Mid Century Modern In New Orleans

Mid Century Modern in New Orleans could be defined by this house. The house was on the market but has since sold. Built in 1955 as one of four homes in a modern development. 410 Cherokee was constructed by renowned architect and dean of architecture at Tulane University, John Dinwiddie, as his personal residence. The interiors of this house are as good as it gets. Obviously the owners at this time have great taste in furniture and design. I like that most of the cabinetry and built-ins are still original. The landscaping is just as impeccable as the house. I love the reflecting pool in the back of the house. Read More

13 Trendy DIY Concrete Projects For A Dashing Home Makeover

For most of us DIY projects offer temporary solutions; a stop-gap idea until you replace your not so refined creation with something bought from the store. On other occasions it is all about seasonal flair and festivity with everything ranging from Halloween decorating ideas to cool Christmas Lights and New Year Banners. It all seems so fleeting… Until you meet good ol’ concrete at its sturdy best. Concrete DIY projects are sure to stand the test of time along with plenty or wear and tear. And if you are willing to look past the popular misconception of the level of difficulty involved, they are reasonably easy to create. Read More

A 2017 Holiday Decor Preview

It’s always fun to see how the latest design trends play out in the year’s holiday decor. 2017 is no exception, as trends such as iridescence, holographic style and abstract minimalism are emerging in the holiday collections. Planning your seasonal decor? Let this post be your guide to what’s hot, what’s classic (gold decor is still going strong, folks), and what makes you smile. There’s something for everyone here! Enjoy browsing… Read More

Bone, Blood And Dark Radiance: 13 Creepy DIY Halloween Candle Ideas

Halloween is all about playing up the spooky even while you have loads of fun and maybe steal some candy from your kids. But there are times when you want something truly creepy to give your Halloween decorating that much needed ‘oomph factor’ even while keeping things as uncomplicated and simple as possible. It is all about a scary centerpiece that is not too demanding on your time or your pocket. Well, if you are hunting for such an eerie centerpiece then you are in absolute luck as we have today, a unique collection of scary DIY Halloween candles and candle holders for you! Read More


New Canaan Modernism DeSilver House

New Canaan Modernism is not a foreign phrase to those of us that have an infatuation with mid century architecture. The DeSilver House is currently for sale and is a stunning example of MCM architecture. Designed and built in 1961 by John Black Lee I don’t think a home could be more perfect. There are so many elements at play here it is hard to favorite just one. The bridge leading to the front is fantastic. I greatly appreciate that the current owners have furnished it with period pieces. The authentic furniture takes you back to what the home was. Read More

Innovative Hydraulic Towel Warmers From Deltacalor

iDeas Line from Deltacalor is a collection of hydraulic towel warmers perfect for heating your environment but at the same time a clever mix of efficiency and aesthetics. Their designs reinvent radiators, making them able to give the environments a new aesthetic value and renewing the way of understanding domestic warmth. These pieces are a useful addition to any bathroom, and they cannot fail to match any type of decor.
bathroom radiator with shelves
Thanks to the research carried out by Deltacalor, some radiators of the iDeas Line have 90 degrees adjustable modules, as pictured above and below. With these, in addition to an elegant towel warmer, you have a useful clothes dryer in your bathroom and also an innovative radiator to heat your bathroom. Read More

Modern Residence In Poland Highlights Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcase

Metaforma Architects completed the design of a modern residence in Poland that displays an interesting geometry. The body of the building consists of two intersecting cubes. The living area is located in the larger one, while the garage and the gym occupy the smaller section of the house. Read More