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Embracing Wood: Smart Acoustics And Cozy Aesthetics Shape Office In Poznan

Gone are the days when offices were impersonal spaces full of endless cubicles colored in beige. Modern office spaces bring along with them a hint of personality even while combining a sense of inviting warmth and relaxation with an environment that encourages interaction and productivity. The Office Space in Poznan is one such setting designed by Metaforma Group that relies on wood, gray and white to fashion a distinct and dashing work environment. It is wood that gives this spacious and exquisite office its uniqueness with herringbone and chevron patterns bringing visual contrast. Read More

Wood Cross Sections In Interior Design: 20 Ideas + DIY

Contemporary designers love eco-style. And what’s eco-style without wood? However, there’s no need to limit oneself to solid wood furniture and wooden wall décor. There is an original way of wood application in interior design – pretty unexpected, beautiful and very spectacular. And also easy-to-make and affordable. We are talking about tree cross sections. Read More

Wall Of Wood: Acoustics Meet Aesthetics At House In Pedralbes

Think of home design and it is form followed by functionality that comes to mind instantly. For some reason, this has become the norm globally. Very rarely do people venture beyond these two parameters and seriously ponder over acoustics. Beyond the fabulous home theater or the spacious home studio, acoustics take a backseat to visual design almost everywhere else. But the House in Pedralbes takes an entirely different approach as its exterior, overall form and unique, curved wooden façade is shaped by a need to keep away urban noise. Designed by BC Estudio Architects, this modern residence in Barcelona sits on a lot that is close to a road with high traffic. Read More

20 Amazing Solid Wood Kitchens

Today solid wood kitchens have been given a completely different purpose as compared to 1990s. Earlier most of the manufacturers were doing their best to hide the wood grain and a huge potential of this natural material under a thick layer of paint or varnish. Fortunately, now the situation has changed and we can enjoy the beauty of solid wood to the fullest extent. Maybe, you’re convinced that solid wood kitchen cabinets are good only for classical interiors, and in contemporary kitchens they would look odd, aren’t you? Then we will show you 20 beautiful wooden kitchen sets of versatile styles and designs. Read More

The Reclaimed Wood, Cyclone Lounger From Uhuru

When you look at the white laser-cut metal base of the Cyclone Lounger from Uhuru, your mind goes to a roller coaster, Coney Island’s famous Cyclone roller coaster.
Is not often we talk about US furniture manufacturers or designs but when we do, we introduce you to a design which you can also find exposed at the Smithsonian Museum. Read More

Thermally Modified Wood: Super Resistance & No Chemicals!

Can you imagine eco-friendly wood that can be applied in an extremely harsh environment, like a bathroom, a swimming pool deck, house siding or roofing, and last perfectly without any treatment with chemicals? Even today the idea of having an environmentally friendly material with such characteristics seems unreal. But it does exist! Read More

Tuareg: Reclaimed Wood Furniture Collection Inspired By Desert

Has it ever occurred to you how many shades of brown color exist in the nature? Of course, only God knows for sure, but there is also an “official” number announced by the world expert on colors – the Pantone Organization. According to them, brown has 195 hues: light and dark, muted and saturated, with grayish, orange, golden, green, red and purple tints. And do you know in which place of the world you might find them all? Read More

Marble, Wood And Modernity: Refined House Addition In Ottawa

A fabulous modern home is about finding the right balance between aesthetics, functionality and a sense of uniqueness. Designed by Gordon Weima, House Addition is one such gorgeous contemporary residence nestled in the heart of Ottawa, where one finds a sophisticated neutral color palette blending in with striking textural contrast. It is the living room where this fusion starts as a marble fireplace wall sits snugly next to the accent wooden wall that holds the entertainment center. Despite white and shades of gray being dominant throughout the house, the interior feels anything but monotonous. Read More

Modernity Wrapped In A Cloak Of Wood: Home Renovation In Megève

If there is one design and decorating trend that seems to be catching on fast and only growing with each day, then it is the expansive use of wood in homes and offices. The polished, plastic surfaces of the 90’s seem to firmly be on the out as homeowners long for a sense of serenity and coziness. Revamped in style and with a touch of modern-vintage charm, this fascinating home in Megève, France enthralls you with its sheer elegance and inviting ambiance. Wood is the true showstopper inside this space with entire section of walls, ceiling and shelves being completely clad in unpolished wood. Read More

Wood, Concrete And Sculptural Beauty: Mesmeric Cape Cod Beach House

Smart architecture is all about adapting to the landscape even while flawlessly serving the needs of those residing within a structure. It is a delicate balance that is enhanced by elegant aesthetics and contemporary overtones. Set on a picturesque dune strip and sitting on the edge of marsh that stretches into the Cape Cod Bay, this gorgeous beach house designed by Hariri & Hariri Architecture showcases this fine balance to perfection. With a concrete lower half that offers stability and a top volume that is engulfed in wood, the Cape Cod Beach House is both sculptural and practical in its form. Read More

Wrapped In Wood: Modern Remodel Of Double Gable Eichler Home

Revamping a classic Eichler home is always a challenge both in terms of design efficiency and aesthetics. Yet, over the last few years we have not seen anyone do it better and on a more consistent basis than the folk at Klopf Architecture. It is barely a surprise then that the homeowners of this double gable Eichler from Mountain View, California turned to best when they wished to revamp their residence. While the basic structure of the house was left largely unaltered, major changes were made both on the inside and outdoors to give the aged home a revitalized, modern sheen. The result is truly a delight! Read More