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Garú Apartment: Modern São Paulo Home In Wood And Concrete

Creating a relaxing and energizing living environment for a retired couple in Guarujá, Brazil, Estúdio BRA use both color and texture to transform a previously uninspiring apartment. With an area of just 96 square meters, the apartment does not really overwhelm you with sweeping spaces. It is for this reason that the architects opted for an open plan living that contains the new kitchen, dining and living area placed in a linear and uncomplicated manner. Different colors have been used for different rooms of the home to delineate space without putting in physical barriers. Read More

Wood Burning Fireplaces: Review Of Materials & Best Ideas (P.1)

As a proud “heir” of primitive fire pits, a fireplace has symbolized well-being and prosperity of homes for centuries. It is an embodiment of coziness, luxury and good taste. And there’s absolutely no need to have a huge cottage in the suburbs to enjoy this sweet source of heat and joy in your living room. Today’s abundance of bio-fireplaces makes an option of having an atmosphere of a fire pit possible even for limited city apartments. But today we’d like to speak about genuine, wood burning fireplaces – the ones in which you can throw another log and enjoy the lovely little crackle of ember in a comfy arm-chair… Read More

Cozy Minimal Retreat In Stone And Wood Engulfed In An Evergreen Forest

Surrounded by lush green evergreen and hardwood forest on all sides and presenting a rustic, rural backdrop, the sight of the Ridge House in Bonnyville, Canada comes as a surprise any unsuspecting visitor. The lean, minimal and contemporary home in stone wood and glass seems to barely float above the landscape even as a winding entry leads to the residence with a low profile. Designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, the modern masterpiece has stoic lower level that forms its ‘stone core’ while a wooden deck, Douglas fir roof and glass walls make up the top level. Read More

Can I Have A Wood Burning Stove In My Garden Office?


With the rise in working from home and people starting their own businesses the garden office is becoming more and more of a popular choice over a daily commute. With this rise in popularity comes a rise in options in not only the building type but also in certain luxuries like tech to link to the main house and more traditional things like wood burners.

To answer the initial question; yes you can have a wood burner in your garden office BUT there are a number of things to consider and some potential barriers to having one installed.

Why Would You Want One?

There are a number of reasons why a wood or multi fuel stove is a great idea in a garden office. The first is simply because they are great to have. The cosy feeling a stove provides will really add to the atmosphere in your office. For many people garden offices are traditionally cold in the winter and somewhere they spend a lot of time on their own. By adding an efficient heating system like a stove you can combat the cold and bring some extra comfort into the room. Fires are also great for stress, hearing the crackle and pop of a stove during work can be great for concentration and combating stress. A stove is also likely to be a better heat source than other options like electric heaters. Wood can be bought in bulk and is likely to be cheaper than electric options as well as being better for the environment.

1-wood-burning-stove-in-a-garden-office-cottage-country-house-brick-chimney-sketch-green-sofa-coffee-table-living-room-bookcase-sofa-curtains-rugs-cozy-room-log-timber-house Continue reading

Revamped Modern Home Fluently Combines Geo Tiles, Concrete And Wood

Most modern homes tend not to dabble too much with textural contrast. It is not too hard to understand why though, with contrasting textures becoming hard to balance even at the best of times. But this renovated Brazilian home manages to find that fine line between elegance, effortless blend of different materials and finishes and a cheerful ambiance as it brings together wood, concrete, glass and even geometric tiles! The confluence of these diverse elements is truly exceptional and becomes even more appealing when you realize that the home still manages to remain largely understated. Read More

White And Wood: Renovated And Extended Californian Bungalow Down Under

A single-level Californian Bungalow in Melbourne, the SSK Residence was given a modern and breezy makeover by Davidov Partners Architects even while ensuring that the existing structure was altered in the most minimal way possible. The non-intrusive renovation and extension project relied on a new rear addition with twin roofs to give the backyard a distinct identity even while delineating the living area from kitchen and dining. Instead of opting for the more common ‘box-like design’ for the extension, the dashing roof design combines traditional gable roof form with contemporary aesthetics to offer the best of both worlds. Read More

10 Easy DIY Nightstands In Wood To Complete Your Bedroom

No bedroom is ever truly complete without the right nightstand. No matter how modern and minimal your bedroom is, a nightstand always feels like an absolute must. Apart from the visual symmetry that a pair of nightstands can bring to the bedroom, they are all about practicality and comfort. The right nightstand makes your bedtime even cozier and everything from your smartphone and iPad to the alarm clock and your latest page-turner can simply be put away with ease. What if you can get all this and a whole lot more without splurging a fortune? Yup, it is another delightful trip into the creative world of DIY projects! Read More

Wood, Hallway Console With Coat Hanger From Tonin Casa

The hallway is the first impression that visitors will have of a home, and Wood hallway console is specially designed for homeowners that think about decorating this area in a special way. Usually hallways were empty spaces that do not look very inviting for guests, but that fact started to change when the idea of decorating hallways first showed up. After all, why decorate every space of your home, but leave empty the space that builds a first impression? Read More

Space-Conscious Japanese Family Home In Wood And Concrete

Think of space-saving interiors we often imagine quirky desks that disappear into the wall, Murphy beds that only come out at night and uber-creative shelving which seamlessly blends into the backdrop. But there are times when smart utilization of available square footage is all you need to create a space-savvy home that serves the needs of a modern family. House in Takatsuki is a Japanese residence that draws you in with its innate sense of minimalism, contrasting wooden and concrete surfaces that blend warmth with steely, cold finishes and a large bookshelf that stretches across two floors! Read More

Creative Wood Platform Inspires Childish Exploration In Massachusetts

Five Fields Play Structure is a landscape architecture project in Lexington, Massachusetts, that aims to bring the community together through play. Developed by Matter Design in collaboration with FR|SCH, the wooden structure is said to challenge the creativity and imagination of both children and adults. Read More