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Black, White And Geometric Delight: Urbane Supreme Apartment In Moscow

Choosing a central theme around which your home decorating and design scheme revolves is an essential part of fashioning that perfect interior. Clarity of thought is even more essential in urban apartments where space is limited and clutter an all too easy trap that one falls into. Offering a window into the heart of Moscow and surrounding its homeowners with black and white images that are used as captivating murals, the Supreme Apartment sets itself apart from others without ever trying too hard. Designed by Gruppa Geometra, this Russian residence and its distinctly urbane appeal, it is décor, wall murals and lighting that usher in an air of exclusivity. Read More


Black White Modern Home

This black white modern home is the work of Thomas Gundorph Mortensen. I like how the entire room’s surfaces are in white. The old crusty beams ad a touch of organic while adhering to rule of monochromatic. Thomas obviously has amazing taste, just look at all the headliner pieces. Those DS-1025 sofas designed by Ubald Klug re one of my all time favorites. The kitchen has a great color palette of grays, black, and silvers. The juxtaposition of the old and new is one of my favorites. The old architecture ads level of depth on texture. The modern furniture stands out that much more. Read More

Functional Scandinavian-Style Apartment In White, Gray & Blue

An ideal temperature of human body is 36.6 degrees Celsius. And today we’d like to show you an interior design project of a two-room apartment, the area of which is 36.6. square meters. Let’s see how such a relatively small space can be made beautiful, comfortable and full-fledged in all aspects. Read More

Contemporary Four-Room Family Apartment In White And Gray

This four-room apartment is located on the west side of Moscow and has a relatively big total area – about 120 sq. m. With a ceiling height of 2.9 meters, big panoramic windows, a nice view and a park nearby, it immediately attracted the attention of the future hosts – Christine and Michael and their two kids. The guys hired a professional team of architects and designers to turn it into an apartment of their dreams. Read More

White Romantic Dream Apartment For Three Girls

A family of three – a mother and her two daughters (18 and 9 years old) – dreamed about an interior that would always feel warm and cozy. And of course it had to feature maximum storage zones for keeping girlish stuff. Their hearts were set upon white color palette in its most airy and romantic implementation, rather than Scandinavian ascetics. They voiced their wishes to a pro, who managed to turn their small (54 sq. m.) two-room apartment into a comfortable and lovely place. Read More

White Nights: Big Scandinavian Family House In Finland

One day a family couple with 4 kids decided to improve their living conditions. The city dwelling that would be suitable in several respects – location, layout and total area – appeared to be too expensive, and the parents considered moving to the suburbs. The family composition imposed certain financial limitations on buying a ready-to-use cottage, and the guys decided to build their future family nest from scratch. Read More


Minimal Black And White Home Nanjing, China

This minimal black and white home is a private residential villa in Nanjing, China, which was designed by Wei Yi International Design Associates and completed in November 2016. This may be a simple color palette but there are some major textures going on. On the main living area I see marble, concrete and cut steel. On the lower level there is a heavy textured wall that may be concrete. The space looks to be a media room of sorts. I like that the walls are black, it makes the room feel cozy. To each their own but I would have to display some sort of warmth from wood. The black and white pallet is such a good backdrop for displaying teak, walnut, and just about another species of wood. Overall the space is very well done. Read More

Color Therapy: White As Snow

With the dawn of a new year, it is always a perfect time to think of life as a fresh white sheet of paper, ready for new scribbles, drawings, thoughts and dreams. Technically a colour without colour, white represents virtue and purity (think of the time-honoured white wedding dress), cleanliness and hygiene (think of the butler’s immaculate white gloves). White is both simple and sophisticated, discreet and daring. White will heighten a sense of space (for example, it is the ideal colour for ceilings) and is particularly reflective. White is the ardent minimalist’s colour of choice and the perfect colour to showcase all other hues. Read More