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Gorgeous Contemporary Villa In Montenegro (Part 2)

In the previous post we started our virtual tour around a beautiful villa designed in contemporary style on the seashore of Montenegro. Now we’re moving upstairs to have a look at beautiful designs of three bedrooms and two bathrooms located here. Read More

Summer Villa In California Blends With The Vivid Landscape

A holiday-inspiring meadow enriched by giant oaks was the perfect site for this summer villa in California designed by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop. Providing the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor, this residence in Sonoma blends with the vivid landscape. An outdoor area with swimming pool and a natural pond add to the image of a unique summer refuge. Read More

Mid 19th-Century Villa In England Returns To Its Original Grandeur

architecture modern residence
Named “The Pilot’s House”, this villa built from brick and flint masonry is an architectural gem. The residence is located in Winchester, England and has an interesting history: it is part of a collection of family homes developed for the wealthy in the mid 19th century and located close to England’s oldest school, Winchester College. Read More


Villa Berkel By Paul De Ruiter Architects

Villa Berkel by Paul de Ruiter Architects is a modern example of a a home that feels somewhat like a mid century house. The long low footprint of the home mixed with floor to ceiling glass walls provide that feeling of Southern California modernism. I like the idea of a single level home, I am not quite sure why but that is what resonates with me. The reflecting pool and water feature outside of the bathroom is a nice feature. There is repetition is shape with the slatting pattern found on the exterior, eves on the deck and the deck plank themselves. These pattern create a sense of cohesiveness. Read More


Villa Spee By Lab32 Architects

Lab32 Architects has a great portfolio full of modern architecture. The Villa Spee caught my attention right away. I like contemporary architecture that looks fairly close to mid century construction. This house feels like it could be from the 60’s (in my opinion). I like the single white box with the parking almost underground. It looks like this place serves as a work space as well. The office with the clear ceiling and the statues is quite impressive. All of the glass on the front and back also give a architectural salute to mid century architecture. A structure like this would be just fine to call home. Read More


Villa Planchart By Gio Ponti

Gio Ponti was commissioned by Armando and Anala Planchart, a wealthy couple that were lovers of art and architecture in (1891-1979) to build their home in Caracas. Not only did they want the architecture designed by Ponti but all of the furnishings as well. The first item that caught my attention was that staircase. The hand railing is so unique and it goes to show that the samples of details matter. I also like most of the furniture as it has strong ties to Italian MCM. The front door with a covered entrance like a hotel is epic. Read More


Villa Cadzand By Earthbound

Villa Cadzand by Earthbound is an open floor plan house that bridges that gap between rustic and design. First thing is first, pay special attention to the floors. The floor are a beautiful organic jig saw puzzle. I don’t recall ever seeing anything so beautiful. The house is decided by a singular long stone wall. Everything in this home was custom made, “Our client, coming from a family business in fashion, was extremely interested and specific in the research for finishes and material. This let to an incredible inspiring journey of experiment and detailing, a once in a lifetime opportunity”. Obviously the clients background in fashion feeds over into the section of furnishings. Take a few minutes and look at all of the details in both the furnishings and the structure. Simply a pice of art! Read More

Pool That Seems To Float Above A Hill: Zero-Energy, Minimalist Villa K

Minimal design is inherently eco-friendly as it eliminates clutter and unnecessary use of natural resources. But the stunning Villa K in Thuringia, Germany takes the idea of minimalism and sustainability to a whole new level with its ultra-sleek design that is draped in a cloak of energy-neutral features. Nestled atop a hill and overlooking a breathtaking landscape, the striking contemporary home stands out visually from the front even as its green roof allows it to blend into the natural landscape. And seeming to float over the hillside is the amazing pool that also comes with a cool solar deck covering! Read More


Greta Grossman Villa Sundin

Greta Grossman is a name that most of us are familiar with. For me, I am most familiar with her work with interiors and lighting but when I came across this home designed by Grossman and I was excited to learn more. Built in 1959 in Hälsingland Hudiksvall it feels like a home you find in California. I don’t know if the house is still on the market but I came across the listing for it. There isn’t a ton of info but it looks to still be for sale. I am willing to bet this is a rare piece of architecture in Sweden. One design element that caught my attention were the mosaic tile floors. Usually this type of tile is used for pool trim or backspaces but its quite nice on the floor. The interiors are open and full of light. This is a great piece of architectural history. Does anyone know how many houses Grossman designed? Read More