This & That…finish Of May Possibly

Here is what I have been up to…
one. It really is a good notion to keep a bottle of Oxi-Clean next to the hamper in the bedroom but that bottle is so unattractive! I poured mine into a clean spray bottle and gave it a chic new label. So much much better.
2. Began doing work on the “peel and stick” vinyl gold stars in Ariel’s foyer—we’re doing the ceiling, too. When it is carried out it ought to look like wallpaper!
three. Purchased a patio set on Craig’s list but I hated the colour of the authentic wood so I gave it a coat of dark wood stain and it appears like new.
four. Sometime flowers are overrated…just seem at this stunning concrete planter with numerous shades of greens.

Have a excellent weekend and Shabbat Shalom!
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Glass And Wooden Volumes Highlighting A Fresh Landscape: Bray’s Island Residence

architecture wood glass residenceThe Bray’s Island SC Contemporary II Residence by SBCH Architects is positioned in Brays Island Plantation, a personal nation club in Sheldon, South Carolina, USA. Its modern character is unveiled by a series of linked volumes, paying out tribute to minimalism. Asymmetry is a main characteristic of the architectural strategy, every single point of view offering new and surprising geometrical shapes. Large expanses of glass connect every interior with the vibrant surrounding landscape, while making certain an abundance of natural lighting during the residence. Read More

Summer Time Home In Argentina Defined By Twisted Concrete Columns

Positioned on the shores of a Patagonian lake in Rio Negro, Argentina, this summer time residence by NE-AR is a redesign of an current dwelling on the internet site. According to the architects, the interior area was characterized by “a deep dark dinning- living spot with constrained relation to the outside with a deficient connection in between the kitchen and the private and public rooms. At the same time, the small size bedrooms were inefficient to cope with the real household growth.” The solution was a new extension, which plainly separates the public and private regions. architecture modern residence
The layout was planned as follows: “While the current home will host two big bedrooms, the main bathroom in the ground floor and a secondary bedroom in the 1st level, all public locations will be linearly organized within the extension volume: open kitchen, dining location and the lounge region all these spaces will share a wide open wooden terrace deck facing and open to the lake shore.” Reinforced concrete was the principal materials employed for the new addition the highlights of the style are four inverted beams which converge in the only load bearing vertical component of the property, a magnificent column integrating a fireplace. [Photography: Mike Mercau]
style modern residence
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Studio Pottery By Lucie Rie

The other day I came across a piece of pottery by Lucie Rie and fell in really like. The shapes are so minimum and inviting. The balance among the simplicity of the form and the complexity of the colours is spectacular. The pieces with all of the intricate lines function won me above, so beautiful. Lucie Rie (1902-1995), Viennese emigre, set up studio in London, pre-WWII, was a leader for English potters and studio pottery in the 20th century. Her function is the embodiment of the Japanese aesthetic of ‘wabi-sabi‘, the acceptance of impermanence and imperfection. Read More