DIY Paper Weaving For Easy, Modern Art

freshome diy wall hanging

Welcome to our very first DIY on Freshome.

Today we’re going to do a bit of weaving. Recently, woven crafts have become a trendy way to decorate walls with colorful yarn and fabric designs in all colors and sizes. With a little practice and patience, they create stunning results. Read More


Interiors Captured By Anita Calero

Anita Calero is a talented photographer with is skill in the interior design world. I Found this article on a Spanish website so not that sure what is being said and Google translate isn’t helping, so… I think this is a residence of Anita done in a natural modern lived in feel. I love this place, it looks and feels like it may be a vacation home or a get away cabin. The simplicity of the architecture is spot on. The wood trim matching the ceiling wood is a harmonious thing of beauty. That first picture could almost be a perfect room, YES? Read More

Awesome Ideas To Use Your Narrow Side Yard

A well-designed garden, backyard or other home’s outdoor space is the best spot for your outdoor relaxing. Every inch of space is well worth stealing, we should make good use of it. But sometimes, a space such as a side alley or yard is still usually overlooked. How to make good use of such a […]

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Balboa Highlands Mid Century Eichler

This mid century Eichler in Balboa Highlands California is a reminder that I never get tired of looking at Eichler’s work. The only negative that is more of personal preference is the kitchen, it feels disjointed with the materials and colors going on. The rest of the house looks great and its furnished appropriately. First time on the market in over 20 years, this would be a great place to raise a family. The color palette is nice, while not being over the top. The orange front door adds that extra pieces of interest and character. Read More

An Island Retreat: Cabin With Green Roof Offers A Cozy, Magical Escape

A beautiful holiday home and weekend getaway that is removed from the constant rush of daily life and enveloped in natural goodness is something we all crave for. Add to this idyllic image a family cabin nestled on an island that can only be reached by boat, and you have the exquisite Go Home Bay Cabin in Ontario, Canada. Perched on a lovely little lot that overlooks the shoreline, this dreamy cabin epitomizes the classic architectural style of vacation homes in the Georgian Bay while giving those inside a chance to enjoy modern comfort and panoramic views. Read More


Design By Studio Razavi Architects

Studio Razavi Architects has a nice portfolio full of diverse projects but one theme is common, modern. The clean modern design found throughout this studios work is minimal and well designed. Of course my favorite of these interiors are the older building with a lot of architectural and molding detail that has been painted all white. The details of the architecture take on a monochromatic feel but provide a nice blank canvas for a collectors pieces. If you have some time make sure to check out their work. Read More

DIY Galvanized Stock Tank Pool To Beat The Summer Heat

It can be said that having a private pool in the backyard during the summer heat is everybody’s dream. If you are lucky enough to have your own swimming pool, you can jump into it to beat the heat; but if not, you can also be cooling off in a simple pool such as here’s […]

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The Best Solar Panels For 2016 — And Beyond

In her book Bread, Wine, Chocolate, journalist Simran Sethi explores the idea of setting our tastes based on what is ethical. She gives the example of wild-grown coffee, which is gentlest on the environment but, when brewed, doesn’t match our typical idea of what good coffee tastes like. (It tastes “earthy,” or in other words, kind of like dirt.) But tastes are subjective, and they change throughout our lifetime. So, what if we made the conscious effort to shape them based on the changes we want to see in the world? Read More

Filled With The Romance Of Art And Books: Brooklyn Heights Loft

The inimitable style of lofts in Brooklyn is renowned globally, with homes all across the world trying to replicate its unique industrial-chic flavor. Part of an old YMCA building in Brooklyn Heights, this gorgeous loft is nestled on the top two levels of an aged building that was converted into apartments in the early 1980s. Shaking off its dark and cluttered look, the revitalized loft designed by Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design is a hip dwelling that embraces the personality of its owners gleefully. With a grand and adjustable bookcase wall one side and colorful artwork on the other, the living area of this renovated home is truly fascinating. Read More