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How To Organize A Summer Kitchen: Tips, Ideas And Photos – Part 1

In summer time, cooking in a hot enclosed kitchen, we usually dream about a wisp of fresh air, singing birds and leaves shaking gently: in a word, all the finer things of the country life. That is why today we decided to speak about how this dream may come true. If you’re a lucky owner of a suburban house or a summer cottage, a summer kitchen will save you from the stuffiness and cooking smells that always accompany the food preparation process. However, there are a few important issues to consider before arranging such a kitchen and we’d like to discuss them all. So, let’s begin! Read More

How To Choose The Hallway Floor Covering Material: 5 Tips

For some of us the most important thing about the hallway floor covering is its durability, some people have their hearts set upon aesthetical aspects and others believe that the floor must made be made from exclusively natural materials. There is a floor covering for each of these categories of buyers, and each of them has benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look at all of them. Read More

8 Tips On Mixing Patterns Tastefully In Interior Design

Are you convinced that only professional decorators are able to mix patterns and prints masterly? Of course, the boldest experiments should be better entrusted to a pro, but in fact any person aware of the list of golden rules for mixing patterns can handle this task like an expert. And here they are! Read More

20 Inspiring Tips For Building A DIY Retaining Wall

This warm weather makes us want to stay more time outdoors, and it provides a great opportunity to working on your home’s outdoor.  DIY retaining walls are pretty suitable for a yard, a garden, as they can change the whole dynamic of your space. A garden or yard retaining wall might be a necessary feature […]

The post 20 Inspiring Tips for Building a DIY Retaining Wall Read More

Cordwood Houses: Interesting Facts And Tips

Have you ever stacked firewood in a woodpile? If your answer is “yes”, this means that you can build …a whole house out of woods. At least, that’s what the fans of the most affordable and eco-friendly construction method say. In America the method is named “cordwood”, while Russian enthusiasts call it “glinochurka”, which stands for “clay-and-chock”. In fact, the name makes no difference: the essence of the technology is fixing common woods with a special mortar mix to build house walls. Read More

Billiards Room Interior Design Tips And Ideas

Billiards, or pool, has many admirers, but having a personal billiard room at home is luxury that not everyone can afford. However, given some experience and knowledge, almost any room within a house or apartment can be designed for playing pool. The key point is to follow a few rules to ensure the comfort of playing. What are they? Let’s see together! Read More

Home Gym Interior Design Tips

It goes without saying that sporting activities are essential for a full and healthy life. Exercises are the win-win way to remove tension, but all the fuss of a working week hardly leaves us time for hobbies, not to mention a ride to a fitness club or a visit to the stadium. A nice way out of this vicious circle is the arrangement of a sports zone right at home. And if you are already ready to design a home gym, we’d be glad to give you a few tips on how to make it properly and not at the expense of hominess. Read More

Tips For Collecting Vintage Decor

Do you enjoy collecting vintage decor? A trip to the local antique mall can be like the world’s best scavenger hunt as you load up on interesting smalls, sizable showpieces and even furniture. How do you make sure you’re getting the best deals? How do you prevent your home from looking cluttered as you revel in your new hobby? Read on for helpful tips on collecting pieces from the past… Read More

Windowless Room: 8 Interior Design Tips / Tricks

Replanning of the house frequently leads to the emergence of windowless rooms: they may serve as offices, living rooms, game rooms and even bedrooms. How to design them in such a way that they don’t remind of a dark closet? Read More