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Marble, Wood And Modernity: Refined House Addition In Ottawa

A fabulous modern home is about finding the right balance between aesthetics, functionality and a sense of uniqueness. Designed by Gordon Weima, House Addition is one such gorgeous contemporary residence nestled in the heart of Ottawa, where one finds a sophisticated neutral color palette blending in with striking textural contrast. It is the living room where this fusion starts as a marble fireplace wall sits snugly next to the accent wooden wall that holds the entertainment center. Despite white and shades of gray being dominant throughout the house, the interior feels anything but monotonous. Read More

Modernity Wrapped In A Cloak Of Wood: Home Renovation In Megève

If there is one design and decorating trend that seems to be catching on fast and only growing with each day, then it is the expansive use of wood in homes and offices. The polished, plastic surfaces of the 90’s seem to firmly be on the out as homeowners long for a sense of serenity and coziness. Revamped in style and with a touch of modern-vintage charm, this fascinating home in Megève, France enthralls you with its sheer elegance and inviting ambiance. Wood is the true showstopper inside this space with entire section of walls, ceiling and shelves being completely clad in unpolished wood. Read More

Wood, Concrete And Sculptural Beauty: Mesmeric Cape Cod Beach House

Smart architecture is all about adapting to the landscape even while flawlessly serving the needs of those residing within a structure. It is a delicate balance that is enhanced by elegant aesthetics and contemporary overtones. Set on a picturesque dune strip and sitting on the edge of marsh that stretches into the Cape Cod Bay, this gorgeous beach house designed by Hariri & Hariri Architecture showcases this fine balance to perfection. With a concrete lower half that offers stability and a top volume that is engulfed in wood, the Cape Cod Beach House is both sculptural and practical in its form. Read More

Wrapped In Wood: Modern Remodel Of Double Gable Eichler Home

Revamping a classic Eichler home is always a challenge both in terms of design efficiency and aesthetics. Yet, over the last few years we have not seen anyone do it better and on a more consistent basis than the folk at Klopf Architecture. It is barely a surprise then that the homeowners of this double gable Eichler from Mountain View, California turned to best when they wished to revamp their residence. While the basic structure of the house was left largely unaltered, major changes were made both on the inside and outdoors to give the aged home a revitalized, modern sheen. The result is truly a delight! Read More

Modern Industrial Madrid Home Dressed In Concrete, Wood And Gray

The beauty of picking style and theme for your home is the way in which you can alter it to reflect your own taste, heritage and personal preferences even while keeping in line with the overall picture. Local architectural influences, trends of the time and historic events also play a major role in creating and reshaping styles constantly. Modern industrial style is one such delight which seems to combine the simplicity and unassuming practicality of industrial style with modern refinement and latest trends. And this fabulous home in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain captures this newfound style to perfection! Read More

Wood Is Good: 8 ‘Unfashionable’ Wooden Toys

It is perhaps with age and a modicum of wisdom that I now appreciate the true value of good design. Made to last, it transcends the fickle nature of fast fashion, embodying a sense of permanence, quality and integrity. I believe we must face up to the challenge of combating our propensity to throwaway and over-consume, educating children and adults alike that natural materials are in ever-increasingly short supply. As large corporations work to direct our minds towards the approaching festive season, now is a perfect time to reassess our own moral code and think about how we will spend that hard-earned cash. Read More

25 Awesome Bedrooms With Reclaimed Wood Walls

Adding reclaimed wood to your home is an affordable, easy and creative way to give the interior a quick facelift without having to splurge on a major makeover. With each passing week, reclaimed timber is climbing up the ‘hot trends’ chart and it is barely a surprise that a generation surrounded by polished artificial surfaces is now falling love with the warmth of wood! Adding reclaimed wood in spaces like the kitchen and the modern bathroom can be a tricky affair at the best of times. But when it comes to the bedroom, this task becomes a whole lot easier. And it is undoubtedly the reclaimed wood feature wall that is the most popular choice of them all. Read More