Decorating With Metallics For A Shiny And Bright Christmas

Christmas is a time of gatherings, celebration and nesting because, “Baby, it’s cold outside.” So it’s more important than ever to create a warm, inviting and festive space with light, bright touches to get you through the winter. And nothing is better for glamming up a room than decorating with metallics. Read More

DIY: Handmade Mini Christmas Tree Within 20 Minutes

The reign of festive mood at our Christmas tables is not just a question of the list of dishes; it is also essential to ensure the table is beautifully decorated. If you’re a lucky owner of a special Christmas dinner set, that’s great! And we suggest that you complement it with some original decorative elements touched by the warmth of your own hands and would like to show you how to make a mini Christmas tree from an old magazine within just 20 minutes. Read More

Exquisite Little Sweet Shop With Façade Inspired By Melting Chocolate

An idyllic retreat with beautiful beaches and a relaxing ambiance, Stavros is a Greek village that takes you off of the beaten path. It is in this scenic setting that one finds the lovely Pop Sugar sweet design shop designed by NORMLESS Architecture Studio. Much like pleasant village by the waves, the sweet shop seems to take you back in time with a hint of retro charm. You can almost see the white picket fences, the ice cream van and children on their bicycles around this quaint little eatery. The design of the space is unique with a wavy, blue façade that is inspired by the form of melting chocolate. Read More

Mirrored Furniture: Useful Tips And 30 Ideas

Owners of small homes struggle for the expansion of space and steadily work on new solutions that might make their apartments appear bigger and more inviting at least visually. One of the powerful tools in this difficult task is mirrored furniture – one of the top trends in interior design. What is it, why may you need it and where it can be put? Let’s find answers to these questions together. Read More


Geometric Rainbow By William Kessler

William Kessler designed this geometric home in 1976. I like the extreme angles of this structure, the architecture is not typically what I am drawn to but I can’t not appreciate how unique it is. The amount of color found in this place brings a smile to my face. I personally could not live with such a strong color palette but I like the commitment. The arial shot of the property feels like a sculpture all on its own. Each triangle was designed for a specific function of living. The home is currently on the market located in Fort Gratiot, MI. Read More

How To Create A Vintage-Style Bathroom? (P.1)

If old things are what makes you tick and you’re a frequent guest on flea markets, you should make sure that your bathroom atmosphere doesn’t run counter to retro mood as well. Actually, there is no problem in creating bathroom interiors in vintage style. And if you’re still questioning this fact, we’ve got 20 inspiring ideas in our collection. Read More


Mid Century Eclectic Loft

This Mid Century Eclectic Loft has an open space that hosts different periods of furniture and art that play nicely together. The listing is not calling it a loft but that is what it feels like to me. The anchor of this space is mid century as my eye picked out the Eames pieces first but then moved to other pieces that are not of that era. I could certainly imagine myself waking to that amazing floor to ceiling wall of glass every morning. The space is currently listed for sale and can be found on Read More

30 Affordable And Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

As we head into the second and third weeks of December, those old boxes with Christmas ornaments that were tucked away for a good year or so start to come out. It is often a trip to the attic, basement, that over-crowded closet that holds everything you never need or the garage corner. But each year, you also think about adding something new and special to the Christmas decorating scheme; a fabulous decorative piece that is unique and exceptional. Sure, a trip to your nearest store might just about help out. But for the absolutely perfect Christmas decorations that exactly fit into the decorating theme, it is DIY ideas that work the best. And as always, we are here to bring you the easiest and most affordable DIY Christmas decorations around. Read More

Overlooking The Pacific: Awesome LA Home Does Away With Traditional Boundaries

Few things are as soothing as coming back home after a long, hard day, opening those drapes or stepping out onto the poolside deck and finding the sight of a vast, blue ocean greeting your with serenity! It is a dream many have, but Ehrlich Architects brought it alive for the owner of Blue Sail. A typical Los Angeles home resting on the hillside, the house was previously more closed off and offered little in terms of panoramic views. The smart renovation carried out recently completely altered the ambiance of the house with the view of the majestic Pacific Ocean in the distance becoming the focal point of the makeover. Read More