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Fun Kids Gardening Projects To Do This Spring

Spring is here without a doubt and it is time to get outdoors with your children to enjoy fresh air, calming sounds of nature as well as colorful landscapes. The garden is the best place to spend the warm days with your family especially kids, as they can learn, explore, play by spending fun time […]

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Oriental Inspiration Finds Space Inside This Lavish Vancouver Residence!

Design influences from the Far East have always found space in the western world with the likes of George Nelson and Isamu Noguchi wowing the world with their masterpieces. As the quest of the urban denizen to find tranquility and relaxation grows with each day, decorating elements from the East are increasingly becoming more prominent. Embracing Thai and Balinese influences gleefully, this contemporary home in Vancouver combines luxury with serenity in an effortless fashion. The confluence of elements is truly spellbinding as contrasting finishes complement each other ever so beautifully throughout the residence. Read More

Imposing Old Redwoods Surround This Modern Vacation Home In California

The coastal forests of Northern California with their amazing redwood trees are a natural wonder that attract tourists from all across the globe. It is in this stunning natural landscape that one finds the inviting and contemporary Loewinger Residence designed by Shevi Loewinger with the help of architect Ravit Kaplan. This beautiful vacation rental home is both classic and modern in its demeanor as its wooden exterior gives way to a contemporary interior. The design is essentially a blend of the traditional holiday cabin and the modern urban home; bringing together the best of the two contrasting structures. Read More

Amazing Solarium Steals The Show At This Renovated Mid-Century Bungalow

It is one thing to turn a forgotten old home into a cheerful and comfortable setting suited to the needs of a modern family. But the task becomes much more challenging when you need to convert a mid-century bungalow into a trio of modest dwellings along with a cool solarium at the heart of it all. Nestled in Radisson Heights – Albert Park, Calgary, Homeaway was designed by Studio North to showcase how an old residence can easily accommodate three compact homes even while holding a relaxing and practical greenhouse! Read More

Historic Bay-Windows Become A Part Of This Polished Vancouver Loft

Built over a century ago and used initially as a luxury hotel, Terminus in Gastown, Vancouver is definitely one of the most popular buildings for those who love classic-modern loft homes. It is in this iconic structure that a new two-level loft sits elegantly, combing heritage bay-windows with modern aesthetics and urban lifestyle to offer the best of both worlds! The beautiful and space-savvy loft is definitely one of a kind and what it lacks in grandeur, it more than makes up for in efficiency, practicality and prime location. Spread across 1607 square feet, the two levels of the loft work in unison, creating visual spaciousness and sophistication. Read More

Colorful Minimalism Meets Captivating Views Inside This Kiev Apartment

Minimalism is often poorly represented with interiors that lack color and personality often being brandished as the poster boys for the ultra-sleek style. There is absolutely no need to completely stay away from color just because you want a home that is sophisticated and minimal. Refuse to believe it? Then this awesome apartment in Kiev, Ukraine with amazing views of the city skyline and Dnieper River is sure to change your misconception! Designed by Special Project Venediktov, the striking apartment uses blocks of bold color to delineate space even while ensuring that one area flows into the next in a seamless and organic fashion. Read More

Outdoor Decorating Ideas With Hearts For This Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is approaching soon, so it is time to start with preparation for the most romantic holiday. If you are fan of this holiday, then you for sure will keen to decorate your home or outdoor space to create romantic atmosphere. This post we will focus on your home’s outdoors, as they are also […]

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Scandinavian Style Meets Sustainable Design Inside This Montreal Home

A style like Scandinavian perfectly lends itself to green design because of its innate simplicity, practicality and emphasis on the minimal aspect of design. This is precisely why APPAREIL architecture opted for a modern Nordic look as they revamped an old home in Montreal to create a sustainable, elegant and energetic home that is full of cheer. EQUINOXE Residence is all about going green in more ways than one. It all starts with a floor plan that places emphasis on an uncluttered, open look, allowing light to freely flow from one level to another. Add to this smart design that reduces reliance on heating and cooling systems, and you have an absolute gem of a home! Read More

This Apartment Inside Iconic Edwards & Co. Building Acquires A Modern Sheen

Revamping and giving an old home a new lease of life is complicated at the best of times. The job becomes a touch trickier when the structure in question is an iconic building that draws attention both because of its rich heritage and unique presence. Nestled on the 6th and 7th levels of the popular Edwards & Co. Building in Surry Hills, this serene, minimal and exquisite apartment envisioned by Josephine Hurley Architecture finds that perfect balance between past and present. It showcases a balancing act of sorts – a balancing act filled with finesse and inimitable style! Read More