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This Barcelona apartment with its French inspired come to feel is total of pieces by designers that we all know. Prouvé, Mouille and Perriand just to name a few. I don&#8217t know that I have witnessed this kind of an incredible concentration of this kind of pieces other than a museum. The floors are stunning and supply warmth, texture and pattern harmoniously.&#8220The star of the property is a rarity, the prototype of a shelf in collaboration with Prouve Perriand, who stood behind the dining table-review that appears virtually like a sculpture.&#8221 Read More

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Gorgeous Modern French Interiors (40 Pics)

Modern French contemporary parisian Interiors Read More

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Artistic Interiors By Marianne Evennou

Marianne Evennou artistic interiors are gorgeous. The use of color is quite a skill utilizing much more of a muted palette. Architectural elements are utilised to anchor colour, cabinets, entry techniques and stairs are all making use of colour. There is a dramatic feeling in these interiors, the colours and lighting set the mood for the other pieces to take the stage, ok , that was a weird theater comparison. Make confident to verify out the rest of the tasks. Read More

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50s Design And Style, All Of Them Iconic

50s layout, all of them iconic could be the title of this wonderful apartment. Emmanuel de Bayser a collector, shared his home with Architectural Digest Spain. The confirmation of great design becoming timeless is illustrated right here. The interiors appear so current and in line even though most, if not all the furnishings are modernist pieces largely from the 50&#8217s. Vibrant colours are used pretty sparingly which offers far more significance and emphasis to these pieces sporting vibrant plumage. These are just a couple of of the photos, make positive to click by means of and see the rest. Read More

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An Art Filled Apartment

This is precisely what I would believe of if you explained the phrase &#8220art filled apartment&#8221. I truly like the diverse variations going on. The juxtaposition mainly currently being with the architecture of the creating. to just title a couple of Richard Prince nurse painting, an Alexander Calder mobile, Charlotte Perriand/Ateliers Jean Prouvé, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Pierre Jeanneret. If you would like a small far more eduction as to the pieces in the pictures click above to AD to read through the post. Read More

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A Modern Day Penthouse In Lisbon, Portugal

This modern day penthouse at the leading of a renovated apartment building in Lisbon, Portugal is complete of remarkable clean lined layout. Who wouldn&#8217t appreciated this kind of a clean simplistic layout. I have to admit I don&#8217t believe I could hold my place that edited. I have to much things, which is a fairly lame difficulty, type of. I also observed that there are a whole lot of massive scale photographs versus paintings or yet another kinds of art. I like the big scale photographs if they aren&#8217t to certain. Read More

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Baby With French Bulldog Puppies

Baby-with-French-Bulldog-Puppies-1 Read More

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A Present Day Penthouse Apartment

This contemporary penthouse apartment found in London with interiors developed by the esteemed architect Simon Conder. There are some fascinating issues going on right here. The initial would be all of the &#8220under lighting&#8221, I don&#8217t know that I have seen to several interiors with lighting emanating from the underside of the sofas. The hidden pocked bathroom is pretty great. What about that glass cylinder shower? I do like the clean minimum streamline approach to these interiors. Read More

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A Best Contemporary Apartment

I use the title, perfect modern apartment simply because it is so shut to some thing I would envision for myself. I certainly wouldn&#8217t call it minimal but there is a good balance of materials. The herringbone floors are just crazy nice. I like how the pattern of the floor can be changes with a simple rug providing the eye a visual stopping level. Photos 1 and eight are my favored primarily due to the pieces in people spaces. Read More

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French Romance Via A Poetic Setting Of Antiques And Shabby Chic Furnishings

French Romance Via A Poetic Setting Of Antiques And Shabby Chic Furnishings Read More

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High Modernism With A Homelike Appeal

contemporary french apartment interior design Read More

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Eclectic Contemporary Interiors By The Apartment

The Apartment, a design and style firm that focuses on interiors mixing mid century and contemporary pieces. These eclectic modern interiors have a excellent stability of new and outdated. They don&#8217t only target on residential but just about any interior knowledge that one particular could think of. I do enjoy the eclectic method as that is what my house consists of. I adore mid century and the patina that comes with individuals pieces, but I also like to integrate new and custom features as nicely. Read More

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Apartment Restoration By UdA Architects

UdA Architects has accomplished a wonderful occupation with this contemporary apartment restoration. From a distance, these interiors look clean present day and straightforward. Taking a closer look reveals geometric angles that not only define but direct a consumer. Definition is also achieved by texture. Marble, colour and wood produce planes for the eyes to move across whilst defining various spaces all through. The D70 Sofa and P40 Lounge chair by Osvaldo Borsani in the very first image are pretty significantly perfect! Read More

