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International Style Home By Louis Giles Jr

This International Style Home built in 1960 by Louis Giles Jr. is currently on the market. The house has such a unique persona. There is a bit of an institutional feel to the architecture here. When entering the house you can’t help being overwhelmed by the shear volume of the interiors. The current owners have some nice eye candy placed throughout their house. The aluminum framed windows on the back of the house are quite impressive. Kudos to the landscape architects as everything works in harmony and only enhances the structure. IF you want to learn more hop on over to Modern Capital to check it out. Read More

Super-Cozy Kitchen Interior In The Mediterranean Style

The Mediterranean Sea kisses the shores of Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey and other warm countries, the cultural mixture of which resulted into the emergence of a self-titled interior style. Just like these places of the globe, the Mediterranean style embodies  light and relaxed atmosphere of the afternoon siesta. Such an interior mood is the choice of people, who value simplicity, utility and ultimate comfort. Its fans are usually people tired of big-city life and being dead against ostentation. And what is the most important room of a Mediterranean house? Right, it’s a kitchen! Read More

How To Marry Style And Security In Your Home

Style and security don’t always go hand in hand. More often than not security products are designed for function over fashion, and it can be hard to make them fit within with the aesthetic that you’re trying to create in your home. Let’s take a look at some ideas that turn this attitude on its head. Read More

North Bondi II Residence: Modern Beach Style With Colorful Flair

Talk of Australia’s most famous beaches and Bondi Beach definitely dominates the conversation. Offering fabulous views of this iconic beach in Sydney while embracing a breezy, modern take on the classic coastal style, the North Bondi II Residence charms you with its unique charm. Designed by Tobias Partners, the house was originally built in 1980s and was in urgent need of a fresh, modern makeover. Despite the difficult access to the lot and the constraints placed by the existing form of the house, the interiors were completely opened up to welcome in gentle ocean breeze and a flood of natural light. Read More

Danish Style In Interior Design: What Is It?

We on HomeKlondike know so much about Scandinavian interiors. In fact, it sometimes seems like this is the most popular style of interior design projects. However, Scandinavia includes a few countries, and in each of them Scandinavian interior style has some distinguishing features. And the small Kingdom of Denmark is not an exception. What are they? Let’s see together! Read More

Brutal Bachelor’s Pad Designed In Style Of A Whiskey Bar

The owner of this three-room apartment with the total area of 91 sq. m. is a top manager of a big company. And a bachelor, by the way. On purchasing a new apartment he remembered that his old friend Natalie is a qualified architect and asked for her help in designing his new home. Read More

Home Amore Project: French & Scandinavian Style Mix

What images does the phrase “Scandinavian style” conjure up in your mind? We can’t say for sure, but whatever interior you imagined, we can tell you at the 99% level that it had a perfectly neutral, apparently white background. And for sure this interior was quite laconic and minimalistic. Minimalism, in turn, implies the presence of solely essential furnishing and décor. In Home Amore project by RIS Interior Design (Taiwan) the walls are also light and for the most part white and the furnishing component is represented only by must-haves. But unlike pure Scandinavian interiors, its austere furniture and décor is touched by the spirit of French style. Speaking metaphorically, in this apartment Scandinavian style created kind of a canvas for elegant and unostentatious French motifs. And we suggest that you have a closer look at each of the rooms… Read More

Dream Country House Interior In Scandinavian & English Style

A young family couple with a new-born kid was dreaming about having a cozy nest close to the nature. And the interior was supposed to be inviting for rest and serenity and letting fully feel and enjoy the comfort of living in the countryside. But it is one thing to build a house from scratch. And it is another thing to be able to rebuild and turn an old frame of logs to advantage. And that is exactly what the masters wanted to do: they had an old five-walled log house with a vintage masonry heater that they wanted to restore and preserve. To make all their dreams come true, the architect put an extension to the old house and organized there an entry room and an open-concept living room and kitchen. Also, she added an attic with a bedroom, a walk-in closet, a bathroom and a small lounge. Read More

Family Apartment In American Style: Brutality & Classics

When the architects and designers of this apartment first met their clients, they were relieved to hear their wishes. Both parties were staring off in the same direction. A young, yet already big family, wished to turn their downtown Moscow apartment into a classical American house. And what is American style? Bold and brash Americans adore to mix designer cocktails, the ingredients of which are borrowed from Spanish, French, Scandinavian, Greek, Italian and other styles. Considered as a kind of “advanced acrobatics” is the ability to link plenty of stylistic quotations within a single space and do it so that a new extraordinary story was born in the end. Read More

Bright Multicolor Apartment In Mid-Century Modern Style

Have you ever heard anything about mid-century modern style in interior design? Even if you don’t, that’s OK. As its names suggests, this style was the height of fashion in 1950s-1960s. And in terms of contents it represented a peculiar mixture of practical American style with abstractionism and pop-art inclusions. Today we’ll have a virtual tour over an apartment designed in this very style for a family couple with two daughters aged 4 and 8. Read More


Mid Century Style Home By Struere

This mid century style home by Struere looks and feels the part. When I first saw pictures of this home, I for sure thought it was older but turns out it was a newer small house built on an existing piece of property that already had a home on it in Hollywood Hills. The small one bedroom house feels larger due to the courtyard and many large floor to ceiling windows. I always get excited when I see new construction that looks like mid century architecture. It gives me hope that someday, even if I can’t find a nice MCM house to fix up I could certainly build something that looks and feels the part. In picture three you get a glimpse of what looks to be the original structure that share the same lot and from what I can see both designs play well together. Read More