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Unboxing Goodness: 20 Box Style Bedside Tables And Nightstands

No bedroom is truly complete without a smart nightstand. It is not just about aesthetics and the picture-perfect look alone. Nightstands and bedside tables usher in an additional layer of comfort even while reinforcing the style and color scheme of the bedroom. A smart, modern nightstand comes in a variety of shapes, styles and forms. From the space-savvy nesting tables next to the bed to those covered in golden, metallic glint, the choice is practical endless. Yet, there is something undeniably classic and equally chic about the box-style bedside table. Read More

Paris, I Love You: Simple Kitchen Interior In French Style

A young family couple, the main characters of our today’s post, was in such a rush to move in their newly-built house that they had no time to finish the interior of their future kitchen. A young qualified decorator who took this job suggested creating a design based on classical French style, one of the coziest and most romantic interior motifs existing for suburban homes. Read More

How To Design Your Home In Shabby Chic Style

The phrase “shabby chic” sounds familiar to many people, but not everyone knows how to use designer tricks and décor specific to this style in a competent and tasteful way. For a start one should realize that shabby chic interiors are about teaching us to see the beauty in imperfect things: scratchy surfaces, loose paint, stretched laces and metal darkened of the age. Despite the fact that a room designed in shabby chic style may seem carelessly decorated and sets of old cans and boxes, broken photo frames and faded candlesticks look accidental, there’s a very tedious work behind them. So that you could navigate a labyrinth of shabby chic motifs and not get overboard with them, we prepared a list of useful design tips. Here we go! Read More

Stripes And Woven Decor: Summer-Perfect Style

Isn’t it wonderful when the top design trends happen to perfectly reflect the mood of a season? This summer it’s all about light and breezy style. Today’s photo shoot brings summer flair home, complete with beachy stripes, woven decor, and a few tabletop treats. Keep reading for design inspiration that celebrates the fun of relaxed summer days, delicious snacks, and easy entertaining… Read More

How To Design A Bathroom In French Style From A To Z

Sophisticated, romantic and airy French interior style is traditionally deemed feminine. But does the beauty have any gender? Especially considering that no one would like to lose a chance to feel the atmosphere of ultimate comfort and feel oneself involved in the spirit of the city of romance. And while much has been said about bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens designed in French style, we know pretty little about how to create a bathroom in this interior style. That’s why our today’s post is dedicated to bathrooms, which look like a piece of Paris in your home! Read More

D+k House: Mid-Century Modernism Fused With Coastal Style And A Green Roof

Picturesque and hip, Mona Vale is a beach-side suburb in Northern Sydney and it is here that buck&simple transformed the d+k House to give it a refreshing, light-filled interior. The beautiful family home with coastal touches was revamped by altering its floor plan, bringing the living areas to the lower level so that they are connected with the garden outside and by ushering in a modern minimal style that also incorporates sublime coastal charm. The fusion of these diverse elements becomes even more remarkable when one takes into account the large, deep soil green roof that gives the home a eco-friendly sheen! Read More

Contemporary Seaside Villa Combines Coastal Style With Classic Form

Set in a picturesque landscape with plenty of rustic charm, Stormvillan in Hanko, Finland is a fabulous modern villa that seems to bring together different styles and even more contrasting worlds! Designed by Mer Arkkitehdit, this seaside ecsape offers much more than a view of the waves with different vistas presenting a trio of completely different sceneries. It is the living room that offers unabated views of the coastal strip while the master bedroom overlooks the beautiful lineup of pine trees on the other side. Then there is the dining area, kitchen and terrace section that opens up towards dreamy sunsets and the distant countryside, allowing the homeowners to take in the many sights and sounds outside. Read More

New Scandinavian Style: What Is It Like?

Scandinavian style, which emerged over 100 years ago, is still one of the most popular interior trends in European design. But over time designers learned to adapt its quite monochrome and minimalistic palette for non-Scandinavian interiors and mix it with elements of different styles. However, introducing non-standard details into Scandinavian aesthetics should be done very carefully and competently, and hence we decided to prepare a list of furniture and home décor pieces that can be safely fit into Scandinavian style. Read More

Unhackneyed Approach To Scandinavian Style In Moscow Apartment

It should seem that an apartment designed in Scandinavian style can hardly surprise anyone. It’s widely popular among designers, decorators and common people, and finding furniture in this style is not a problem at all. However, skeptics keep saying that white walls are dull, and apartments of most European countries are not fit for Scandinavian style at all: they have small windows, lack sunlight, and hence their interiors remind more of hospital wards. The authors of the project we’d like to show you in this post faced this challenge and designed an apartment in Scandinavian style with non-white walls and panoramic windows – an exemplary model indeed! Read More

Magical Kid’s Playroom Designed In Style Of A Forest Fairy-Tale

Do you want your kid to feel like a fairy-tale hero in a forest glade? Create an exclusive playroom for him or her! It’s possible even in irregular-shaped areas with low and sloped ceilings. Thus, Mollie Openshaw, a designer from Washington, managed to make her childhood dreams come true in the playroom she designed for her kids. When she was a little girl, she saw herself as a fairy and dreamed of having a small forest glade right in her bedroom. Now Mollie is a grown-up, but her childhood dreams are still with her, and she decided to present a fairy-tale to her kids. Let’s have a sneak peek at what she did! Read More

Top American Style Trends: Review Of High Point Market Fair (Part 1)

Every spring international designers are attracted to Milan, to the world’s most visited trade fair dedicated to interior design. At the same time every April in the United States of America is marked by an event that is not in the least inferior to European fairs. We speak about High Point Market that is held in the city of High Point and accumulates the best manufacturers of furniture in America. Its exhibition area is about 10 times bigger than in Milan and visiting every stand and show room is just impossible. That’s why we decided to show you a short summary of what could be found in High Point this spring – key trends, novelties, motifs and textures of American interiors… Let’s begin! Read More