Mid Century By Tetsuo Takayanagi

Tetsuo Takayanagi built this home in 1959 for his sister Ukai Takayanagi Fumiko and her family. When you have a view of the Golden Gate Bridge mixed with an amazing architect how can you go wrong? The high ceilings in the main living room facing the bay just adds that much more drama to this stunning post and beam home. It feels and appears that the house has been kept in almost all original condition. I applaud the owners for respecting the design of the house and not making in over in a contemporary manner. I think I even spy some terrazzo floors going on. Terrazzo is one of those materials I think is a signature design element of a mid century modern house. The place happens to be on the market. Read More


Medical Center Turns Modern House

Medical Center turns modern house is not a phrase you see that much. Pleysier Perkins did a stunning job with this transformation. I would have never thought this was anything other than the house it is. I dig the cube or square structure, along with the echoing shape of the windows. How lucky are you if you have room for a live tree in your house. It feels like there are volumes within volumes, like the shell houses other pieces. The architecture of the stairs is nice. Why am I always drawn to a cool vintage car and a modern house? If you have some extra time I would go visit Pleysier Perkins website they have some really great projects. Read More


Modern Cantilever House By Forestgreen

This modern cantilever house by Forestgreen is a beautiful example of volumes with one on a overhang. The silhouette and the architecture of the house is stunning. The house grabs your attention right away. This project is aptly name the “Treehouse”. The upper level does remind me of a tree house especially how it sits on a pair of stilts. I like the use of materials as well. The concrete box fortifies the fact that it is a sturdy perch for the upper structure. The house was obviously built around some older trees which most new homes don’t get that opportunity. The interior highlight has to be that amazing floating stair case. Read More

Poul Kjærholm: The Archetypical Furniture Architect

The Danish designer Poul Kjærholm (1929 – 1980) was a creative genius. A “furniture architect” (a designation he preferred over that of “designer”), he produced a celebrated collection of furniture that is today an intrinsic part of Denmark’s design DNA. Read More

The Art Of Collaborative Design

A powerful design collaboration is fresh and inspiring! Perhaps your favorite designer has teamed up with a favorite brand to create a new product, such as a chair. Or maybe the work of a beloved Etsy artisan is for sale through a favorite retailer. With the design climate changing, more and more individuals have found a way to express their creativity (and get noticed). When a well-known brand spots a talented designer, true magic can occur. Read on to discover a collection of furnishings and decor that beautifully illustrate the art of collaborative designRead More


Reconstruction Of A Fred Bassetti Home

This Fred Bassetti home in the Pacific Northwest received a complete reconstruction by Chadbourne + Doss Architects. When I first saw this house I assumed it was new construction but I am glad to see that the house was reinvented. I don’t know what condition the house was in before but I like the new digs. I like the juxtaposition of the metal exterior amongst the lush vegetation of Seattle. For being surrounded by trees the interiors have plenty of light thanks to the many walls of glass and some well placed skylights. With all of the black floors some teak pieces would look amazing in these spaces. I feel like this would be the ultimate bachelor pad. Read More

How To Display Your Capsule Wardrobe

If curating a manageable batch of mix-and-match clothing appeals to you, you may be ready for a capsule wardrobe! Did you catch our post on the capsule wardrobe concept? The idea is to simplify by curating a collection of your favorite clothing and accessories, including shirts, skirts, pants, jackets, shoes, belts and more. Yet “more” isn’t the word of choice when it comes to capsule wardrobes. In fact, less is more! Rather than wearing everything in your closet, the key is wearing a smaller number of beloved items for a season. [photo from Working Look] Read More

Small Tropical Style Beach House Opens Up To The World Outside

Space is often the biggest issue in most modern homes with many of us looking to find that extra square foot that we feel would make all the difference. But when it comes to a lovely vacation home on the beach, one does not really need a whole lot of room and even the smallest beach house can fill your idyllic summer afternoons with unabated joy. Nestled in a private little nook on a remote island in Far North Queensland, Australia, this gorgeous one-bedroom beach house connects with the view outside by altering the traditional indoor-outdoor dynamic. Read More