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10 Of The Most Exotic And Relaxing Bedroom Views

Bedroom views are sometimes more important then the interior design itself, because they manage to offer a live relaxing environment. In this article we are going to view ten examples of amazing exotic bedroom views that will make you dream.
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Investing in a property is always a challenging business where you need to take into consideration many factors that will increase or decrease the value of that property. From the kitchen space, bathrooms to the area where its placed.
We’re only going to focus here on the exotic views, most common for vacation homes. These types of properties, realistically speaking, are a far away dream for many of us. Owning such a piece of property that’s close to the beach, its a limited and expensive “hobby”, but also one of the best investments one can make. In the case of beachfront properties, the bedroom view is actually very important and you should always look for the best view you can find. Even if you think that is not worth paying a difference in price for that, or that you don’t have time look over the window, in time you’ll feel sorry for that because not only represents a very good investment, but also for the relaxation that it can provide.
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In case you have or just purchased such a dream home, decor is very important also. As you can see, you need to match the interior with the exterior as much as possible in order to create the best place to relax. Wide windows and light colors combine together with big beds in order to capture the exotic spirit and create a very relaxing and calm environment. At the same time accessories are a big plus: pillows are never too many, carpets and lights should be combined with travel cases for storage and very small furniture items that are not too obvious and intrusive.
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Modern House In Scotch Cove With A Stone Fireplace And Ocean Views

Accommodating an old couple who still find their delight in work and their extended family, this gorgeous home in East Chester, Canada overlooks the tranquil ocean and the lovely landscape beyond. The minimal façade of the House in Scotch Cove designed by FBM Architecture- Interior Design hides a more open and inviting interior that completely embraces the natural scenery and the unabated ocean views in the rear. Having been built on a modest budget, the house relies on wood, glass and stone to shape a stylish setting that balances natural elegance with contemporary sophistication. Read More

Concealed Shore House Bewitches With A Green Roof And Bay Area Views

With the first on one side and unabated view of a majestic bay area on the other, the Shore House sits on a prime lot which brings together complete privacy and spectacular natural beauty. Designed by Leroy Street Studio and nestled in North Haven, USA, the gorgeous home with a green roof is carefully carved into the landscape with an entry that is cut in the earth. This gives the home a minimal and elegant façade with only the green roof making a considerable visual impact. But the rear façade of the house is anything but understated as the cantilevered top levels with bedrooms and the lower level living area provide panoramic views of the distant sea. Read More

Inhabit: Tranquil Treehouse With Stunning Views Of Catskills Mountain Range

Living in New York City is an experience of its own and is well and truly unmatched. But there are times when even those who love the glitz and glam of Manhattan and the neighborhood beyond, wish to escape the constant rush and bright lights. Nestled in the scenic town of Woodstock and overlooking the majestic Catskills Mountain Range along with lush green canopy and a natural pond is the Inhabit Treehouse – a perfect natural retreat that is barely a couple of hours’ drive away from NYC. The treehouse designed by Antony Gibbon Designs is as impressive as the views it promises with an interior that is cozy, relaxing and yet unassuming. Read More

Dreamy Sunsets, Ocean Views And Urban Luxury: 36th Floor Vancouver Condo Has It All!

It is not very often that one comes across an urban apartment with mesmerizing views of the ocean and Bay area in the distance, lovely mountains and islands beyond. Nestle don the 36th floor of the contemporary Patina high-rise in Vancouver, this luxurious condo offers all that and even an opportunity to enjoy lovely sunsets as you relax and rejuvenate after a long, hard day. The two-bedroom and two-bathroom corner suite offers 1272 square feet of area along with a 58-square-foot balcony that adds to its exquisite appeal. Yet, its true allure lies in both the relaxing living environment that it offers and an opportunity to escape mundane city rush even as you enjoy the many benefits of urban living. Read More

Cabot Links: Luxurious Modern Villas With Golf And Ocean Views

A rugged shoreline and the vast ocean on one side and a world-class golf course on the other, these villas at Cabot Links bring you the best of two contrasting, yet equally impressive worlds. Cape Breton is the setting for these exquisite contemporary Golf Villas that take you into the heart of Cabot Links even while ensuring that you escape the rush of constant urban life without ever compromising on comfort. The series of two-and-four-bedroom villas designed by Omar Gandhi Architect are draped in wood with large glass windows and sliding doors perfectly framing the mesmerizing scenery outside. It truly is a world in itself! Read More