House 1058: Series Of Cantilevered Roofs And Gardens Offer Sheltered Hangouts

The roof of the house is a structure that does not often garner enough attention from the casual design and décor aficionado. But ask the semi-serious lover architectures and they will instantly tell you that it plans a big role in shaping the overall silhouette of a structure, its visual appeal and overall functionality. Some of the most iconic buildings of the world rely on their roofs to create this image of splendor and extravagance. While House 1058 might not floor you with its sheer grandeur, it does turn to a series of cantilevered, timber-clad trapezoidal roof forms to fashion a series of open outdoor spaces and hangouts. Read More


Mid Century By The Keck Brothers

The Keck brothers, George Fred and William built this house in 1962 and it is currently on the market. First off, this is for sure a dream house. The shape of the house mixed with the location of the pool make it an original. I love the open flowing feel of the interior spaces. The terrazzo floors present a more luxury feel. Even if the house is staged in the photos I think they did a great job, the wood pieces add warmth to fairly cold rooms. The neutral color palette would let you do just about anything. This has to be one of my favorite MCM houses I have come across. Located in Highland Park, IL. Read More

Low-Money DIY Closet For The Clothes Storage

For some reason, not all bedrooms have a closet, just like a tiny bedroom, a rental apartment or a dorm room. If you happen to encounter the above cases, don’t be sad, as there are so many wonderful ways help you to turn any free space or dead space into a wardrobe that just belongs […]

The post Low-Money DIY Closet for The Clothes Storage Read More

Contemporary Addition To Heritage Cottage In Australia

architecture modern residence
Tziallas Omeara Architecture Studio recently added a contemporary extension to heritage-listed Bowral cottage in Bundaroo, Australia. The addition accommodates a large kitchen, a new living and dining room, a place for guests to sleep over, as well as a sunken media room. Invisible from the street side, the newest part of the home feels like an intimate family refuge. Read More

20 Creative Painted Pumpkin Ideas

Why carve it if you can paint it?! A painted pumpkin will outlast a carved one, and if you use a faux pumpkin in your endeavor, you can continue to enjoy it year after year. While painting can make a mess, some prefer paint on their hands to the slimy feel of pumpkin innards! Or perhaps you relish the process of carving a pumpkin each year, and you paint one to go along with it. Whatever you have planned this Halloween, read on as we round up 20 of our favorite painted pumpkin ideas… Read More

Natural Allure: 25 Home Offices That Celebrate The Charm Of Live-Edge Décor

It is always hard to match the beauty and textural uniqueness of natural materials and when it comes to home design and décor, wood definitely is makes a big difference. Natural wooden surfaces bring along with them a raw, rustic charm and magnetism that is simply unrivaled. Despite all the glitz and glamour of polished stone and glass, the industrial appeal of concrete and the timeless charm of brick, wood holds its own both in in terms of style and practicality. And live-edge décor take this a step further as they seem even more natural and untamed! Read More


West London House By Studio MacLean

This West London house by Studio MacLean is a wonderful expression in restraint. The restraint come in the minimal palette of black, white, and wood with minimal interiors. The pieces in the room have the right amount of space to stand out and be noticed. The chevron floors really set the tone for the rest of the pieces. The floor adds the perfect amount of warmth amongst the black and white walls and trim. The kitchen is stellar, the walnut and the marble play so well together. I could easily have a space like this but I would have to have a storage room to keep all my junk in. Read More

Flexible Tiny Apartment On Two Levels In Bordeaux

architecture small home
This small apartment on two levels is located in a stone building in the heart of the historical center of Bordeaux, France. “The challenge of this rehabilitation was to design a small space in which all the functions of a larger apartment would be present,” the architects at L’atelier miel. Read More

Hidden From View: Modern Country House Becomes One With The Landscape

Love homes that seem like a natural extension of the scenic landscape despite the contemporary architectural features and modern comfort they offer? If you do, then the dashing MP Baronesa designed by Studio Arthur Casas will surely enthrall and inspire you with its unique design that completely hides the large house from those on the street, even while offering unabated views of its scenic surroundings. This was achieved by combining architectural ingenuity with the natural slope of the terrain that lets the rear of this 1000-square-foot residence flow into the lush green golf course that engulfs it. Read More