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Modern Revamp Involving A Glass Roof Transforms This Dark Victorian House

Lighting is often an afterthought for potential homeowners dreaming up their house. But ultimately it is lighting that plays the most important role in defining the ambiance of your home. An old, three-story Victorian house in Cardiff, the Glasshouse is a wonderful example of how even the most dreary space can be turned into a cheerful, contemporary home using the right infusion of light! Brought in to radically alter the damp and dark interior of this classic home, Glen Thomas Architecture turned to a contemporary extension with a distinct, 9-meter long glass roof to get the job done. Read More

This Flamboyant Café In Kiev Is Made Out Of 14 Shipping Containers!

The Ukrainian National IT Factory promises to be a one-of-a-kind educational institute to those aspiring to climb up the career ladder in IT field. It is befitting then that the cafeteria for this exceptional IT school is equally unique and inventive! Designed by TSEH Architectural Group, the Unit Café in Kiev was crafted using fourteen shipping container units and the interior of this cool café is as spunky and vibrant as its bold exterior in black and green. While the initial plan called for a cafeteria within the main block of UNIT Factory, there was simply not enough space for one. Read More

Box-Style Events Space With Tiered Seating Defines This Office!

When Cox Architecture decided to build their new office in Melbourne, it was a trip that took them down the less beaten path. Dubbed as ‘Box Office’, the new nerve-center of the company’s operations was built to comfortable accommodate individual working spaces for the 75 employees who specializes in departments varying from model-making and desktop publishing to administrative staff and IT support. There is more though here as a spacious meeting room, conference areas, a kitchen, dining, informal meeting areas and a stunning central ‘events space’ find room inside this ingenious new office. Read More

This Polished Holiday Cabin Reflects Laid-Back Spirit Of Cap Ferret!

Cap Ferret is unlike many other holiday destinations across the globe. It is a relaxing and quaint setting that takes you away from the rush of brighter destinations in France and allows one to enjoy pristine beaches, a serene holiday and gives the tourist a chance to experience authentic French lifestyle at its delightful best. It is barely a surprise then that a creative holiday cabin in the heart of this land filled with classic French finesse reflects a dash of daring, plenty of panache and loads of comfort! Cabane au Cap Ferret was crafted by Atelier du Pont to stand out as a modern masterpiece that still invites natural goodness indoors. Read More

Exposed Brick Walls Steal The Show In This Modern Industrial Home!

IT is amazing to see how homeowners are gladly embracing industrial design elements that were considered ‘outdated and unacceptable’ not too long ago. Casa Forasté in Guadalajara, Mexico is another great example of this newfound love for modern industrial design with its interiors combining crisp, modern finishes with exposed brick walls, steel beams and large glass windows. The fusion is both cheerful and aesthetic as the exposed brick wall on the lower level becomes the focal point of the interior. Designed by TALLER 1+1, minimalism, clean contemporary design and plenty of textural contrast delight you at this Mexican home. Read More

This Light-Filled Japanese Home Is Built To Withstand Gusty Weather

Evolution of design and architecture is often accelerated by needs of specific landscapes and unique obstacles presented by local weather in different parts of the globe. Designed to withstand frequent typhoons that are all too common in the region, House in Sukumo has an innovative silhouette and a specially crafted courtyard that act like a ‘chimney’ for the passage of high speed winds. Located in Sukumo, Kochi Prefecture, Japan and conjured up by Container Design, it is this distinct feature that protects the home from on gusty days even while ensuring the ambiance inside is left undisturbed. Read More

Magical Mountain Views Greet You At This Guest House In Santa Lucia Preserve!

Ever what it would feel like to relax in a relaxing natural abode that is surrounded by beautiful rolling mountains, pristine green canopy and overlooks dense forests in the distance? Bringing this dream escape alive is the gorgeous and delightfully understated Halls Ridge Knoll Guest House designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. Set atop a small hill inside the amazing Santa Lucia Preserve in California, this exquisite guest house is the starting point of a construction that will see a future vacation retreat complete with a private residence and a workshop. Read More

Roof That Curves Upwards Brings Light Into This Revitalized Aussie Home

If you find us constantly harping on the importance of lighting and natural ventilation while planning for a home, then it is for good reason. Lighting can make or break the appeal of an interior and can transform a dark, dingy and unlivable space into a modern, cheerful setting. This effect is even more profound in case of natural light and the Curvy House in Northcote is a perfect example of how creative design can usher in sunlight into the most improbable places! Designed by Ben Callery Architects, the rear extension of this narrow brick house in Melbourne relies on a roof that curves towards the sky to fill its living area with sunlight. Read More