Creating A Charming Entryway With Red Front Doors

The entryway is the first thing we see before stepping into a house. It should feel welcoming and inviting, drawing us in with the promise of an exceptional interior. A good entryway can build up the curiosity and reflect the home’s decor philosophy in its exterior. The door is the centerpiece of an entryway, its design and choice of color strongly defining the entire house. A red front door creates a charming entryway with a very bold look that doesn’t leave anyone cold. It’s noticeable and intriguing, memorable and compelling. Take a look at these incredible red front doors to fully feel their charm! Read More

13 Wicker Pieces Of Home Décor For Your Fresh Summer Mood

Wicker stuff has a gorgeous feature – being closely associated with peaceful countryside lifestyle, it is able to add a touch of relaxed summer atmosphere even to a modern urban apartment. Nowadays wicker home décor can be found in any price categories and is available both in natural and synthetic materials. In this post we selected 13 fresh wicker pieces from the latest home décor collections for your inspiration… Read More

How To Design A Bathroom In French Style From A To Z

Sophisticated, romantic and airy French interior style is traditionally deemed feminine. But does the beauty have any gender? Especially considering that no one would like to lose a chance to feel the atmosphere of ultimate comfort and feel oneself involved in the spirit of the city of romance. And while much has been said about bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens designed in French style, we know pretty little about how to create a bathroom in this interior style. That’s why our today’s post is dedicated to bathrooms, which look like a piece of Paris in your home! Read More

Carlos Tiscar’s Nook Single Bed, Takes Canopy Beds To Another Level

Nook single bed is a structure with a thousand uses besides what is initially intended for: sleep.
Product designer Carlos Tiscar created the Nook single beds collection for Spanish manufacturer JJP and dedicated his design to the late Bruno Munari’s 1971 ‘Abitacolo’ bed. Starting with the traditional four-poster bed, the designer creates a structure that serves much more than hanging curtains. Read More

Exploring The Elegance And Minimalism Of Monochrome Nurseries

The nursery is a baby’s very first room and with that a place where you spend the majority of your time as a parent. It’s natural to wish a nursery that reflects your favorite style of interior as well as something that feels calming and uplifting. Monochrome nurseries are incredibly beautiful, their minimalist decor embodying the elegance and serenity any space can benefit from. Decorating such a nursery comes down to picking out a select few pieces that have the power to create a chic interior and contribute to the simplicity of the space. Find your inspiration within the elegant monochrome nurseries below! Read More

Move Modular Sofa Designed By Francesco Rota For Paola Lenti

Move modular sofa designed by Francesco Rota for Paola Lenti is a seating system consisting of different elements. Move series is composed of sofas, chaise longue and a pouf is characterized by thin and very wide shapes. The element dimensions and the possibility to vary their height, thanks to different typologies of feet, allow for classic or informal compositions.
The sofa offers high customization possibilities: it is available in three heights and two depths, for a personal relax.
Move modular sofa is made on a steel structure provided with elastic belts and covered with removable upholstery covers available in a wide selection of fabrics offering original solutions suitable for domestic living rooms but also for wider contract spaces like waiting rooms, hotel lobby’s or office areas. Read More

Sun, Shade And A Spectacular Courtyard: Contemporary AN House In Brazil

A home designed for a modern family of five, the AN House in Maringá – Floriano, Brazil is all about that perfect synergy between a spacious interior and even more inviting outdoors! With a central courtyard that is surrounded by the U-shaped design of the house, privacy is never an issue at this large Brazilian home. The family, a coupled with three teenage daughters, wanted Studio Guilherme Torres to create a contemporary residence where each family member had plenty of privacy even as the large pool area and wooden deck encouraged interaction and played host to fun-filled and relaxing weekends. Read More