Function Of Art That Runs On The Sun: Sol Dome By Loop.pH


Loop.pH, a London based art and style studio are, in their own words: “intervening at an urban scale to re-imagine life in the city”. They weren’;t kidding when it comes to the Sol Dome – a solar light art set up in Midland, Michigan (initially element of a regional ar2rk festival). The piece is created to change with it’;s surroundings, the way a plant will adapt to its atmosphere. 1000’;s of interconnected fiber optics make this a living, breathing perform of ar2rk that runs on the sun. And the total piece weighs only forty kilograms (about 88 lbs) – an amazing feat when you appear at the size and spectacle of it! It also can make the Sol Dome really transportable and the solar powered LEDs imply it will be at property anywhere there’;s sun for fuel. Loop.pH is interested in moving towards what it calls “a living architecture that photosynthesises, moves and orientates in accordance to the sun”. Although it’;s all very science-based (the geometry of the Sol Dome is primarily based on the bonds between carbon atoms, for instance) — it truly is also an emotional piece of art and one that seems to be alive as it moves itself. The construction responds to its surroundings, and to the sun, as if it have been a living, breathing plant. The potential is right here – underneath this responsive lighting dome. What brilliant factors can you see for this engineering?

The Sol Dome by Loop.pH from Dezeen.

The video demonstrates the transformation from day to evening.

sol-dome-by-loop-ph-solar-light-show-2.jpg sol-dome-by-loop-ph-solar-light-show-3.jpg

It’;s like a living, breathing thing, continuously altering.

sol-dome-by-loop-ph-solar-light-show-4.jpg sol-dome-by-loop-ph-solar-light-show-5.jpg

By daylight, it’;s rather unimpressive. But the show commences at dusk!


Much more info: Loop.pH

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