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This 30 Square Meter Micro-Apartment Has A Moving, Multi-Functional Wall

Space, space and space; there plenty of empty space in the universe and yet there seems very little space in our own homes! Part of the reason is the way we tend to fill up most of the free space, often ignoring both aesthetics and the actual necessity of décor piece brought in. Then there are cases when you have to make-do with a truly small interior. This micro-apartment in Milan falls into the latter category with 29.5-sqaure meters of space that is amazingly maximized using a variety of space-savvy additions and unique innovations. Read More

Exposed Brick And Natural Greenery Bring Freshness To This Chinese Office

Contemporary offices have come a long way from boring cubicles of the past and a never-ending sea of gray and beige. Today’s offices are all about combining work, relaxation and an inviting environment with a touch of creativity and uniqueness. Every office space wants a personality of its own; one that reflects the ethos of the firm it holds. Bloom Design Studio in Shenzhen, China follows this path with an interior that is largely clad in white and filled with plenty of natural light. Indoor plants and exposed brick wall sections usher in the necessary warmth and contrast even as the beautifully lit company logo welcomes clients and employees. Read More

Tranquil Zen Aesthetics Welcome You At This Contemporary Chinese Teahouse

The Tea room or the Teahouse is an essential component of Chinese culture and tea is viewed as an entity that drives away negative force from your body, cleanses it and fills one with positive energy. The serene backdrop in which one shares tea with friends and family has plenty of cultural significance and Taohuayuan in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China aims to translate it into a more modern setting. Surrounded by a lush green forest landscape, this contemporary Teahouse presents a clean, refined silhouette. Marble and glass have been used by CL3 Architects in a crisp and clear fashion to ensure that minimalism of the space is left undisturbed. Read More

This Refined Aussie Home Sits Between A Rock And A Hard Place!

Unbelievable as it may sound; this expansive Aussie home does indeed sit exactly between a giant rock on one side of the house and another on the other side! And yet Wolf Architects manages to turn what seems like a crippling handicap into an advantage as they used the rocky terrain to their advantage with a stunning basement that is etched into the formation along with a super-cool six car basement. The list of impressive features at the Two Rock House go beyond just its overall presence as a 25-meter long infinity-edge lap pool, double-story music studio in the rear and sweeping living areas steal the show with their sheer flamboyance. Read More

This Posh Austin Condo Features A Dining Table That Morphs Into Pool Table!

Built to cater to the specific needs of a family of four, W Residence in Downtown Austin is unique in more ways than one. A dashing, dynamic and custom interior crafted by Christopher Sanders of Sanders Architecture with the help of Cravotta Interiors, this exquisite 3,150-square foot condo is now home to a family who previously enjoyed the tranquility and easy-paced life of suburban Austin. The move to a more bustling, urban neighborhood meant that the new interior needed to be a calming and convenient refuge that took them away from the constant rush of city life even while showcasing the glittering skyline of Austin! Read More

This Seaside Bar In Barcelona Takes You Inside A Wave!

Spending time at a seaside bar in the chic neighborhood of Barcelona Port sounds like an invite that one cannot refuse. But what if we told you that it also takes you into a wave of blue; a wave made out of dazzling ceramic tiles and exceptional design! The Blue Wave Bar nestle on water’s edge at the OneOcean Club Port Vell yacht offers precisely that as it envelopes you in beach style goodness even as you enjoy the sight of the port just outside. It truly is an exceptional hangout with El Equipo Creativo completely draping the walls, ceiling and floor in a series of custom, locally-crafted ceramic tiles ranging from deep blue to light white. Read More

Enthralling Cantilevered Structure Meets Eco-Friendly Design At This Lake House

A picturesque backdrop that is enriched by Lake Michigan and a tranquil setting that allows the modern residence in the foreground to steal the show – this lakeside residence in Leelanau County, Michigan has plenty going for it! Designed by Desai Chia Architecture in collaborating with Environment Architects, this dramatic contemporary residence instantly grabs your attention with the 20-foot-long cantilevered upper level and a charred wood exterior that dubbed ‘shou sugi ban’. The dark exterior lets the home standout visually even while ensuring that it melts away into darkness after sunset. Read More

Concrete Beams And Textural Beauty Reshape This Spanish Apartment!

Nestled in a quiet little neighborhood of Bilbao, this refurbished and re-imagined Spanish apartment does all it can to showcase its unique features with a touch of creativity and smart lighting. Revamped by PAUZARQ arquitectos to serve the changing lifestyle of the homeowners, the new interior is filled with plenty of natural light even as textural contrast, exposed concrete girders and beams and innovative, illuminated niches take over. The transformation is anything but mundane with the new floor plan including a dining room within the confines of the kitchen crafted out of wood and glass partitions. Read More