New York City Rent Comparison: What $7,000 Gets You

Wednesday, February 10, 2016, by Patrick Sisson

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various NYC neighborhoods. Is one man’s studio another man’s townhouse? Let’s find out! Today, we’re looking at apartments that are \$7,000/month. Read More


Scandinavian Design By Aage Møller

This five-bedroom house is an exceptional piece of Scandinavian design, nestled in the Sussex countryside. Built in 1968, it was designed by the Danish architect Aage Møller with his wife Carol, a renowned landscape architect. Sometimes we (including myself) get caught up in drooling over the immaculate Mid century house full of the most rare and hard to find art and design. This house feels real and honest, yes there are some great pieces inside but the structure feels lovingly lived in. Read More

Stunning Oak Kitchen Cabinets And Island By Smallbone Of Devizes

Looking at the stunning oak kitchen cabinets reminds me that design is not dead and wonderful ideas are still being created such as these and the island fashioned by Smallbone of Devizes.  Take a look at the great grain of the wood which is so evident on the island counter.  This is the Brasserie line whose inspiration was deliberate in using slats of oak and fashioning them together.  It’s not a bowling alley by any shape of the imagination, but you get the idea.   This unique grain was chosen due to its expression of knots and other imperfections which in truth are character as if the wood is telling its own story to a crowd.   I thoroughly enjoy visiting Brasseries in Paris and you can see how that inspired the use of wood and then pots and utensils hanging up.  To me the most intriguing element is the amount of seating and how the whole space fits together.  A person could almost be “tending bar” if you look at the configuration.  The amount of seating is spaced out and very comfortable and yet remains in the center of the action.   The experience and mood is just like you might imagine sitting down for a cup of coffee in the morning at a bar and watching people come in and out to get their beverages. Read More


The Leight House

The Leight House built in 1967–1968 by Jasper Ward’s architectural studio. The house itself is a wonderful production of geometric shapes moving and reaching creating volumes and voids. The couple, Adele and Dr. Leonard Leight have a stunning collection of art glass and other pieces in different mediums that would classify their home as a sort of museum. I love the video and their philosophy beside why the collect and that they have to both like and agree on the piece. Their collection is to be left to a local museum in Louisville. Make sure to watch the video, I want to be them when I grow up. Read More