Fitting Lounge, Kitchen, Bedroom, Dining Room & Study In 44 Sq. M

44 square meters is not so much, especially if you’re young and married, and wish to have a full-fledged bedroom, a living room, a dining zone and a comfortable work area. However, a qualified designer was able to meet the challenge and put all the wishes of the masters to reality. How could this be possible? Let’s see! Read More

Wood Cross Sections In Interior Design: 20 Ideas + DIY

Contemporary designers love eco-style. And what’s eco-style without wood? However, there’s no need to limit oneself to solid wood furniture and wooden wall décor. There is an original way of wood application in interior design – pretty unexpected, beautiful and very spectacular. And also easy-to-make and affordable. We are talking about tree cross sections. Read More

A Bird’s-Eye View Of Budapest: Hilltop House With Twin Gable Roofs

The striking image of a classic pitched roof combined with refined, contemporary design and doubled just to make sure that it all looks even more spectacular – the dashing V-House set on a hilltop North-East of Budapest is indeed a masterpiece! Designed by Reload Építészstúdió as a two-generation family house, the twin structures that shape the façade of this modern residence give it a distinct identity even while moving away from the more mundane architectural style prevalent in the region. But there is a lot more to admire at this elegant home beyond its beautiful gable roofs and spacious interior. Read More

7 Easy Steps To A Warm And Cozy Bathroom Without Any Renovation

The bathroom is a special place in the house. Its personal, even intimate concept deserves a special approach to its interior design. To be able to relax in this room, we need something more than just a hot bath, something more than just physical warmth – the sense of comfort and warmth must be emotional as well. And we on HomeKlondike know that the emotional image of the room is created by means of décor. That is why we decided to show our readers seven designer tricks that can make the bathroom feel warmer and cozier without any refurbishment. Read More

Combine Sofa Collection By Numen/For Use For Prostoria

The Prostoria Combine sofa collection is distinguished by its unique line, which extends along the entire length of the sofa and thus shapes its overall design. Combine is a unique sofa system, which can be configured from a 2 or 3-seater sofa to an L-sofa. Read More


Double Gable Rummer In Beaverton

This double gable Rummer in Beaverton Oregon has gone through a nicely done renovation. Portland has a long history of Rummer homes, sort of like Eichler houses in California. The atrium housed by a double gable is a central area that for me defines the home. I feel like the house has kept its character and was not overly done in contemporary finishes. The wood slatted ceilings and the dark beams create an awesome drama that sets the house off! The front of the house is underwhelming and doesn’t let anyone know just how amazing the house is. The house is currently on the market, its only three hours away, maybe I should move. Read More

Wall Of Wood: Acoustics Meet Aesthetics At House In Pedralbes

Think of home design and it is form followed by functionality that comes to mind instantly. For some reason, this has become the norm globally. Very rarely do people venture beyond these two parameters and seriously ponder over acoustics. Beyond the fabulous home theater or the spacious home studio, acoustics take a backseat to visual design almost everywhere else. But the House in Pedralbes takes an entirely different approach as its exterior, overall form and unique, curved wooden façade is shaped by a need to keep away urban noise. Designed by BC Estudio Architects, this modern residence in Barcelona sits on a lot that is close to a road with high traffic. Read More

Add Privacy To Your Garden Or Yard With Plants

It is difficult to have a little more privacy in yards and gardens, when you are living in a densely populated district. But it doesn’t mean that you can not create your very own personal retreat where the whole family can relax in privacy and peace. The most practical solution might be to build a […]

The post Add Privacy to Your Garden or Yard with Plants Read More

Etched Into The Landscape: Dramatic Deep House With Box-type Corner Windows

Challenging conventions and pushing the boundaries of what is possible and what constitutes good design, the Deep House in South Korea is all about exploring new frontiers. Designed with care and creativity by architect Homin Kim of poly.m.ur across a period of 6 years, this stunning contemporary home draws your attention with its inimitable silhouette, fabulous use of windows and innovative spatial solutions that shape a room-within-a-room. Effortlessly becoming a part of the landscape, despite standing out visually, the polished exterior of the house is surrounded by lush green canopy. Read More

The Revival Of The Womb Settee By Eero Saarinen

The Womb Settee by Eero Saarinen was out of production for a while, but never “out of style” as its manufacturer says. The always modern settee was re-introduced in production and into Knoll’s 2016 furniture collection. Read More

What’s New In The World Of Wash Basins: Auto-Clean, Matte & Slim?

In the previous posts we already mentioned the IHS Exhibition dedicated to the world of bathroom design that is held twice a year in the German city of Frankfurt an Mein. This exhibition always has something amazing to show us, and this spring was not an exception. We decided to show you the best exhibits of the fair and suggest that we start from new designs and functions in the segment of washbasins. Read More