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From Place Settings To Serveware: Top Finds For The Perfect Thanksgiving Table

One of our first memories of Thanksgiving is undoubtedly centered round the Thanksgiving dinner. It has its pleasant moments, its awkward ones and one that are plain forgettable. Yet as years pass on, the tradition becomes more important and we grow to love even the awkward silences and accept the boring with the good. And at the heart of every great Thanksgiving celebration is the Thanksgiving table – an entity that demands plenty of attention and care. Even if you plan to invite just a couple of friends and family members, you eventually end up doing the whole gig in the best way possible because the occasion is such. Read More

Perseo, A Modern Glass Table For Dining In Style

Perseo is a classical yet ultra modern table where glass and wood enhance each other in a perfect combination.
Built form two of the most used materials in furniture manufacturing, the attractive design of the dining table combines modern and classic aspects in a beautiful way, bringing dining to a new level. This is a prime example of combining great design with quality materials to produce a stunning piece of furniture able to create an illusion of a bigger and cleaner space in the dining room its placed in.perseo dining tableThe minimal and elegant lines are made all more stylish by the transparent top that extends in the legs area and merges with the wooden legs in perfect harmony. Perseo modern glass table creates an air of stylishness, elegance and sophistication wherever it is. Transparent glass top in combination with wood constructs a beautifully crafted dining tables collection that is very sought after. The two elements contrast yet complement one another in their grace, beauty, and sense of elemental opposition.
The modern glass table for dining is created by Paulo Graselli for Tonelli, and made in Italy. The various dimensions and the variety of materials make Paulo Graselli’ s design versatile and suitable for many uses. The pieces from the collection are available in four different lengths: 200cm, 220cm, 240cm and 260cm and the glass is an impressive 1.5cm thick. Legs that are measuring 3.8cm thickness, are available in solid Canaletto Walnut wood, solid bleached Oak, matte white lacquered or lacquered in any RAL color of your choice. Read More

An Elegant Halloween Table

Halloween is less than three weeks away. Are you ready?! This elegant Halloween table will have you counting down the days until October 31st. In fact, there’s no need to wait until the last day of October to dim the lights, bring out your dark serveware and pile on the decadence. The beauty of today’s featured table is its abundant look…and its affordability! Plus, the color palette is perfect for fall and winter. Don’t think we won’t be making the endive salad below throughout the holidays! Keep reading for all of the details, including purchasing information should you see something you can’t live without. Read More

This Posh Austin Condo Features A Dining Table That Morphs Into Pool Table!

Built to cater to the specific needs of a family of four, W Residence in Downtown Austin is unique in more ways than one. A dashing, dynamic and custom interior crafted by Christopher Sanders of Sanders Architecture with the help of Cravotta Interiors, this exquisite 3,150-square foot condo is now home to a family who previously enjoyed the tranquility and easy-paced life of suburban Austin. The move to a more bustling, urban neighborhood meant that the new interior needed to be a calming and convenient refuge that took them away from the constant rush of city life even while showcasing the glittering skyline of Austin! Read More

A Table For Two: 20 Tiny Breakfast Nooks With Space-Saving Goodness

Space, space and space; it seems we are always in search of it as we decorating and redecorate our homes. There is simply not enough of it to go around and in the congested urban scenery, every inch of it is simply invaluable (or just incredibly expensive!) Small space solutions and space-savvy décor additions help you in getting around this conundrum and maximizing the full potential of your home. Whether you wish to simply have a wonderful conversation with your loved one each morning over a cup of coffee or want a practical and space-saving breakfast zone that also serves as a lunch station, a tiny breakfast nook does it all. Read More

10 Easy And Budget-Friendly DIY Side Table Ideas To Try Out

DIY projects can become an obsession of sorts once you get a hang of them. When it comes to DIY décor, the benefits are several fold. For starters, you can craft a furniture piece that can exactly fit into the style and theme of your home. Then there is the added advantage of saving some cash (at times, a fortune), that you might otherwise splurge on a furniture piece. It also means you can redecorate with ease and without too much of guilt! How many times have you flipped through those catalogs from West Elm or CB2 and fallen in love with a stunning side table that you simply cannot afford? Well, it is time to make something similar on your own! Read More

DIY: Original Handmade Furniture Handles From Table Spoons

Finding new ways of re-using old stuff is extremely entertaining. And it’s especially interesting when it comes to home décor. Why not start from small, yet sweet interior details – furniture handles, for example? Your kitchen cabinets can be upgraded to an absolutely new level of aesthetics thanks to our today’s DIY idea! Read More

4 Golden Rules Of Decorating A Coffee Table + Examples

If you look closer at American interiors in magazines, you’re likely to notice that all living rooms depicted there have several features in common. As a rule, these are a soft comfy sofa of some neutral color, a couple of upholstered arm-chairs and a nice coffee table with many beautiful things arranged on its top. And this very table – not a sofa, a curtain or a chandelier – is the main character of this living room. But the most interesting thing is that if you put a few photos of American lounge areas in a row, you’ll find out that all the coffee tables are decorated according to the same principles. That is true, and HomeKlondike is glad to share 4 golden rules that will make your coffee table as stylish as in a glossy magazine. Read More

How To Arrange A Dressing Table – 15 Ideas

Perhaps, only a woman can understand the importance of such a piece of furniture as a dressing table. And our today’s post is for you! Which model to choose, where to put, how to organize the stuff – everything is vividly described in photos without any excessive comments. Read More