A Homemade Addiction: 13 Delightful DIY Wine Rack Ideas

Wine connoisseurs are undoubtedly as bothered about the wine storage area as they are picky about the taste and flavor of their wine. It is undoubtedly an acquired taste and having the skills to create your own wine rack definitely helps in showcasing your cherished collection far more beautifully. Unlike wine storage spaces that are far more expansive and permanent, wine racks can be installed pretty much anywhere and often hold anywhere between 5 to a couple of dozen wine bottles. The best part here is unquestionably the bragging rights that you earn at the next poker night! Read More

The Innovative Baux Acoustic Tiles And Wall Panels

Baux Acoustic tiles and wall panels are new and innovative products made form an environment-friendly, recyclable material obtained from a combination of wood wool, cement and water. The natural components together provide many functional characteristics. The range of sound absorbing tiles and panels offer a host of architectural functions. Baux Acoustic tiles come in six shapes and a wide range of normal colors, plus the option of custom printing colors if wanted. Each piece of the collection is made to mix and match to create any pattern.
The patterns of the wall panels include check, horizontal, vertical, diagonal and quilt, available in a selection of 22 colors and chosen to echo Scandinavian landscapes. Wood wool used in the manufacturing process of these acoustic tiles and panels is created with zero waste in Sweden’s local forests, where local spruce trees supply the timber. Read More

6 Fine Designs Tinged With Autumn

As we hurtle headlong towards autumn (in the northern hemisphere), thoughts will soon turn to cooler days and darker nights. A season defined by colour, autumn is filled with orange, red, brown, golden yellow and dark green hues, replete with earthy shades and rustic tones. A busy time of year for many, autumn evenings and weekends are best enjoyed in the company of family, friends and fine design, such as the following autumnal tinged wares. Read More

Living Moss In Interior Design: 25 Ideas And Care Tips

One of the hottest trends of interior design for today is eco style. Virtually every decorator is committed to adding something related to this theme into a new project. Considering its numerous benefits, living moss has become one of the leading elements of eco-style. It’s beautiful, aesthetical, undemanding, practical, durable and eco-friendly. It actually has no disadvantages. There is just one condition: you have to keep it away from kids and pets in order to avoid their food poisoning, since moss is inedible. And how and where it can be applied in home décor, we’ll tell you in our today’s post. Read More

How To Refresh Your Bookshelves In One Day: 5 Ideas

Home interior can be refreshed even by means of such a small and trivial detail as a bookshelf. And this doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new one – just use a few design tricks to refresh your old ones. There are many ways to do this, actually, but we’ll show you the easiest, most popular and affordable. Read More

Top 22 Truly Cool Ideas To Add Fall Curb Appeal To Home

Whether you admit it or not, curb appeal is important all year around. The front side of a house with well-decorated gives wonderful first impression to every guests and makes them look forward to seeing the inside of your home. Fall is an excellent time to increase the curb appeal of your home, whether you […]

This post Top 22 Truly Cool Ideas to Add Fall Curb Appeal to Home Read More

Cheerful & Cozy Office Interior Inspired By Van Gogh’s Fields

Fortunately, almost gone are the days when an office was a place, where one was supposed to come to in a suit and tie and everything from the floor to the ceiling was monochrome gray. Today’s employers have finally understood the importance of setting creative mood and homey atmosphere in places, where people spend most of their lives. And today we’ll show you an office interior that is extremely inviting and welcoming – it’s energizing, very positive and encouraging for fruitful work. Read More

House N: Cantilevered Modern Holiday Home On A Peruvian Horse Ranch

A contemporary ranch house and a holiday home that is a touch different from others, House N is nestled on a vast 24 acre lot in the coastal region of Piura, Peru. Despite the large ranch that surrounds this modern retreat, the structure itself is modest and occupies just 97 square meters. Divided into three distinct cantilevered units, the house offers a wonderful view of the green ranch even while giving those inside all the privacy they need. It is concrete and corten steel panels that shape the exterior of House N with the formers used for the lower level and on the inside. Read More

The Vela Pavilion By Architect Ramon Esteve For Vondom

The Vela Pavilion comes from this large collection of outdoor furniture and vases from Vondom that offers the comfort and coziness of interior furnishings without losing its original qualities.
Vela is a modular system with an elemental prismatic geometry that is based on the balance of its own proportions. The Vela pavilion is a modular structure available in a wide range of sizes that follow the same aesthetic criteria as the other products of the collection designed by Ramon Esteve. Read More