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WallArt: Eco-Friendly 3D Wall Panels Made From Bagasse

You must have noticed that in the world of contemporary interior design flat and nondescript surfaces are being gradually substituted with volume and texture. More and more often, when a space needs some form and dynamics interior designers resort to 3D wall panels. Their textured, three-dimensional look is chic, original and creative. And when coupled with a touch of color and made of 100% eco-friendly biodegradable material, they become a real catch. Read More

11 Creative Wall Decor Ideas

You want to fresh up your interior a little bit, but don’t feel like spending much time and effort, do you? Then this article is just for you. Draw inspiration, grab the ideas and go ahead to marvelous interior design changes. Read More

Damage And The Party Wall Act

If you’re familiar with the party wall process, you’ll know that the initial dispute (or deemed dispute) is resolved by the two surveyors (or the Agreed Surveyor) serving an award prior to the works commencing on site.  However, the surveyors remain appointed indefinitely and have a duty to resolve any further disputes that arise either during or after the works. Read More

Modern Wall Decorating Ideas

If you’re searching for ways to jazz up a wall or two at home, today’s post is for you. An overview of strategies for adding style to a flat surface, the ideas below represent the quick and easy, as well as the more involved. Regardless of which path you choose, thinking outside of the box will do wonders. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Check out the wall decorating ideas that follow and let them inspire your next modern design project… Read More

Hand-Made Wall Christmas Trees

It’s hard to imagine Christmas without a beautiful spruce. In our minds and hearts it has become a true symbol of this holy day. But sometimes our dwellings are too small to arrange a full-fledged spruce, or we start to live apart from our families and just didn’t have time or money to buy a tree of our own, or we have one night off and want to spend it with our kids making something with our hands. Then why not make a Christmas tree on the wall? It’s space-saving, eco-friendly, cheap and pretty quick. Besides, hand-made things are more near and to our hearts. Read More

Four Trendy Wall Colors For Spring 2017

Pantone Inc. has announced the major colors for year 2017 only recently, and the British brand Farrow & Ball specializing in wall paints and paper has already launched a collection of trendy spring colors. This season designers offer to combine bright, saturated, expressive colors with delicate and pastel shades.All four colors are definitely lovely and feel quite familiar despite their pretty bold combinations. Timeless and retro-style Hay and Studio Green, invigorating Radicchio, pure and simple All White — all these hues are sophisticated and can be fit into both modern and historical interiors. Let’s see how! Read More

A DIY Gold Holiday Wall Hanging

Getting ready for the holidays? Kate here, and today I’m sharing another DIY project that will help dress up your wall or front door. The look is monochromatic. And metallic! This holiday wall hanging embraces gold-toned style. I love a good natural wreath featuring greenery, but sometimes you have to dial up the shine. By keeping it classic, you can create a festive swag with a heavenly glow. Keep reading for the DIY details… Read More

Glass Wall House: Custom Design Meets Eichler-Inspired, Modern Flair

The classic Eichler homes are incredibly popular across the globe, with both architects and homeowners constantly drawing inspiration from their uncomplicated and unique roof design and overall form. In recent times we have seen many Eichler homes in California acquire a new lease of life with renovations, extensions and additions that carefully transform them to meet the demands of a modern lifestyle. But the Glass Wall House designed by Klopf Architecture takes an entirely different approach that was defined by the condition of the existing, burned Eichler home and the demands of the new homeowner. Read More