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This Light-Filled Japanese Home Is Built To Withstand Gusty Weather

Evolution of design and architecture is often accelerated by needs of specific landscapes and unique obstacles presented by local weather in different parts of the globe. Designed to withstand frequent typhoons that are all too common in the region, House in Sukumo has an innovative silhouette and a specially crafted courtyard that act like a ‘chimney’ for the passage of high speed winds. Located in Sukumo, Kochi Prefecture, Japan and conjured up by Container Design, it is this distinct feature that protects the home from on gusty days even while ensuring the ambiance inside is left undisturbed. Read More

Magical Mountain Views Greet You At This Guest House In Santa Lucia Preserve!

Ever what it would feel like to relax in a relaxing natural abode that is surrounded by beautiful rolling mountains, pristine green canopy and overlooks dense forests in the distance? Bringing this dream escape alive is the gorgeous and delightfully understated Halls Ridge Knoll Guest House designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. Set atop a small hill inside the amazing Santa Lucia Preserve in California, this exquisite guest house is the starting point of a construction that will see a future vacation retreat complete with a private residence and a workshop. Read More

Roof That Curves Upwards Brings Light Into This Revitalized Aussie Home

If you find us constantly harping on the importance of lighting and natural ventilation while planning for a home, then it is for good reason. Lighting can make or break the appeal of an interior and can transform a dark, dingy and unlivable space into a modern, cheerful setting. This effect is even more profound in case of natural light and the Curvy House in Northcote is a perfect example of how creative design can usher in sunlight into the most improbable places! Designed by Ben Callery Architects, the rear extension of this narrow brick house in Melbourne relies on a roof that curves towards the sky to fill its living area with sunlight. Read More

This Post-War House In Melbourne Gets A Cheerful, Modern Makeover!

The idea of giving old homes a new lease of life with a modern revamp instead of opting for a completely new structure makes plenty of fiscal sense even while saving both valuable time and resources. This is precisely why homeowners in the last decade are increasingly opting for rear additions and smart makeovers to give their aged residences a new lease of life. The Maitland House is another case in the point with Kennedy Nolan giving this post-war Melbourne home a spacious rear extension and a rejuvenated interior. Cheerful, bright and modern, it is modernism with innate sense of minimalism that reigns supreme inside this altered Aussie home! Read More

Custom Metallic Grid Brings A Vibrant Green Display To This London Café

Snacking on fast food is nothing new to any of us. But this café in London treats you to some slow fast food and salad delicacies even as its delightfully breezy interior leaves you charmed! The new Olive + Squash café in the heart of London was designed by Neiheiser Argyros to create a relaxing and yet unique dining experience that combines tranquility with a hint of greenery and a smart, urban ambiance. With a new interior that is divided into two distinctly different spaces, the slow food café seems to offer something for everyone. Read More

Brighton Bunker: This Plywood Clad Poolside Hangout Does It All!

Love the outdoors? So do we and if you are stuck amid the constant rush of big city life, then finding some quality outdoor time can be hard indeed. But that can easily change with a fabulous and practical outdoor hangout like the Brighton Bunker designed by Dan Gayfer Design. Part of a modern Aussie home designed to meet the demands of a family with four kids; the new poolside hangout is draped in plywood, giving it a cozy, inviting appeal. Its open design allows the pool to become a part of the bunker with modular seating and comfy cushions creating the perfect relaxation and party zone. Read More

Is This A Chariot Or A Mini Cooper? No, Its The Ben Hur Armchair!

You certainly are familiar with his perfume and fashion creations, but let us introduce you his Ben Hur armchair. Jean Paul Gaultier is a designer renowned for shaking up the rule book, reformulating classics and playing with contradictions. A true icon of the fashion world, he’s flirting for more then two decades with furniture manufacturing. Read More

Efficient Kitchen Becomes The Heart Of This Revamped Aussie Home

The kitchen has always been the driving force that keeps the house running. But the last few years have seen a major revamp in kitchen design as it is no longer just a place to cook and serve meals. Modern kitchens are social settings that are being increasingly used as a bridge between the interior and the world outside. It is barely a surprise then that this Aussie family wanted a similar, functional kitchen that offered a gathering spot for everyone even while opening up towards the pool and deck outside. It is Dan Gayfer Design who transformed the Brighton East Interior by giving the house a new kitchen, ensuite, bathroom and cabinetry. Read More

This Adaptable And Versatile Office Finds Space Inside A Barcelona Warehouse!

Old industrial buildings and unused warehouse being turned into modern homes is increasingly becoming a common practice across the world. But it is not very often that one sees a fabulous modern office take shape inside an old warehouse. The transformation is even more remarkable in the case of Co-Working Office Designed by APPAREIL in 22@Barcelona – Innovation District, Barcelona as it brings multi-dimensional design and adaptable ease to the modern workspace. Crafted to meet the demand of local startups, studios, city data analyzers, architects among others, the spacious office can easily change with varying requirements at a moment’s notice! Read More

This Sparkling Penthouse In Melbourne Was Once The Trescowthick Tannery!

Transforming a heritage listed building in Clifton Hill, Melbourne that is over a century old into an exquisite contemporary penthouse, Ben and Nicole Roe managed to retain much of the original structure’s unique charm. Used as an old shoe factory, tannery and warehouse over several decades, the building was divided into six apartments with the penthouse definitely turning out to be the crown jewel! The new apartment combines the past industrial elements of the tannery with modern aesthetics, adaptable design and gorgeous lighting to offer the best of both worlds. Read More