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Some Of The Coolest Wall Clock Design Ideas

The easiest way to keep track of the time and ensure you are never late is by putting a wall clock in your room. At the same time, if you need a piece of decor as a statement representing your style, personality and taste, then have a look and choose one of these wall clock design ideas. Imagine decorating your living room, bedroom or dining room wall with a unique clock design that becomes the most stylish asset for your room.
Art du Temps Wall Clock
Wall clocks, have been designed to fit perfectly into almost any type of decor. These types of clocks have evolved nowadays into contemporary works of art that today people can use on stylish interior concepts. If in the past century, they were mostly hand carved in wood, now, with various tastes and technological options, they are made from almost any kind of material having almost an infinity of shapes, patterns and designs.
Other then its obvious purpose, of keeping time, a large clock hanging from your wall can be a perfect and minimal wall decoration idea. Whether you are traditional, contemporary or looking for a retro or antique look, there is a wall clock that fits into your design scheme. These decorative and useful pieces are perfect replacements for pictures or paintings on the wall and have been around for decades being always used for both functional and decorative purposes.
clock with crystals
It’s always worth hunting for something special, rather then just buy a piece that’s just regular. Home rooms usually represent a direct reflection of owner’s personality and its design tastes. If your walls are empty, a both functional and at the same time interesting wall clock design its a good idea to transform them. Take a look and get inspiration from our design finds but don’t be limited only to them. There are probably thousands more out there that will captivate the eye and catch attention.
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Sliding Doors And Multi-functional Wall Shape Tiny São Paulo Apartment

We always adore apartments and homes that maximize available space without compromising on aesthetics and practicality. This smart design is even more evident in ultra-small apartments where every inch of space matters twice as much! The Cazo Apartment in São Paulo is one such ingenious interior where Estúdio BRA used one of the walls to house all the décor, shelving and necessary storage units while the opposite wall is made up of a series of doors that slide open to reveal the bedroom and the bathroom. Despite having an area of just 38 square meters, this Brazilian apartment on the seventeenth floor of a skyscraper still feels cheerful and inviting. Read More

Movable Wall Of Wooden Slats: Marindia House In Montevideo

A balance between complete privacy and an open ambiance that connects the home with the outdoors, Marindia House in Montevideo, Uruguay presents two completely different worlds to you. Designed by MASA arquitectos, it is a series of foldable walls with wooden slats that allow the house to turn a closed living area, kitchen and dining into an open, pavilion-style setting that is one with the landscape around it. The beautiful use of wooden slats also gives the residence a unique façade, setting it apart from others. It also allows sunlight to enter the home in a controlled, filtered manner, keeping the temperature inside cozy and comfortable. Read More

Crafting Time: 11 DIY Wall Clocks That Steal The Spotlight

There are plenty of things we worry about when it comes to decorating our home. Color scheme, accent additions, décor choices, accessories, drapes – it is all about creating a comfortable and picture-perfect home. Of course, there are times when easily look past the little details as we fixate on the large aspects of interior design. One such key aspect is undoubtedly clocks. They seem like such an organic part of our homes. They are just there, constantly on the move; never ever demanding too much even as rest of the room gets a fresh upgrade over time. The faithful clock keeps going and you only realize its true value when you stay at a hotel and look around to not find one conveniently telling you what time it is! Read More

Apartment In Texas Hides Mondrian-Inspired Wall Design

Sanders Architecture collaborated with Cravotta Interiors to design and develop a modern apartment in downtown Austin, Texas. An array of materials and textures make this place vivid and appealing. Moreover, each functional area has its own personality, as you can observe in the photo gallery below. Read More

This 30 Square Meter Micro-Apartment Has A Moving, Multi-Functional Wall

Space, space and space; there plenty of empty space in the universe and yet there seems very little space in our own homes! Part of the reason is the way we tend to fill up most of the free space, often ignoring both aesthetics and the actual necessity of décor piece brought in. Then there are cases when you have to make-do with a truly small interior. This micro-apartment in Milan falls into the latter category with 29.5-sqaure meters of space that is amazingly maximized using a variety of space-savvy additions and unique innovations. Read More

Trendy And Space-Savvy: 7 Wall Shelves With Whimsical Charm

Space, style and practicality – these three entities combine to create the perfect home. For most homeowners, it is a delicate balance between the trio and an endless quest to achieve the perfect blend. The recipe varies for each home, but at the core of it all are decorating principles that remain constant. Any interior that is clutter-free and organized seems far more appealing than one where there is little free space. Wall-mounted shelves add to this sense of spaciousness while freeing up major floor space! With endless varieties of wall shelves on offer, it is the choice that becomes important. And today, we present 7 shelves that promise a move away from the mundane. Read More

The Innovative Baux Acoustic Tiles And Wall Panels

Baux Acoustic tiles and wall panels are new and innovative products made form an environment-friendly, recyclable material obtained from a combination of wood wool, cement and water. The natural components together provide many functional characteristics. The range of sound absorbing tiles and panels offer a host of architectural functions. Baux Acoustic tiles come in six shapes and a wide range of normal colors, plus the option of custom printing colors if wanted. Each piece of the collection is made to mix and match to create any pattern.
The patterns of the wall panels include check, horizontal, vertical, diagonal and quilt, available in a selection of 22 colors and chosen to echo Scandinavian landscapes. Wood wool used in the manufacturing process of these acoustic tiles and panels is created with zero waste in Sweden’s local forests, where local spruce trees supply the timber. Read More

The Multipurpose Pill Wall Desk From Emko Design

The Pill Wall Desk is designed by Lithuanian based company Emko as a treatment against clutter and messy environments. Multifunctional and stylish, the desk aims to make small spaces more useful for your laptop, files, books, and everyday work necessities and to provide a remedy against cluttered living spaces. In shape of a round cabinet that works fixed to a wall, the Pill wall desk can instantly transform into a fully-functional working place, a dressing table, or even a bar depending on the user’s necessities.
The round cabinet can be installed on a wall at any height with an interior that features display and storage spaces. With adjustable shelving system, the piece can adapt to all needs and comes even equipped with sockets and the option of integrating LED lights. Read More