10 Nifty Home Office Ideas From Milan 2016

Many of us fail to notice the versatility of the modern home office and the way in which it can enhance the quality of your life in more ways than one. Modern home offices are much more than a mere place to bring some of your office work home. For some, it is a full-fledged office space from 9 to 5 as working from home is becoming more and more common thanks to latest technology that makes it a whole lot easier. Then there are those home offices that double as playrooms, guestrooms and TV rooms! And today we take a look at inspirations from Salone del Mobile 2016, that will help give your own home office a quick facelift. Read More

Faux Plants: Yes Or Naux?

To many design lovers, faux plants are less than ideal, often shunned in favor of fresh greenery. Some argue that a few snips from the plant life outside your door are so much more appealing than a plastic representation of the perfect leaf or cluster. But in recent years, houseplants have become a design staple. The more, the better! And it can be hard to keep a large number of indoor plants alive, especially if you’re a busy person or your abode is short on natural light. Not to mention, faux plant design is getting better with each passing season. Below we’ll tell you why, and we’ll let you decide if you’re ready to welcome man-made greenery into your home. Or if your answer to faux is still “naux”! Read More

Cube-Shaped House In Chilie Takes In Dramatic Sea Views

architecture modern residence
House D by PANORAMA + WMR Architects is defined by minimalist architecture and a dramatic location on top of a cliff, 215 feet above the sea. The project in the coastal village of Matanzas, Chile was especially envisioned as a holiday retreat for a couple and their son. Read More


Mid Century In Utah By William Pereira

This mid century in Holladay Utah by William Pereira is a stunning and rare example of a higher level of modernism. Higher level meaning that even in 1969 this wasn’t your grandma’s single level rancher. I like all of the finishes that are happening from stone to parquet flooring to warm woods on the wall. The size of the house and the 1.6 acres it sits on are impressive as well. It does look like the landscaping would need a refreshing. The home is being put on the market for the first time, could you imagine calling this place home? Read More

4 Modern And Chic Ideas For Your Home Office

Everyone has a different set of needs for their workspace, so many design ideas are by no means one-size-fits-all. However, that doesn’t mean that creating the perfect office space is impossible, far from it. Read More


Modern Abstract Art By Trine Panum

Trine Panum creates some beautiful modern abstract art. I was cruising Pinterest and came across one of her paintings and was instantly intrigued. The layers and depth of color are what give these pieces personality. I have to laugh when people see art like this and say “I could do that” or “my five year old could make that”, guess what not hey and you can. There is a cool video showing her paint. I am throughly curious to watch artist create no matter what the medium is. I like the pieces that have a large amount of color, they would meld right into a contemporary or mid century home. Read More

House JJ: Taking In The Sights, Sounds And City Lights Of Amparo

Perched atop a steep, hilly site, House JJ in Amparo, São Paulo makes most of the unique position it occupies and ensures that it the landscape around it that ends up being the showstopper at this expansive and open contemporary residence. It is the view outside filled with rolling hills, the sight of bright city lights after sunset and endless greenery that defines the pavilion-styled upper level of the home where glass walls redefine the indoor-outdoor dynamic. Designed by Obra Arquitetos, it is the dining room, spacious living area and a classy kitchen black and white that make up this floor. Read More

A Cabin Unlike Any Other Overlooks Rugged Coastline And Forest Canopy!

This gorgeous and unique cabin located on an isolated and scenic lot along the Cape Breton coastline in Nova Scotia brings along with it much more than design excellence. Dubbed as the cabin at Rabbit Snare Gorge, it carries with it plenty of nostalgia for the homeowner and this landscape has been a part of the family for generations. With a rugged coastline on one side that sees arguably some of the roughest weather on the planet and a beautiful forest on the other, the cabin is perfectly placed to make the most of the amazing views on offer. This is precisely why Design Base 8 and Omar Gandhi Architect opted for a three-story structure that towers over the forest canopy with elegance! Read More


Modern Geometric Rugs By Odabashian

These modern geometric rugs by Odabashian caught my attention right away and I was truly impressed. The section of their website that spoke to me was they “collaborations” they have created to stunning pieces with some very creative people. Pedro Friedeberg, Rafael Barrios, Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, Lance Wyman, Joe Doucet and Gonzalo Tassier to name a few. The optical rugs that communicated dimension are great. but my favorite is the Pedro Ramirez Vazquez rug seen in the first picture. Read More

Villa U In Denmark: A Home Dressed In Dark Patinated Zinc And Glass

A contemporary home with a striking façade and panoramic landscape all around; Villa U is a visual treat for those who adore urban comfort wrapped in natural goodness. Designed by C.F. Møller, this is a two-story, single-family residence in Aarhus, Denmark that presents a unique and dramatic exterior draped in dark patinated Zinc, a hint of hardwood, and of course, plenty of glass! The spacious residence makes the most of the unique scenery that surrounds it by ensuring that every room in the house has a great view of the sights and sounds outside. Read More

Old Dutch Classroom Transformed Into Creative Family Home

Open main floor and staircase - creative family home Amsterdam
An old school building in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, was recently converted into a series of private homes. This particular apartment, designed by Standard Studio, addresses the contemporary needs of a family of five. “The teacher’s lounge was remodeled into the bedrooms and the classroom into the living space,” the designers explained. Read More