Black, White And Geometric Delight: Urbane Supreme Apartment In Moscow

Choosing a central theme around which your home decorating and design scheme revolves is an essential part of fashioning that perfect interior. Clarity of thought is even more essential in urban apartments where space is limited and clutter an all too easy trap that one falls into. Offering a window into the heart of Moscow and surrounding its homeowners with black and white images that are used as captivating murals, the Supreme Apartment sets itself apart from others without ever trying too hard. Designed by Gruppa Geometra, this Russian residence and its distinctly urbane appeal, it is décor, wall murals and lighting that usher in an air of exclusivity. Read More

Project Fi Cell Phone Plans

In this post I’m going to be doing a review of Google Project Fi phone service that uses a combination of the Sprint and T-Mobile networks to provide coverage at an affordable price. Google’s Project Fi mobile service can save you big bucks, especially if you’re traveling internationally. Project Fi is cheap. Twenty dollars a month buys unlimited talk and text, plus Wi-Fi tethering.
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Metal Garden Sculptures By Tom Hill & Vadim Kuleshov

Say what you like, but men and women see a different vision of the same decor. And metal landscape sculptures are a nice proof of this fact. But despite their brutal nature, we have to acknowledge that men creating them do have a sense of beauty that not every woman can boast of having. Read More

A TV-Set In The Bathroom: Is It A Good Idea?

Would you like to watch your favorite TV shows lying in a relaxing hot bath? Why not? Today we’ll give you a few tips on how to install a TV-set in a bathroom safely and what drawbacks this undertaking might have. Read More

Amazing Solarium Steals The Show At This Renovated Mid-Century Bungalow

It is one thing to turn a forgotten old home into a cheerful and comfortable setting suited to the needs of a modern family. But the task becomes much more challenging when you need to convert a mid-century bungalow into a trio of modest dwellings along with a cool solarium at the heart of it all. Nestled in Radisson Heights – Albert Park, Calgary, Homeaway was designed by Studio North to showcase how an old residence can easily accommodate three compact homes even while holding a relaxing and practical greenhouse! Read More

Cozy Workspaces: Home Offices With A Rustic Touch

A home office is a sacred sanctuary to anyone who earns their living by running their business from home. It is the place where our best ideas are born, where we do most if not all of our work, the place that feels like a little home within a home. Naturally, we want it to be decorated in a way that fits our style down to a T, making us feel comfortable by infusing the room with an air of familiarity. If you are in love with rustic interiors, spy these amazing rustic home offices and get inspired! Read More

Historic Bay-Windows Become A Part Of This Polished Vancouver Loft

Built over a century ago and used initially as a luxury hotel, Terminus in Gastown, Vancouver is definitely one of the most popular buildings for those who love classic-modern loft homes. It is in this iconic structure that a new two-level loft sits elegantly, combing heritage bay-windows with modern aesthetics and urban lifestyle to offer the best of both worlds! The beautiful and space-savvy loft is definitely one of a kind and what it lacks in grandeur, it more than makes up for in efficiency, practicality and prime location. Spread across 1607 square feet, the two levels of the loft work in unison, creating visual spaciousness and sophistication. Read More

Vzor’s RM57 Armchair Collection By Roman Modzelewski

The RM57 armchair collection moves from museums straight to your home! The iconic piece was originally designed in 1957 by Roman Modzelewski, but entered industrial production in 2016 under the Vzor brand, for their 2016-2017 collection. The chairs in this collection have only been displayed in museums as prototypes for the past 60 years.
Originally, Roman Modzelewski chairs had no specific names. The manufacturers decided to name the seats they made with the designer’s initials RM. Read More

Sunset House: Exhilarating Ocean Views Laced With Luxurious Minimalism

Defined by the steep change in gradient of the lot it sits on and the amazing ocean views on offer of the harbor and beyond, the Sunset House adapts to the landscape around it. This luxurious and minimal residence in West Vancouver was designed by Mcleod Bovell to combine captivating views with a sense of calm and comfort. It is the sparkling plunge pool along with the suspended wooden deck and the rear garden that steal the spotlight at this Canadian home. But there is much more on offer than Oceanside vistas as the interior perfectly complements the unassuming contemporary façade. Read More

Keeping Out Extreme Heat: Folding House With Lake Views In Chile

Smart, responsive design that caters to the specific needs of the homeowners is a great way of tackling adverse weather conditions without compromising on aesthetics. Nestled on a lot with steep inclination and minimal flat area, the Folding House in Las Cabras, Chile, beats searing heat of summer with an ingenious roof flap design that creates a cool and relaxing recreational area. Designed by B+V Arquitectos, the budget home overlooks Lake Rapel in the distance and sits on an elevated, artificial platform. The 896.5-square meter home combines intimate spaces with pen vistas outside the window to create a dynamic indoor-outdoor interplay. Read More