to the romance and expectations of the day. Read More

11 Hexagon Crafts That Bring Geo Style To Your Home

Still searching for something new to revitalize your home with the arrival of New Year? It is always hard to find a piece of décor that is beautiful, unique, brings a different dimension to your home and yet blends in with the existing style and ambiance. You need solutions that are creative, crafty and blend into the backdrop even while making their presence felt. In contemporary homes dominated by squares, rectangles and clean, straight lines, a polygon with more than just four sides seems like a welcome addition. And hexagon DIY crafts allow you to explore these additional facets ever so beautifully! Read More

15 Gorgeous Beach Style Living Rooms With A Dash Of Woodsy Charm

It is nice to have a cheerful, inviting and refreshing living space; even if it is dark, cold and gray outside. Add to this space an even layer of lighting along with all the available natural light, add a few beach-centric motifs and accessories and you have a lovely beach style living room. It is barely a surprise that beach style living rooms constantly top the trends chart in some shape or form every year. They are perpetually popular because of the design simplicity involved. Demanding no more than two of the easiest colors to work with – white and blue – beach style living rooms are a decorating dream! Read More

15 DIY Bedroom Storage And Décor Ideas That Bring Space-Savvy Style

Yes, it is the busy time of the year when all your effort goes into kicking back, putting your feet up and enjoying the company of family and friends. As you get things ready for your fun New Year’s Eve party, it is also the tie to start thinking about giving your home a slight makeover as you welcome 2018. Yup, a change in the year often means new decorating and organizational vows that we desperately try to keep! If creating a more organized and efficient bedroom on a budget is one of your New Year decorating resolutions, then we have the perfect crafts to get the job done! Read More

6 Contemporary Console Tables With Fascinating Geo And Textural Style

Console tables have been around for a long while now. But a recent spurt in mid-century modern design along with smart entryways and homes that demand space-savvy goodness has meant that they are now more prominent than ever before. You see even small apartments with very little square footage turn to the console table for a stylish makeover. The multiple designs on offer, innovative new forms and slim consoles that blend them into the backdrop make them even more of a hit! With that in mind, we decided to share with you 6 chic, contemporary and exceptional console tables that are anything but mundane. Read More

Multi-Tasking Room Dividers Save Space In Sizzling Style!

Saving every last precious square foot of space that you can possible muster and use it in an even more productive fashion in your home seems like an endless exercise at times. But every time you declutter, opt for décor that takes up lesser foot room and give the room a color palette that reduces visual fragmentation, your home does feel far more relaxing and inviting. Yes, cleaning, planning and organizing help a ton. But there are times when you absolutely need décor that multitasks and makes your life a whole lot easier. And smart, multipurpose room dividers are absolutely perfect in this regard. Read More

Perseo, A Modern Glass Table For Dining In Style

Perseo is a classical yet ultra modern table where glass and wood enhance each other in a perfect combination.
Built form two of the most used materials in furniture manufacturing, the attractive design of the dining table combines modern and classic aspects in a beautiful way, bringing dining to a new level. This is a prime example of combining great design with quality materials to produce a stunning piece of furniture able to create an illusion of a bigger and cleaner space in the dining room its placed in.perseo dining tableThe minimal and elegant lines are made all more stylish by the transparent top that extends in the legs area and merges with the wooden legs in perfect harmony. Perseo modern glass table creates an air of stylishness, elegance and sophistication wherever it is. Transparent glass top in combination with wood constructs a beautifully crafted dining tables collection that is very sought after. The two elements contrast yet complement one another in their grace, beauty, and sense of elemental opposition.
The modern glass table for dining is created by Paulo Graselli for Tonelli, and made in Italy. The various dimensions and the variety of materials make Paulo Graselli’ s design versatile and suitable for many uses. The pieces from the collection are available in four different lengths: 200cm, 220cm, 240cm and 260cm and the glass is an impressive 1.5cm thick. Legs that are measuring 3.8cm thickness, are available in solid Canaletto Walnut wood, solid bleached Oak, matte white lacquered or lacquered in any RAL color of your choice. Read More