Long Dune Residence By Hammer Architects

Hammer Architects is responsible for this stunning home that is not only beautiful on the outside but equally outstanding on the inside. I was first taken back by this project when I saw the main living area of the home. All of the Danish furniture and lighting got my attention rather quickly. The open tall ceiling gives volume to this main space that lets the furniture and art command some attention. I like the profile of the house being low and one level. The amount of light provides by a backside of windows is a nice architecture element. Read More

10 Vibrant Tropical Dining Rooms With Colorful Zest

The idea that a home draped in tropical style feels like an delightful getaway and brings a hint of that exotic goodness indoors is the reason why so many homeowners are willing to give it a shot. Tropical style though is not singular and monolithic and there are many different versions and strands of this broad style that vary greatly. It depends largely on your inspiration, the region of the world that you have drawn the different elements from and of course, the uniqueness of your own home. And a good place to start experimenting with tropical style is the dining room! Read More

How To Decorate With The Color Taupe

The color taupe is a popular choice for walls because of its ability to blend with a wide range of hues. Taupe is not brown and it’s not grey, yet it showcases components of both colors. There are warm taupes and cool taupes, light taupes and dark taupes. Decorating with this neutral is easy and fun, making it a soothing choice for spaces from the bedroom to the powder room. Today we highlight a range of ways to decorate with the brownish-grey wonder of taupe! Keep reading for a collection of inspiring design photos and ideas… [photo from Natalie Howe Design via Houzz] Read More

Nordic Inspiration: Exquisite Scandinavian Apartment In White

It is barely a surprise that Scandinavian style and design are constantly topping the trends chart across the globe, regardless of everything else around them being in a constant state of flux. It is the inherent simplicity and practicality of Scandinavian design that makes it so very special, and with modern homeowners longing for a blend of minimal aesthetics and relaxing ambiance, the style seems even more appropriate for contemporary homes. Conceptualized by IMAGE BOX STUDIOS, the Norwegian apartment encapsulates everything elegant, timeless and exquisite about Scandinavian design at its cheerful best! Read More


Mid Century Modern By Frank DePasquale

Frank DePasquale designed this mid century Florida home in 1963. I get excited about homes like this, why? The reason I get excited and love finding homes for sale like this is that they are move in ready. There isn’t any pink or green bathrooms to remodel (nothing against pink or green bathrooms if that is your thing). The home, for me livable just the way it sits. The travertine floors are stunning. The wood section of wall adds a bit of warmth. The rock garden that feels as thought it is spanning from the outside in needs much more attention, some modern plants would be perfect. The price doesn’t seem outrageous but then again I am not that familiar with Florida. Read More

Glass And Concrete Pavilion Extends Timber Paneled Home In Leipzig

Giving a traditional home a contemporary extension is definitely a popular trend that is catching on across the globe. It is an architectural trend that saves money and resources and allows homeowners to feel far more comfortable living in their existing homes without having splurge on a complete overhaul. Nestled in a quiet little neighborhood of Leipzig, Germany, this timber clad home of a local dairy farmer was revamped by adding a dashing, modern structure that bridges the gap between the interior and the outdoors. Designed by Woltereck Fitzner Architekten Bda, the pavilion style extension gives the classic home a modern escape! Read More