The Cereal ABODE In London

The Cereal ABODE in London is the work of interior designer, Tina Norden of Conran & Partners. They used a material palette of polished concrete, brass, marble and black joinery to reference the industrial history of this location in an understated and luxurious way. The interiors are warm and cosy with a minimal approach. I like the balance and verity of natural materials used. I think they certainly took advantage of that amazing view of the river. Read More

10 Fresh Living Room Interior Ideas From Designers’ Instagrams

We continue our series of posts, in which we share the best and most relevant ideas and interior design projects from Instagram accounts of professional architects, designers and decorators. By tradition, we try to show you a range of versatile styles, finishes and color schemes. And today our focus will be on living rooms. Read More

Designer Wall Coverings From The Glamora Collections

Designer wall coverings play an important part in giving your home a completely new and fresh look. Nowadays, wall coverings have a wide variety of designs and patterns that can suit the mood and taste of everyone.
If you were to buy a vinyl wallpaper 30 years ago for your kitchen, bathroom or office area, you would have only found thick and uglish designs. In recent years, vinyl wall coverings are uber attractive, and especially if you take a look at the Glamora products, you won’t have to choose between practicality and good looks. Read More


Modern In Dallas By Josh Nimmo

This modern in Dallas by Josh Nimmo is currently on the market. When I first saw the house it looked and felt older, even mid century. The house was designed by award-winning architect Josh Nimmo & built by Alan Kagan. The house has an open floor plan with walls of glass. The diamond grinded floors give a polished terrazzo-look reminding me of an older style mid century house. The landscaping also grabbed my attention. The rusted steel wall that is surrounding the property is nice. I would think a home like this would not be in Dallas but if I lived there and needed a modern home I would certainly take a look at this one. Read More

International Exhibition “Cevisama 2017”: Review & New (Part 1)

If you’re interested in ceramic tiles, “Cevisama” is a place to visit. This international exhibition is held in Spain every year since 1983. This year it was visited by more than 83,000 guests from 148 countries of the globe. The place for holding such a trade fair is not a coincidence. Spanish factories produce about 500 million square meters of tiles annually, about 75 % of which are exported. That is why designers, architects and common buyers of the planet pay their special attention to Spanish tiles in particular. Today we’d like to suggest you going on a virtual tour to Valence and find out the latest news of the world of ceramic tiles, its top trends and most gorgeous novelties of the year 2017. So, let’s go! Read More

Abstract And Industrial Dutch Home Captivates With Picture-Perfect Views

An incandescent interplay between light and dark, darkness and illumination at its brilliant bets, classic Dutch paintings from masters such as Terbrugghen and Vermeer were all about the beauty of light. Drawing inspiration from 11 beautiful Dutch landscape-paintings, the House with 11 Views by Marc Koehler Architects combines art, architecture and innovation with modern minimalism and contemporary comfort. Light, panoramic views of the landscape that are framed to perfection and deep windowsills that give you the impression of sitting ‘inside the view’ add to the exceptional and unique aura of this smart residence in Almere. Read More

Mermaid And Unicorn Decor For Kids’ Rooms And Beyond

From speciality drinks to party themes, mermaid and unicorn motifs are EVERYWHERE in the realms of food and design. And why wouldn’t they be? There’s something magical about these whimsical creatures. Bring on the rainbows, pastels and iridescence! The possibilities for kids’ rooms are endless, but grown-ups are also enjoying the fun of mermaid- and unicorn-inspired merchandise and decor. Whether you’re shopping for your child or your inner child, check out the fabulous finds below… Read More


Mid Century In Studio City California

This mid century in Studio City California is currently on the market. It is so refreshing to look at a listing and see both the architecture and the furnishings belong. I would call this warm or comfy mid century. The place has the right amount of vintage but not to the strict “midcentury legends”. I like the treatment of the ceilings in this home, they look like a natural washed wood of sorts. Those two geometric print chairs the main living area have my head spinning. There isn’t one room in this house that I don’t like. I always seem to find something I think “that needs attention” but this house is perfect, in my eyes. Read More

Stylish Image-Maker’s Apartment Furnished With Eichholtz Pieces

Creating an interior for a person who lives in the world of fashion and is well-versed in it is a complicated and challenging, yet very interesting task. Have you ever seen how fashion experts live? Let’s take a sneak peek!


The author of this project was charged with the responsibility of creating a contemporary and trendy interior that would be equally good for working from home and having a good rest. And the hostess of the apartment, a professional fashion stylist and image-maker, prepared loads of ideas in the form of numerous clippings from fashion and interior design magazines. So, from the very beginning it was clear that the final interior was supposed to be light, lively and tastefully furnished.

The total area of this 2-room flat is just 68 square meters and its shape is irregular: one of the walls is angled at 45 degrees. This little nuisance was however skillfully turned into a benefit of the space: the kitchen was arranged diagonally. By the way, the kitchen-dining room can be easily separated from the lounge with a partition anytime the hosts need one more isolated room.

1-2-room-apartment-plan-scheme-layout-with-furniture-arrangement-irregular-shape-angled-wall-45-degrees-2-bathrooms Continue reading

The Unusual Dressage Bathroom Collection By Graff

The Dressage bathroom collection by Graff is here to reshape conventional bathroom furniture. Studio Lombardo Nespoli and Novara are the designers that partnered Graff to create a new concept of bathroom furniture, and their most luxurious furniture collection. They managed to create an outstanding collection that combines the Italian know-how with the American history. Read More

How To Mix Styles: Middle Century Modern, American & Contemporary?

This interior design project of a three-room apartment was worked out for a family of three: the spouses and their teenage son. The hosts didn’t demonstrate penchant for any specific interior style, and the author of the project offered them a mixture of three: middle century modern, American and contemporary. And all that wrapped in a naturalistic color scheme: oak and walnut wood tones, grayish blue, blue and turquoise tints, and some pale green and yellow as accents. What did they get in the end? Let’s see! Read More

Converted Mill Barn With Tiled Roof Conceals Modern Apartments

Turning an old mill barn into a series of four duplex apartments, the Conversion Mill Barn by Beck + Oser Architekten in Hofstetten-Flüh, Switzerland does its very best to revitalize the past even while paving a way towards the future. Part of existing barn was burned down in a fire accident and the architects carefully restored and revamped this section to give the new housing complex a modern-classic vibe. The most striking feature of this transformed Swiss barn is undoubtedly its façade draped in wooden slats. A traditional gable roof with tiles adds to the sense of timeless allure here even as the interior remains distinctly contemporary. Read More