10 Luxury Outdoor Bathtubs For The Ultimate In Relaxation

When it comes to having the perfect setup, the addition of outdoor bathtubs can be an amazing way to relax in a serene setting.  The truth is that many of us don’t live in a place where having one is practical.  It could be that neighbors are right next to you or that the weather is unfavorable.  Think for a minute about a private tropical retreat or a house in the country.  Both of those settings would be optimal for adding this extra luxury.   Some day when you get that special vacation property, consider the amount of relaxation you could get soaking and taking in the scenery. Read More

20 Modular Sofa Designs With Modern Flair

Today’s post is totally modular! Because when it comes to modular seating such as sectional sofas, you can piece together the perfect combination for your interior. From compact selections to large pieces that seat an army, we’ve got you covered. Check out the 20 modular sofa designs below for inspiration. And if you’re shopping, there are helpful links with purchasing information. Enjoy… Read More


School Of Hospitality And Tourism Portalegre

The School of Hospitality and Tourism Portalegre designed by Correia Ragazzi Architects and Co-authorship Eduardo Souto de Moura and Graça Correia. At first glance I thought this was a house and said to myself “I want that for my house”. Then I did a Google translate and found that it was a school. I wish my schools would have looked like this. I like the low long slung reach of the house with glass on either end. I bet the view isn’t bad either. Read More