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French Style Courtyard

french-style-courtyard-1.jpg Summer is around the corner and this French style courtyard awakens dreams of outdoor gatherings. This amazing building, formerly a mill in the 16th century, was converted into a residence by Gerard Faivre. The beauty of the building itself is enough to stir feelings of wonderment, and the contemporary furnishings are the perfect choice for adding a modern touch to this courtyard space without taking away from the architecture and rustic feel of the building. The furnishings along with the brick work, the stone work, the pond, the trees and climbing vines – they all create an enchanting setting for enjoying the sun as well as a starlit sky. To learn more about this French house design, visit Gerard Faivre. french-style-courtyard-2.jpg french-style-courtyard-3.jpg

Read More

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An Exquisite French-Inspired Home

An Exquisite French-Inspired Property Read More

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Masculine Apartment

This masculine apartment might take the title of &#8220best bachelor pad&#8221 but there are some stunning details going on. The rough edge on the countertops had a texture that says &#8220look at me, I am challenging and rugged&#8221 or maybe not. Clearly the spaces are dark with some heavy features and materials such as dark wood, metal and stone. I believe the kitchen is my favourite. Read More

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50 Enlightening Bedroom Decorating Suggestions For Guys

In most situations, modern or modern styles are the most appropriate concepts for men&#8217s bedroom for its ease, simplicity, and showing men&#8217s ambiance. These decorating concepts often have these characteristics: clean environment, sleek furnishing and simple painting, which can give ease, convenience and quietness for the people living in. Read More

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Apartment In Gdynia By MSWW

By Magaly – Classes: Apartments, Bathroom, Bedroom, Decorative Accessories, Dining Area, Fireplace, Furniture, Interior Style, Kitchen, Lighting, Residing Space, Offices, Rugs, Video, Wall Decor    Read More

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Present Day Family Members Apartment

This contemporary household apartment found in an problem of Elle Decor Italy is complete of some extremely recognizable pieces. I constantly take pleasure in seeing the individuals that not only created the space but live in it as effectively. I appreciate the diversity of textures and surfaces identified through these spaces. The marble in the bathroom is monumental in size generating massive geometric blocks. The groupings are artwork are great as properly. Items feel organized but it ale feels a minor natural, not as well significantly in area. Read More

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Traditional Interior Decoration With French Accents

This property is a perfect instance of classy colors and amazing European textures. The Mediterranean design of architecture and interiors is becoming a favored amongst absolutely everyone. The Mediterranean design is depicted in a bit of a variation in nations like Greece, Spain and Italy. There is a hefty Moroccan influence on the Spanish type of décor. The amazing look that you can get with wrought iron, stucco walls, patterned tiles and brilliant textured materials is unmatched. Read More

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Sydney Apartment Renovation

This Sydney apartment renovation has avery clean wealthy color palette. The white and black surfaces bring out the deep hues of the wood. I actually like all of the textures taking place. I am also digging on all of textures happening on the surfaces of this apartment. I don&#8217t know why but I so drawn to the bathroom, so straightforward and clean. Read More

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The Home Of Demetrio Zanetti

I have featured the house of collector and gallery proprietor Demetrio Zanetti prior to, Right here. I recently came across the his home yet again but it seems to be like fairly a handful of things have transformed. If I have been a collector and gallery owner I am certain my residence would change on a regular basis. Even at my amateur try at becoming a collector, issues are usually shifting and moving close to. Does any person else have that difficulty? Read More

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Mid Century Apartment By Stirling & Gowan

This mid century apartment by Stirling & Gowan designed in the 50’s is a nice mid century living space on a smaller scale. I think design choices the owners have made are quite smart. I don’t typically like smaller spaces as I feel that part of mid century is openness but I will have to make an acceptation here. The yellow kitchen is a nice touch, I could imagine waking up every morning and walking into the kitchen “oh hi yellow kitchen” might even help wake you up. The apartment moves and flows nicely from the pictures. Read More

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French Country Retreat By Studio Duggan

Studio Duggan, leading interior designers, refurbished stunning 5-bedroom country house and turned it into  dream family’s holiday retreat. The house is locataed in Joucas, Provence, France and it is owned by London based Brown family. Read More

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Colorful Accents Elevate Chic Paris Apartment

design modern apartment Read More

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