Dynamic Modern By Wilmington Gordon

This dynamic modern home by Wilmington Gordon may just be my new favorite house. There aren’t a lot of details about the house on their website, unless I missed something but the house is a stunner. I love the rounded sections and the cutouts for the trees. For me, the home does a very nice job a riding the gap between mid century architecture which I love and contemporary architecture which may be in my future home. The use of wood and brick on the exterior provide a nice texture and diversity in materials. Dream house? pretty stinking close! Read More

5 Unique Sources Of Design Inspiration

Design inspiration comes from many places. Looking at photos of beautiful interiors is always high on the list, but there are other sources that may inspire creativity in unexpected ways. Today we’re shining the spotlight on a few of them, from the bold style of still life photography to the color and form showcased on patterned wallpaper. Has a photo of a product ever inspired a room in your house? Has the styling for a DIY project on your favorite blog given you a decorating idea? Sometimes all you need is a visual representation of a color scheme, design or item to get the ball rolling. Here are some of our favorite sources of design inspiration… Read More

Color Therapy: Quell Those End Of Summer Blues!

The blues. That sense of unease and unhappiness. The feeling of dejection and downheartedness. We all experience them at times. A blue mood is one that can pervade our thoughts as summer draws to a close. And yet blue is so much more than a sense of melancholy. As a colour, it is powerfully emotive and will likely evoke a range of feelings and reactions in people. Blue is a primary colour and a psychological colour. It is regarded as an intellectual colour and the colour of the mind, a colour that tends to affect us mentally as opposed to physically (Source: Colour Affects). Blue tones can stimulate thought and promote concentration. Blue is typically serene, calming and a colour of great depth. Read More

Solar-powered Tiny House Makes A Cool Backyard Office

It may look like another tiny-house-on-wheels, but this 120-square-foot micro dwelling is less full-time tiny residence than a flexible dwelling fit for a backyard cottage, mobile office, art studio, guesthouse, and more. Designed by Vina Lustado of Sol Haus Design, the Sol Pod leaves out the bathroom, but offers ample desk space, a kitchenette, and plenty of windows on the first level, plus a ladder to a loft for sleeping or lounging. Read More


Art On Your Floor The Rug Company

The Rug Company has always been one of my favorite producers of floor coverings. Their designs span many styles and designs. I recently came across one of their gallery images and found myself sifting thought their many designs. I have always appreciated when a company can put together a catalogue or in this case a gallery that is top notch. The rooms are actual houses, maybe not all of them but you get the feeling of the person who owns the room. The rugs can anchor any style or approach and it is easily illustrated in these photos. Read More

Unwinding In Ibiza: Serene And Stylish Escape Bridges Contrasting Eras

Ibiza as an exotic party destination needs no introduction. From celebs to Europe-trotting enthusiasts, pretty everybody who is a somebody eventually finds their way to this picturesque island where the nightlife seems to extend well beyond dawn! But Ibiza holds much more than a glittering invitation to those who love to party and it can also be your dream getaway that lets you escape all the rush, glitz and mundane boredom. The Little House in the Campo is one such idyllic escape that was transformed by Standard Studio into a tranquil showroom and guesthouse where the old meets the new in a curated and classy fashion. Read More

Unconventional Artist’s Studio In Vietnam Allows Nature Inside

architecture unconventional studio
The Terra Cotta Studio, located next to Thu Bon river in Quang Nam Province, central Vietnam, has a particular architectural structure. Noted for being the working space of renowned artist Le Duc Ha (who creates beautiful sculptures and pottery), the studio is a stunning art structure itself to engage in. Read More


Hillside Vista By By Webber Studio Architects

Webber Studio Architects designed this Hillside Vista with some great architectural elements. I don’t really want to focus on the insides because they aren’t my flavor, they are a little contemporary for me. That being said the structure and design of the house is beautiful. The use of the white stone on the exteriors is nice. It ads texture while keeping a somewhat monochromatic feel. The slatted wood walls are another element that adds architectural elements to this house. I noticed the little turned up ending on the roof, small detail but adds a heaping spoon full of character. The landscaping is also well done and compliments the structure very well. Read More

An Eye On The Ocean And The Forest: Spectacular Modern Home In Costa Rica

Architecture that acts as a bridge between the landscape and those who inhabit it is often the one that produces the best result. Nestled on a lush green lot in Santa Teresa Beach, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica, Ocean Eye is a gorgeous contemporary residence that offers panoramic views of both the ocean in the distance and the dense forest scenery that surrounds it. The dashing home is essentially a window into two different natural ecosystems, and its designers Benjamin Garcia Saxe did their best in trying to create a breezy residence that invites in both of these lovely backdrops. Read More

Living With Nature: Smart Chilean Home In Concrete, Wood And Glass

A home that becomes one with the surrounding landscape is increasingly becoming a popular demand with homeowners across the globe. Gone are the days when the suburban residence was an entity in itself that was disconnected from the scenery outside and boasted a polished, urbane interior. Nestled in a lush green neighborhood of Las Condes, Santiago, Chile, ‘The House and The Trees’ offers precisely what its name suggests. This beautiful and relaxing home was designed by Iglesis Arquitectos to integrate effortlessly with the existing trees and greenery, even while providing a cozy and comfortable living environment. Read More